Your best friend will only be excited to hear that you love her, if she is already in love with you.

How can you get her to fall in love with you?


  1. Make her feel a lot of sexual attraction to you.
  2. Make her feel like she has to impress you a lot more than she has already, before you will let her have a chance to be with you (i.e. be a challenge for her to win over).

Why do number 2 on the list above?

Watch this video to find out…

As you will discover from the video above, if your best friend is a beautiful woman, she will be bored of how easily other guys like her and fall in love with her. It’s just so easy for her to get guys to have feelings for her.

She will also hate it when guys pretend to just want to be her friend and then eventually confess that they love her.

What she wants to experience is intense sexual attraction for you, have a unique connection between you and her and then feel the excitement of having to impress you to hopefully get a chance with you.

Of course, there are always exceptions.

Sometimes, you should tell a woman how you feel because she is really shy and unless you make it clear to her, she will probably just keep acting like a friend, even though she wants to begin a sexual relationship with you.

Watch this video for more info…

As you will discover from the video above, telling a woman that you are in love with her will not always be the best approach to take.

How Do You Think She Will React When You Tell Her?

Before you rush off and tell your best friend that you love her, you first have to really know why you’re doing it.

For example, some guys waste a lot of time daydreaming and imagining what will happen when they finally a girl that they love her.

Magically, she says something, “Oh wow, really? I love you too and I’ve been going crazy because I’ve wanted to tell you for so long! I really want to be your girlfriend. Let’s kick things off by having sex ASAP!”

If you want your best friend to respond in way that even closely resembles that, then you’re going to have to make sure that first make her see you as more than just her “best friend.”

This requires you making her feel attracted to you first, not just being a friend to her.

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man works and how you can ensure that your best friend has sexual feelings for you before you reveal your feelings for her…

Being friends with a woman is not the same as attracting her into a sexual relationship with you.

A guy can be friends with a woman for months or even years and she will instantly leave him behind if another guy who comes along and makes her feel sexually attracted, rather than pretending to just want to be her friend.

Have You Been Triggering Her Feelings of Sexual Attraction?

If you’ve been wondering to yourself, “Should I tell my best friend that I love her,” the answer is that it really depends on the type of dynamic you’ve created with her so far.

It also depends on how much you care about her response. If you just want to tell her that you love her and don’t care what she says or what the outcome is, then just go ahead and say it.

Women have a lot of respect for guys who are fearless with love, but unless you’ve made her feel attracted to you in other ways, it usually won’t be enough for her to fall in love with you.

Here’s the number one thing that you need to understand about women…

To get a woman to want to be in a sexual relationship with you rather than just a friendship, you must focus on actively triggering her feelings of sexual attraction for you.

The more attraction she feels, the more desire she will have to be in a relationship with you and the easier she will fall in love with you.

If you tell your best friend that you love her without first triggering her feelings of attraction, she will most-likely just give you one of these classic excuses:

  • “I really like you, but I think we are better off as friends.”
  • “I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”
  • “Lol…don’t be silly. You’re my best friend! I don’t look at you in that way.”
  • “Your friendship is more important to me than having you as a boyfriend.”
  • “You’re like a brother to me.”

So, if you’re wondering, “Should I tell my best friend that I love her,” first make sure that you haven’t been making the classic “best friend” mistakes that other guys make.

For example:

1. Have you been her shoulder to cry on, especially when other guys are treating her badly?

Women love to talk about their feelings all the time, and who better to do that with than a best friend.

Some guys make the mistake of hoping that if they can just be the special guy that a woman turns to (e.g. when she’s having a bad day and wants to talk), then she will eventually realize that they should be together as a couple.

He hopes that, over time, she will see that they get along so well, which will then make her think, “Huh? Why am I wasting time with all the assholes I’ve been dating? I should be with my best friend!”

Sure, that sometimes works out when a woman is getting old and can no longer attract a lot of men, or when a woman is unattractive and doesn’t care what type of man she gets.

However, if a woman is hot and she can easily attract other men, she isn’t going to get into a relationship with a guy who feels more like a friend than a boyfriend.


For ongoing sexual attraction to exist between a man and a woman, they cannot behave like friends. Behaving like friends creates a neutral sexual dynamic, which cancels out the desire for sex.

For sexual attraction to be strong initially and remain strong throughout a relationship, the woman has to feel feminine and girly around the guy because he is so masculine in how he thinks, feels, behaves and takes action in life and around her.

While a man and woman who are friends can initially hook up and enjoy exciting sex a few times, the desire will quickly fade away if there isn’t a strong difference between the two in terms of masculinity and femininity.

For example: If the guy acts more like one of her girlfriends than a confident, masculine man, she might enjoy sex the first couple of times they do it because it will be exciting to hook up with a friend, but after that novelty goes away, her desire will fade away because they feel neutral around each other.

Some guys reading along now would be happy to just get to have sex with their friend a few times, but before you get ahead of yourself, you have to understand that it’s pretty rare for a woman to be willing to have sex with a neutral friend.

Here’s the thing…

A man being a woman’s special friend doesn’t mean that she will want to have sex with him…at all.

Just like when a woman calls her girlfriends to talk about her feelings with them, but doesn’t want to have a sexual relationship with them, when a guy has been placed in the “friend zone,” she’s not going to see him as being different to all her other friends; because he’s serving the same function as they are (i.e. he’s her shoulder to cry on).

Just because he’s “there” for her as a friend, she’s not going to suddenly wake up one day and think, “Wow! The love of my life has been here all along; how could I have missed it?” and then they walk off into the sunset like actors do in the movies or characters do in women’s romance novels.

In the real world, most women (about 95% based on all the stories I’ve heard over the years) will simply continue to enjoy having the “good friend” around at her beck and call, while she goes out and enjoys dates and sex with other guys who are making her feel sexually attracted and turned on.

2. Have you been too nice to her?

At this point a lot of guys are going to say, “What’s wrong with being nice to a woman? I like being a nice guy and I refuse to be a bastard or an asshole just to get a woman to like me.”

Hold up a second.

There’s nothing wrong with being a nice guy. In fact, being a good guy is attractive to women.

What most guys don’t realize is that being “nice” to a woman is not about being a push over around women and essentially kissing their ass with polite, generous behavior and gestures.

You can be nice, but you also have to get her to be nice to you too. Being nice to a woman might make a woman be nice back to you (not all women), but if you want her to be interested in a sexual, romantic relationship with you, it’s not enough just to be nice.

You also have to make her feel attracted.

Watch this video to understand why…

As you will discover from the video above, there’s nothing wrong with being nice, but you’ve also got to make sure that the woman is feeling sexually attracted and turned on by you.

Some nice guys look at other guys who spark a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction and they assume that the guy is being rude, too forward, sleazy or a jerk.

Sure, in some cases that is true, but not always.

Good guys who are successful with women don’t achieve that by kissing a woman’s ass with overly polite and nice behavior. They simply continue being the good guy that they are, but they also make sure that they say and do the kinds of things that turn a woman on.

When a typical “nice guy” sees a confident guy interacting with a woman, he will often assume that the confident guy is a jerk or arrogant prick because he assumes that the woman likes him.

Yet, the truth is that women actually prefer men who are confident, masculine and who believe in themselves. You don’t have to be a jerk to believe in yourself – you just have to be confident.

Being a nice guy isn’t the special, amazing thing that makes a woman want to have sex with a guy, because pretty much all of the guys that a woman meets are “nice” guys or at least act like a nice guy around her.

It’s easy for her to find a nice guy any time she wants. However, finding a good guy who also makes her feel sexually attracted is not easy.

If you want to tell your best friend that you love her, then just make sure you’re not simply another “nice” guy to her.

3. Does she look up to you and respect you as a man?

Having a woman as a best friend can be great.

In many ways women are better listeners than men, and if there are things in a guy’s life that are getting him down, discussing his problems with a woman will often help him feel a lot better.

However, when a guy resorts to constantly whining and complaining to a woman about his problems without finding a solution and fixing the problem, she will never consider him to be “boyfriend” material because she can’t fully respect him as a man.

For a woman to feel sexually attracted to a man, she needs to first feel respect for him and be able to look up to him.

If you want your best friend to feel respect and attraction for you as a man, you need to show her that you are mentally and emotionally strong enough to face whatever life throws at you.

When she feels as though you are stronger than her, mentally and emotionally, she will respect you and as a result, she will also feel attracted to you.

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