Muscles can make women feel attracted, but they are not the only way to attract women.

You can attract women in more than 100 different ways (e.g. confidence, charisma, being charming, making her laugh, having a masculine vibe, etc). If you can attract women in many other ways, you don’t have to have muscles, money or fame.

Women will love you for you because who you are makes them feel so good. Watch this video to learn a surprising truth about what women are really attracted to in men…

Ugly guy with hot cheerleader girlfriend

Fat guys with pretty women

Fat guy with a skinny girlfriend at the pool

Black guys with white women

Guy with a weird nose with a beautiful girlfriend

How is this possible?

Everyday couples

Muscles Aren’t That Important

If you’ve been wondering whether or not you need to work on changing the shape of your body to attract women, something must have put that thought into your mind. What was it? A billboard ad, a comment from a woman, a line from a Hollywood movie, a TV show, a music video or comments from people online?

Somewhere along the way, you’ve manage to start thinking that if you just get the body, you will then get the girl.

Yet, that’s not how it works.

Yes, women can feel attracted to a guy’s muscles, but muscles really aren’t that important to a woman. What’s most important is how you make her feel when you interact with her. THAT is why you will see guys who don’t have muscles, but do have a hot girl.

Watch this video to understand how attraction between men and women really works…

Does Having Big Muscles Attract Attention From Women?


If you are bigger than other guys, women are going to notice, but it’s almost always not going to be the thing that makes her want to have sex with you or be your girlfriend.

Imagine this…

A woman is talking to two guys. One of the guys has big muscles, but is nervous around her and doesn’t really know what to say or do to make her feel attracted. The conversation she has with him feels awkward and doesn’t create much of a spark between them.

The other guy has a normal, but slightly thin physique and when he talks to her, she is laughing, feeling good and there’s a spark between them. He’s confident, charming and charismatic.

Who is she going to feel more attracted to?

Simple: The guy who is making her feel a wide range of attractive emotions. The guy with the big muscles isn’t really of any benefit to her life. All he seems to be good at is lifting weights up and down in the gym. Big deal.

The other guy has charm and he’s going to be much more interesting, exciting and enjoyable to be around from the woman’s perspective.

If you don’t know how to attract women with your personality, muscles aren’t going to fix that problem. Sure, some women might look at you initially and feel some attraction to your strong looking physique, but if your personality, conversation style and behavior doesn’t turn her on, she will quickly lose interest.

Why Are You Really Interested in Building Muscle?

If you want to work out and build muscle because you enjoy doing it and want to feel stronger, then go ahead. However, if you’re doing it because you think it will solve all of your problems with women, think again.

No matter how big your muscles are, if you lack the ability to attract women with your personality, most of the women you meet will rapidly lose interest in talking to you. They may feel a bit of initial attraction to your physique, but if you don’t know what to say or do to turn them on during a conversation, it will get boring and they will lose interest.

Personally speaking, I’ve had sex with more than 250 women and I recently got married to a sexy 22 year old (I’m 37) who has a perfect body. Yet, I don’t work out. The only exercise I do is when I bang her and when I go bike riding her and my friends.

You can work out if you want to, but just don’t think that adding a few centimetres with your biceps will solve your problems with women. What is most important to a woman is how you make her feel when she interacts with you.

Does your personality turn her on or off? Does your behavior turn her on or off? Does she feel like she’d be lucky to get with a guy like you, or do you make her feel like she’d be settling by hooking up with you?

You may not know it now, but you have so much power when it comes to attracting women. You can make women feel intense attraction for you who are as a guy. You can literally attract women in more than 100 different different ways…

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