What a woman looks for in a man is going to differ slightly from woman to woman, but there are some common fundamental personality traits and behaviors that pretty much all women find attractive.

For example, a man who is:

  • Confident around her and other people.
  • Masculine in his thinking, behavior, vibe and how he takes action in life.
  • Authentic in how he expresses his personality.
  • Charismatic in how he comes across when talking to her and other people.
  • Brave, driven and unrelenting in his pursuit of his dream life goals.
  • Sexy in how he uses his body language and vibe to turn a woman on during a conversation.
  • Charming in how he not only makes a woman feel intense attraction, but also makes her feel good about herself in the process (e.g. with compliments and other charming behavior).
  • Respected by her and other people, especially alpha males.

On the other hand, traits that women aren’t looking for in a man include:

What a woman doesn't look for in a man

  • Nervousness around her and other people.
  • Wimpy in his thinking, behavior, vibe and how he takes action in life.
  • Fake in how he expresses his personality (e.g. puts on an act of being a much nicer guy than he really is, pretends to just want to be a woman’s friend when he really wants to have sex with her, etc)
  • Suppresses his natural charisma because he is worried that he isn’t good enough or that he might be rejected by people.
  • Hides from pursuing his truest, biggest goals in life because he is afraid of failure or doesn’t think he deserves to succeed.
  • Awkward in how he makes women feel as a result of his stifled body language and vibe.
  • Unappealing in how he tries to be “liked” by women for being so nice because he has no idea how to trigger a woman’s deep and primal feelings of sexual attraction.
  • Disrespected by her and other people (e.g. during a conversation) and submissive to the majority of other guys because he lacks the alpha male mindset.

As you can see from the list above, women essentially want a confident guy who is real, charismatic, charming and has the ability to not only make her feel attraction, but to also have the respect of other men.

This is the type of man that women refer to as a “catch” and when you can display even some of the above qualities, you will instantly get the attention and interest of a woman when you begin talking to her.

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man works and how you can use it to be the man that women are desperately looking for…

As you will discover by watching the video above, you can actually create feelings of attraction inside of a woman based on how you are interacting with her (i.e. your conversation style, body language, behavior, etc).

TV Confusion

If a guy wants to know what a woman looks for in a man and he begins to look for answers in magazines, in movies or on TV, he’s going to find plenty of evidence to suggest that women are looking for a guy with Hollywood good looks, an athletic physique, a closet full of designer clothing and plenty of designer bling, a very expensive car, a large collection of the latest, cutting-edge gadgetry, a huge bank balance and a big dick.

Yet, is that really what a woman looks for in a man?

Well, it depends on the woman. Some women definitely do want to get the “fantasy guy” who lives the James Bond lifestyle, but most women are happy to settle for much, much less because those type of guys are essentially one in 100 million.

It’s sort of like how many guys around the world would love to have a Victoria’s Secret model for a girlfriend, but the would happily accept another girl who made them feel a lot of attraction, respect and love too.

All you have to do is think about how often you feel attracted to random, hot women in porn and you will realize that so many of them make you feel intense attraction, even though they aren’t Victoria’s Secret models.

Likewise, with us men, we can make women feel intense attraction for us, even though we aren’t living a James Bond type lifestyle or aren’t working as an international model.

Why? Watch this video to understand how it’s possible for everyday guys (and even “ugly” guys) to attract, have sex with, get into relationships and marry hot women…

All it takes is a look around you in the real world to realize that guys of all shapes and sizes and all levels of “attractiveness” can be seen with a beautiful girlfriend on their arm, so clearly it takes more than just superficial appearances to attract a woman’s attention.

Yet, it doesn’t seem that obvious to guys if they don’t actually know how to attract women with their personality, vibe, attitude and conversation style.

For most guys, a lot of their knowledge about what a woman looks for in a man comes from what they’ve seen on TV shows, in movies, in magazines and overheard women saying in person.
Some guys even base their understanding of what women want based on what they hear in female pop song lyrics.

If you fall into that trap, you will lead to believe that you have to be tall, good looking, rich and internationally famous to attract a hot girl and keep her interested.

Yet, that isn’t how it works.

You (as you are right now) can attract hot women if you will just switch your focus from trying to be “liked” for being a nice guy, to making women feel sexually attracted to you instead.

You don’t have to be bad, arrogant, an asshole or a jerk to achieve that. Instead, you can be a good guy, but you just have to also add in things that will trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction for you.

Watch this video to understand why being too nice to a woman will often end up getting a guy rejected and what needs to be done instead…

Yes, some women do like bad boys, but the majority of women want a good guy who also has the ability to make them feel attracted.

It really is as simple as that. You can be the great guy that you are, but you also have to begin adding in things (e.g. displaying a certain type of confidence, using a certain type of humor, etc) that naturally attract women.

3 Personality Traits That Women Find Naturally Attractive About Men

The answer to the question of what a woman looks for in a man is much less abo outward appearances and much more to do with inner qualities.

Sure, certain physical features are going to be seen as more attractive than others (e.g. a guy being tall, having a strong jawline, etc), but the way a guy looks or presents himself will only hold a woman’s attention for so long if he doesn’t have the inner qualities she’s looking for to feel a deep, instinctive sexual attraction for him.

Some women will hook up with a good looking guy who lacks inner attractiveness, but the majority of women won’t. The majority of women are looking for more useful qualities in a man.

What do I mean by useful? Essentially, attraction is pretty much based on identifying good survival traits. If a man is good looking, but lacks social intelligence and confidence, then he’s most-likely going to have a hard time surviving and thriving in this world that a confident guy who can get along well with other people, but who lacks good looks.

Here are three essential qualities that most women look for in a man:

1. Confidence

A man might look like he’s just stepped right off the cover of a glossy magazine, but if he doesn’t have genuine self-confidence in who he is and his value to women and the world, he doesn’t have what it takes to turn a woman on.

The mistake many guys make is thinking that a woman’s attraction to a woman is all about how he looks, dresses and styles his hair. Guys like that will waste time, money and energy shopping for the latest fashions, wearing the most expensive colognes and styling their hair perfectly in the hopes that it will draw women to them like a magnet.

While a guy might get a lot more women looking at him, checking him out and smiling at him if he looks good, those women will rarely, if ever, approach him.

If any guy wants to be truly successful with women and have his choice with women, he has to have the confidence to walk up and talk to women that he finds attractive, rather than hoping to be approached for looking good enough.

Watch this video to understand how you can build up the confidence to approach women that you find attractive…

If a average or below average looking guy has the confidence to approach a woman, the woman might not be thinking, “Wow!” initially based on his looks, but if he is able to attract her in other ways, she will rapidly warm up to him and then really like him.

For example: If he is being confident around her, being charismatic, getting her laughing and passing her challenging tests during the conversation, her attraction for him will go up and up.

The more attraction that he makes her feel for his confidence and personality, the more she will begin to look at his physical appearance in a positive light. She will actually come to like and even love how he looks because it is him and he is the guy that is making her feel so much attraction.

2. Masculinity

A common mistake that many guys make is in thinking that being masculine is all about developing big biceps or being the “big man” by putting other guys down and behaving in a “loud” way.

True masculinity is an inner quality that a man doesn’t have to brag about. It’s a quality that women instinctively recognize in a man because it triggers a deep sexual attraction on an instinctive and primal level – and it’s a quality they feel powerless to resist.

Yes, being tall, having muscles or being a thug can make a guy appear masculine in that way. However, the majority of women do not need a guy who be a tough guy.

The majority of women are much happier to be with a guy who has the type of masculinity that will make other guys like and respect him, rather than a thug mentality that results in him getting into fights.

What we teach here at The Modern Man is about being a good guy alpha male. When you think about the men that you respect and like the most in this life, you will realize that they are probably good guy alpha males.

You don’t have to be a thug, an asshole or a jerk to be considered a masculine guy. The real winners in life are the men who are masculine, but who are also good guys.

3. Social Intelligence

Women are instinctively programmed to seek out a guy who has what it takes to be a “provider and protector.”

For most of human history, this meant being able to communicate well with others and pool resources with others when times were hard and food was scarce.

In the modern world, being a “provider and protector” is all about being a man with the social intelligence it takes to earn the respect of other men and to be a genuinely likeable guy that others like to make friends with.

When you interact with a woman, she will be instinctively looking for clues as to whether you are the type of guy who can survive, thrive and prosper in today’s world or not.

Here are 5 common mistakes that guys make when talking to women, which not only turn women off, but also suggest to the woman that he lacks social intelligence and will likely have a hard time surviving, thriving and prospering in this world…

Being the Man That Women Want

All of the qualities that will make you the type of man that women are looking for can be learned.

It doesn’t matter if you currently need a bit of help talking to women, feeling confident around women or making women feel attracted to your personality. That isn’t a death sentence and you are not doomed to a life of failure with women because of it.

You can learn and improve all of those areas very quickly and then get on with enjoy the success with women that you deserve.

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