What attracts women to men is not what most guys think it is.

If you asked a random group of guys what women are most attracted to in men, they would almost all list of things like: Looks, money, power, muscles, big dick, expensive car, fame, etc.

Here’s the thing though…

While all those things CAN attract women, they are not the only ways to attract women. As a man, you can attract women in so many ways other than looks, money, etc. For example: You can attract women with your confidence, charisma, charm, humor, flirting, conversation, body language, masculine vibe, etc.

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Been Brainwashed by the Media Lately?

Many of the guys who ask The Modern Man for advice on what attracts women to men have already fallen into the trap of believing what they see in movies and what they read in glossy men’s magazines.

For example: In the movies, a sexy woman might have sex with a shy, awkward guy who struggled to make any kind of conversation with her because he was so intimidated by her. Yet, have you ever seen that happen in real life?

In glossy magazines, the page after page of adverts for designer clothing, designer colognes, hair and skin products for men, cosmetics for men, bling for men, and celebrity endorsed wear-this-eat-this-drive-this-drink-this-and-be-irresistible-to-women products of every description are enough to make a guy think that if he doesn’t look like a male model, then he’s got no hope of attracting women.

Yet, in real life, do you only ever see movie star type guys with girlfriends?


Think about it for a minute, what you see on the big screen and in the pages of magazines is not what you see in the real world, right. What attracts women to men in Hollywood blockbusters or in TV and magazine ads is not always a fair representation of what attracts women to men in the real world, if ever.

Women are not turned on by shy, awkward guys, and they’re not irresistibly attracted to a guy’s deodorant either! Women are attracted to “who” a guy is, not “what” he is in terms of how he looks, what he wears, or what car he drives.

So Who Are Women Attracted To?

In a nutshell, women are attracted to guys who are confident, masculine, and socially intelligent, so let’s take a look at what that actually means.

1. Confidence

Women are attracted to men with self-confidence, but it has to be genuine confidence. You see, a lot of guys think that putting on a confident act by being loud or behaving outrageously makes women notice them, but women are experts at reading body language and they know when a guy is faking it.

If a guy approaches her with a cheesy pick-up line and a “confident” attitude, she’s going to put him to the test: she’s going to test him out to see whether he’s the guy he says he is or whether he’s hiding behind a fake front.

If you’re a guy who is trying to hide his insecurities behind a confident “act” or you’re pretending to be something you’re not, she’s going to see right through you.

Genuine self-confidence can’t be faked and women sense it in a man. Genuinely confident guys don’t need to “make a noise” about who they are in an effort to draw attention to themselves, they get attention simply through being who they are.

Genuine confidence shows in the way a guy handles himself and other people, and in the way he’s able to handle any situation he finds himself in. He’s a guy who knows how to approach a woman the right way, and he has what it takes to “pass” any test she puts him through.

2. Masculinity 

A guy with genuine self-confidence is a guy who gets a woman’s attention, and a guy with true masculine qualities along with confidence is a guy who quite literally makes her feel weak at the knees.

Like confidence, you can’t fake true masculinity, but a lot of guys make the mistake of thinking that their loud, over the top chest-beating type of behaviour makes them more masculine and therefore more attractive.

It doesn’t! It’s nothing to do with the size of a guy’s muscles either, in fact, true masculinity is an inner quality that a truly masculine man doesn’t have to shout about at all. Women instinctively recognise it in a man because it’s a quality that triggers a deep sexual attraction, and they feel powerless to resist it.

Genuine confidence and true masculinity are qualities that mark a man out as an alpha male, and alpha male power is ultimately what attracts women to men.

3. Socially Intelligent

Socially intelligent guys are essentially likeable guys who know how to socialise and have fun with other people. With social intelligence, a guy can make relaxed, friendly conversation with everyone he meets and he can “get on a level” with them so that everyone feels comfortable around him.

This makes him a guy who makes friends easily and women are attracted to men with social skills. A confident guy who has the respect of other confident guys is a guy who stands out as the real deal; a genuine guy, and women are turned on by his genuine likeability factor.

Social intelligence is not trying to prove your superior academic intelligence or your superior knowledge of any sort to others, and it’s not about trying to make it all about you.

Guys with social intelligence are charismatic guys with great conversation skills, meaning they know how to make everyone feel involved in a conversation and how to make everyone around them feel good in his company.

When you put all three of the above elements together, you have a guy with confidence, masculinity and social intelligence…and women know that guys like that are really hard to find. If a guy possesses those three qualities, he will either already be in a relationship, be dating multiple women at once or be very picky about which women get to have a chance with him.

Women dream of meeting an awesome guy like that who is a challenge to acquire, rather than accepting a guy who lacks those qualities and is super easy to seduce. Watch this video by Dan Bacon to understand why…

Do You Know How to Trigger a Woman’s Feelings of Attraction For You?

You don’t have to be a good looking, rich, tall, celebrity, sports car driving guy to get yourself a hot girlfriend or wife.

Most women (not all) have what we call an Open Type, which means that they are open to being with all different types of guys, as long as the guy can make her feel enough attraction for reasons other than looks, money, fame, etc.

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