The secret of how to romance a woman is:

Attraction + Personalization + Spontaneity = Exciting romance

To help you understand how a man romances a woman in the way that she really wants, I will explain it to you with the following three steps…

1. Make sure that she feels enough respect and attraction for you before you attempt to be romantic

Make sure that she feels respect and attraction for you before you attempt to be romantic

If a woman doesn’t fully respect a man (e.g. because he is insecure, he gives her too much power in the relationship) and doesn’t feel attracted to him (e.g. because he lacks confidence, doesn’t make her feel feminine enough in comparison to his masculinity), then she’s usually not going to be excited by any romantic gestures that he tries to offer her.

When a woman feels proper respect and attraction for a man, then see looks at everything else he does in a more positive light.

For example: He could take her out for a simple burger and fries on a Friday night, watch a sunset at the beach or simply cuddle up on the sofa to watch a movie on a Sunday night and she will feel happily romanced by him.

However, if a woman doesn’t feel respect and attraction for a guy, any sort of gift or romantic gesture that he offers her isn’t going to be seen in the same positive light.

Rather than being swept off her feet by his romantic gesture, she will know that he is only doing it to overcompensate for the fact that he doesn’t even know how to make her feel respect and attraction for him.

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man really works…

As you will discover from the video above, you can make a woman fall madly in love with you and remain madly in love with you without having to buy her expensive gifts or put a lot of effort into coming up with romantic ideas or activities.

If you want a woman to be happy in a relationship with you, there needs to be a strong foundation of respect and attraction that you make her feel based on your behavior, inner qualities and personality.

If your woman can’t look up to you and respect you as her man, then she’s not going to feel much attraction for you when you attempt to be romantic.

How can you make a woman feel proper respect for you?

  • Be emotionally stronger than her (i.e. don’t cry when life gets tough, don’t be insecure, don’t be so emotionally sensitive).
  • Be a man of your word.
  • Be a man who is rising up through the levels of life by reaching for your true potential, rather than hiding from your biggest goals and ambitions because you are afraid of failure or because you just want to spend all of time with her.
  • Be loving and caring towards her and other people in your life, but don’t be a pushover who lets people disrespect you or take advantage of your kindness.
  • Have 100% belief in your ability to achieve whatever you are aiming to achieve in life and then keep following through until you get there. It may take 5, 10, 20 or 30 years to get there, but don’t give up before then.
  • Be masculine rather than being neutral around her or worse, taking on many of her feminine behaviors and ways of thinking.

How can you make a woman feel properly attracted to you?

  • Be confident at all times.
  • Make her feel feminine in comparison to how masculine you are (i.e. how you think, feel, behave, move and take action in life and around her).
  • Be charming.
  • Be charismatic.
  • Make her laugh and feel good around you.

If a single man has those qualities, he will have access to the highest quality women around.

If a man displays those qualities when in a relationship with a woman, his woman will feel a deeper respect, attraction and love for him over time and she won’t want to leave him.

Any kind of romantic gesture that he offers is going to be seen as sweet, adorable, endearing and will be appreciated because it’s coming from the man that she respects, feels attracted to and is in love with.

2. Match the style of romance to her unique personality

Match the romance to her unique personality

Different women like different kinds of romantic gestures.

For example: Some women hate it when a guy when a guy buys gifts for her and thinks that he is being romantic, whereas other women really like it and see it as romantic.

Some women think that watching a sunset at the beach is boring and a huge waste of time, whereas other women love it because it is a perfect opportunity to relax, introspect, feel grateful about life and enjoy quality time with their man.

Some women think that lighting candles in a room and giving each other massages is romantic and sexy, whereas other women think that the candles are unnecessary and make her feel like the guy is trying to hard to be romantic.

Some women don’t feel amazed and romanced by going to an expensive restaurant, some women think it’s a waste of money and other women feel as though it means that the guy really loves her and thinks she is special enough to deserve that.

So, if you’re going to romance the woman that you love, you need to make sure that you understand and accept who she really is as a woman.

When a guy tries to force a style of romance on a woman that just doesn’t match her personality, she will feel as though he doesn’t understand who she truly is and he doesn’t care about how she feels in her heart.

Instead, he just wants to do what he thinks is romance or what he has seen in a movie, rather than giving her personalized romance that will make her feel understood and swept off her feet.

So, how can you match the style of romance to her unique personality and heart?

Rather than asking her what she wants you to do (women hate that), you need to analyze what type of person she really is and then trust your gut instinct to say or do something romantic.

If you try to do something romantic, it isn’t the end of the world and you haven’t made a huge mistake that will ruin the relationship forever.

Instead, just be a man about it and have a laugh about it by saying something like, “Okay, I guess you don’t like that kind of thing” and then simply try something different the next time.

Let her know that you’re not worried if she doesn’t like some of your attempts at romance, because you love her enough to relax and just see what kind of romance is the most fun for the both of you.

Also let her know that she might originally think that something you do is tacky, old school or unnecessary, but if she just relaxes and lets herself experience it she might find that she really enjoys it.

For example: If she is the kind of woman who thinks that lighting candles in the bedroom and giving her a massage is tacky and over the top, she will most-likely enjoy it once you begin the massage.

Romantic massage

If you’ve ever gotten a massage before, you will know that once it begins you then start to relax and enjoy the relaxing experience.

So, just tell her to relax and experience it this time.

If she is the sort of woman who is really picky about things, she might tell you to get rid of the candles or that she doesn’t want a massage with candles.

Simply have a little laugh and tell her to relax and not worry about it.

She will most-likely enjoy the experience, but if she doesn’t like it because she feels like the candles are too tacky, just laugh with her and accept it (accept who she is as a person) and then don’t include the candles next time.

It’s all about personalizing the romantic experience in a way that matches up with her unique personality and your relationship with her.

When you are able to find the sweet spot of ideal romance for your relationship, both of you will be so much happier as a result.

3. Don’t make it predictable

The final key to romancing a woman is to not make it predictable.

Women like to feel a variety of emotions rather than feeling the same emotions over and over again.

Even if she really enjoys a particular romantic thing that you do together (e.g. go for a walk in nature once a week and just chat and laugh together), it doesn’t mean that she’s always going to feel completely fulfilled with just that.

You don’t have to keep coming up with new romantic ideas or activities all the time, but you just need to make sure that you cycle through different things to keep it interesting.

Personally speaking, the romance in my marriage is mutual.

I am always saying or doing random, spontaneous things that she perceives as romantic and she always does it for me as well.

When the love, respect and attraction is mutual and is building over time, that is the kind of outcome you get in a relationship, especially when you have the dynamic in your relationship where she is your woman and you are her man.

She looks up to you and respects you as her man, rather than seeing you as a neutral friend, partner or worse – feeling as though she’s more dominant, powerful or valuable than you in the relationship.

Although some women don’t like to admit it when asked, what they really want is to be with a man who they can look up to and respect, so they can relax into his masculine rather than having to make all the decisions or boss him around to keep him in line.

When you are the sort of man who makes a woman feel deeper love, respect and attraction over time, then the desire that both of you have to be romantic happens naturally and spontaneously.

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