Alpha males are essentially guys who believe in themselves and keep pushing forward towards what they want, regardless of what challenges are thrown at them.

Typically, an alpha male will:

  1. Believe in his attractiveness to women, even if he doesn’t look like a model because he knows that confidence and masculinity are the biggest turn-ons for women.
  2. Be composed under pressure because he knows that he can get through anything.
  3. Be driven to succeed at whatever he wants to achieve. If he fails the first time, he will see it as a lesson, learn what he needs to learn and then do better next time.
  4. Lead the way for himself and others even when he isn’t sure that he will do a 100% perfect job the entire time. He knows that no-one is perfect, but someone has to lead.
  5. Expect respect from people rather than hoping to be liked.
  6. Not feel embarrassed if he makes a mistake because he knows that everyone needs to learn and improve, especially if they are growing and taking on more challenging aspects of life.
  7. Have confident, self-assured body language no matter what environment he is in.
  8. Have a masculine vibe rather than a neutral or feminine vibe.
  9. Be persistent in following through to get what he wants. He will be the last man standing when others have thrown their hands up in the air and said it’s all too difficult.
  10. Be a “man’s man,” which essentially means that he’s the sort of guy that pretty much all other men respect and look up to, but he is still able to hang out with everyone on an equal level.
  11. Not be afraid to sometimes go against the status quo because he knows that life is always changing. What people said was a “must” for culture 150 years ago is now laughed at by most of modern society.
  12. Create his own luck rather than sitting around and hoping that life deals him some good fortune one day. He stands up and demands great things and he usually gets them (including hot women).
  13. Feel good enough for a beautiful woman even though she doesn’t yet know how much of an alpha male he is. He’s not in a rush to quickly show her that he’s good enough because he knows that he is.
  14. Always be comfortable to express his true personality and will therefore come across as more charismatic, authentic and likeable.

Breaking Down the Myths

Movie star muscle

From left: Dwayne Johnson, Hulk Hogan, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

There are a lot of myths surrounding what it means to be an alpha male, many of which put a guy off the idea of becoming more of an alpha male.

The false stereotypes shown by movie characters, especially 80s icons such as Sly Stallone’s “Rambo” and the various action heroes played by Arnie Schwarzenegger, have led many guys to believe that being an alpha male means being a big, loud bad ass.

Sure, those guys would be considered “alpha” because they are tough and courageous, but a guy doesn’t have to beat people up, kill people or save the world to be considered an alpha male.
It’s a lot simpler than that.

So, let’s have a look at some of the myths and then talk about the truths..

Myth 1: Alpha Males Are the Tough Guys or Thugs

If you believe what you see on TV and in the movies, then an alpha male is the biggest thug, the guy with the biggest muscles or the guy who can beat up all other guys.

Truth: Alpha Males Can Also Be Good Guys

Yes, bad boy alpha males exist, but so do good guy alpha males.

Good guy alpha males are those who help others along the way to their success, want other people to be happy to and come from a place of love and compassion.

Bad boy alpha males (e.g. thugs, tough guys, etc) often don’t care about how other people feel. As long as they get what they want, life is fine according to them.

Being an alpha male does not mean that you have to be a selfish asshole who doesn’t give a crap about people or the world around you. Think about some of the men who’ve changed the world over the last century by following through on their passions and not giving up and you will realize that many of them are good guys.

Myth 2: Alpha Males are Flashy Guys

In the same way that being the baddest guy in the room doesn’t necessarily make you the most alpha, the same can be said of being the loudest or flashiest guy in the room.

Sure, the guy who draws attention to himself by flashing his material possessions in some way is often seen as the “top dog” and the guy who gets the girl in the movies, but it doesn’t necessarily work that way in real life.

Some women are attracted to guys who have a lot of money, material possessions and bling, but that doesn’t make the guy an alpha male. It simply makes him a guy with a lot of material wealth.

Most women (not all) are more attracted to a guy’s inner qualities (i.e. he is confident, driven, masculine, charismatic, etc) than his outer qualities (i.e. looks, material possessions). Material wealth can definitely get a guy more attention from women and help him hook up with gold digger type women, but it doesn’t guarantee his success with women.

Think about the divorce rate and how easy it is for women to take 50% of a guy’s money and you will realize why some women are happy to be married to a guy for 5 years if they will eventually be able to walk away with a big pay check.

If you want a woman to feel attracted to who you are, you’ve got to focus on attracting her with your inner qualities, rather than trying to get her to “give you a chance” because you have some attractive outer qualities.

A woman’s attraction for a man’s outer qualities will rapidly fade away over time if he is unable to deepen her attraction based on his inner qualities.

Movies, music videos and certain TV ads will try to make you believe that getting ahead in life or getting the girl is all about how you dress, how you style your hair, what type of car you drive and how much money you have.

Yet, none of that has stuff has anything to do with who a man is on the inside, so it has nothing to do with being an alpha male.

Being alpha is all about who you are on the inside. If you’re an alpha male, that might mean that you end up earning good money and being able to afford nice things, but your inner alpha is still the most attractive quality to a woman.

Think about how women buy the latest fashions and shoes and get bored of them in a second and then compare that to how men buy shoes and fashion.

A typical man will be happy with a few pairs of necessary shoes and clothes that he loves and wears all the time, whereas a woman gets really bored very quickly and wants to change the flashy stuff around all the time.

The same applies to a woman’s attraction for a man’s flashiness. She might like the fact that he has money, has a nice car and wears nice clothes, but if he lacks the ability to be alpha from within, she’s going to quickly lose interest in his flashy exterior.

Truth: Alpha Males Don’t Have to Be Flashy

Real alpha males don’t have to put on a big, flashy show to attract women. They are attractive “as is” and if he also wants to be flashy, he does that because he likes it, not because he’s hoping to be liked.

Myth 3: Alpha Males Treat Women Badly

This is the most common misconception that guys have.

Pretty much every guy who I’ve ever come across who has rejected the notion of being an alpha male, is going through life with the assumption that alpha males are bad boys who treat women badly.

This is especially true for guys who consider themselves to be a “nice guy” and then see women hooking up with guys that he considers to be a “bad boy.”

Yet, what a lot of nice guys don’t realize is that nice guys don’t get rejected for being nice; they get rejected for failing to create enough attraction inside of a woman…

As you will discover from the video above, there is nothing wrong with being nice to a woman and a guy doesn’t have to treat women badly or be a bad boy alpha male to attract women.

Instead, he simply needs to display some of the inner alpha male traits that naturally attract women (e.g. confidence, drive, masculinity, charisma, etc).

Truth: Alpha Males Can Be Good Guys Who Love Women and Treat Them Well

The ideal type of guy that women want is not a man who treats them like crap.

Yes, there are a small percentage of women in this world who enjoy being with an abusive guy, but the vast majority of women want a good guy with balls. In other words, a good guy alpha male.

When a woman meets a good guy alpha male, it flicks on the “urgency” switch in her mind where she wants to ensure that she gets a chance with him. Women know how hard it is to find good guys who also have balls.

Being a good guy alpha male also plays out well in a relationship because the woman not only feels safe and protected under your masculine leadership, but she also gets treated with respect and love.

Of course, she has to earn that respect and love. An alpha male commands respect and if he isn’t treated well, he doesn’t bend over and take it. He stands up for himself, but the difference between a bad boy alpha male and a good guy alpha male is that the good guy alpha male does it in a loving, respectful way.

When a woman experiences that side of her man, her respect, attraction and love for him deepens and she knows that she’s found herself a “catch” that other girls would love to take from her.

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