It’s no secret that women feel sexually attracted to dominant men.

However, the good news is that you don’t have to go to extreme levels of dominance to make a woman respect you, feel attracted to you and fall in love with you or remain in love with you.

Most women don’t require a guy to be completely dominant all the time and simply want a guy who has the ability to be dominant when necessary.

For example: If a guy can’t work up the courage to be dominant, he’s not going to be able to attract and keep an attractive woman who wants a confident guy.

Rejected for lacking dominance and confidence

She might be nice to him and even like him as a person because he is a good guy, but because he lacks the confidence to be dominant with her at times, she just won’t feel enough of a spark of sexual attraction to justify seeing him as more than just a friend or random guy that’s met.

On the other hand, if you are a confident good guy who is fairly dominant at times, then you will be able to attract the majority of beautiful women and keep a woman happy in a relationship.

Hooking up with women

She will be happy and excited to meet a good, confident guy who makes her feel feminine in comparison to his masculinity and occasional dominance, while also treating her well.

Good guy approaching a hot woman

It’s very rare for a woman to meet a good guy who is confident and also has the ability to be dominant when necessary, so when she meets a guy like that she opens up and hopes that it leads to a phone number, kiss, sex and relationship.

Finally, if you are very dominant man, you will be able to attract a lot of hot women, but in order to keep a relationship together you will also need to be a good guy who is loving and respectful towards the woman.

If a guy is just being dominant and doesn’t care about a woman’s feelings (e.g. a jerk, an asshole), she might follow his lead and begin a sexual relationship with him, but she will eventually dump him when she’s had enough of being treated like crap.

So, in this post, I am going to give you 4 different examples of how to dominate a woman when you first, while you’re on a date, during sex and in a relationship.

1. When you first meet her

Dominating her with eye contact

A simple way to dominate a woman when you first meet her is to pass her confidence tests with a relaxed smile.

When you approach and talk to an attractive woman who is looking for a confident guy, she will always test your confidence by playing hard to get, teasing you during the conversation, not contributing much to the conversation or making it difficult for you to talk to her.

The way to dominate her is to show her (via your body language, vibe, conversation style, behavior and actions) that you’re not crumbling under the pressure, you’re not panicking and you’re not getting angry or frustrated about it.

Instead, you are calm, present in the moment, confident and relaxed.

How can you show her that?

When she tests you, just pause for a moment and smile as you look her in the eyes.

Then, look her up and down (from her eyes to her feet and back up to her eyes) with a relaxed, charming smile.

Just stand (or sit) there looking relaxed, at ease and with a relaxed, confident smile on your face. She will love it.

Looking her up and down like that in a relaxed, confident way with a relaxed smile instantly makes a confident, attractive woman feel a lot of respect and attraction for you.

Of course, she will almost always continue to test your confidence by smiling and asking, “Why are you looking at me like that?” or “That’s a weird that you just gave me” and so on.

Yet, what she is hoping to see from you is that you don’t suddenly crumble under the social pressure and feel like you’ve made a mistake.

She wants to see that you have the balls to dominate her in the moment by remaining relaxed and easy-going, rather than thinking that you have seriously screwed up by looking at her in that way.

She might act like thinks the up and down look is weird, but it’s just a test to see if a guy really is dominant if he’s just another nervous, self-doubting guy who is trying to act dominant, but doesn’t have the balls to back it up.

Most confident, attractive women find it very difficult to meet a guy who is not intimidated by them and be confident and dominant, while also being a loving, respectful guy.

Hot women - nightclub

It’s really difficult to find those sorts of guys because most guys either lack the balls to be dominant, or they go way too far with the dominance and act like an asshole or a jerk.

So, if you are a good guy and you can add in a bit of dominance to your interactions with women, you will see that women are instantly attracted and interested in you.

The equivalent attractive value of a man’s dominance (and the effect that it has on a woman) is when a woman wears a short skirt, shows her cleavage and wears make up.

In just the same way as those three things (a woman wearing a short skirt, showing cleavage and looking pretty with make up) enhance her attractiveness to men, a man can enhance his attractiveness to women by displaying attractive traits like dominance, confident and charm.

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man works and how you can use traits like confidence, dominance, charisma, charm and humor to naturally attract women…

As you will discover from the video above, being dominant is not the only way to attract a woman.

Dominance definitely makes a woman feel attracted, but it has to be done right (i.e. don’t go overboard with it unless you have the confidence to back it up) to be truly enjoyable for a woman.

2. While on a date

How to dominate a woman on a date

An example of how to dominate a woman when you’re on a date is to simply decide which table you’re going to sit at a restaurant, rather than asking her, “Where do you want to sit?”

So, you would say, “Okay, let’s go sit over there” or “I like that table…let’s sit there” and she will then follow along.

If she says, “No, I like that table over there” it’s fine for you to consider her option and if you like it, you can say, “Okay, yeah – that table is better. Let’s go sit there” because you are still leading the way and making the final decision.

If you don’t like the table she has pointed out, you can say, “Nah, I don’t like that table…stop being fussy…let’s sit over here – I like this table” and she will go along with it, especially if she was only trying to go against your initial decision to test your confidence.

Another example of how to dominate a woman on a date is to put your arm around her shoulder as you walk side-by-side towards a destination and then gently, but assertively lead her into certain shops or in a particular direction (e.g. to cross the street, to turn a corner, to avoid an obstacle on the footpath/sidewalk, etc).

You don’t have to lead all the time and push her around like she’s some sort of rag doll and you don’t always need to decide on which table to sit at when you go to a restaurant or café.

Instead, simply just relax and take on the role of being a dominant man who decides to do what he wants to do when he wants to do it, but is also respectful towards the woman.

Women aren’t impressed by guys who try too hard to be dominant, when it’s really not necessary to be dominant (e.g. ordering food for her at a restaurant when she wants to order herself, telling her to stand up when she wants to sit down, etc).

Women are impressed by guys who can just relax and be dominant whenever it is necessary.

3. During sex

How to be dominant during sex

Some examples of how to dominate a woman during sex are:

  • Press against her with your chest when you’re giving it to her in the missionary position.
  • Push her head into a pillow when you’re giving it to her from behind.
  • Put your hand on the back of her head and scrunch up some of her hair into your fist as you give it to her in the spoon position or from doggy style.
  • Temporarily (for a few seconds) be a bit rough as you turn her around in the bed or bend her over.
  • Grab the sides of her face and pull it back and forth on your middle man as she gives you oral.

You don’t have to be dominant 100% of the time.

Some women are into hardcore dominant sex and want a lot of it, but most women are happy with displays of dominance being added in 20% of the time and the remaining 80% is simply normal sex.

4. In a relationship

How to be dominant in a relationship

Being a dominant man in a relationship isn’t about being in control of everything all the time, making all the decisions and bossing a woman around like she’s some sort of slave.

Only a very small percentage of women seek a master > slave relationship where she is 100% submissive to her man all the time, in and out of the bedroom.

The majority of women simply want a man who has the ability to take the lead and then be dominant when necessary.

It’s completely fine to allow a woman to take lead and make decisions at times, but for the most part it needs to be you who leads the way and takes on most of the decision making.

The reason for you taking the lead is to allow her to relax into being your feminine woman, rather than her having to take on a more masculine way of thinking, feeling and being.

If you want a woman to feel addicted to being around you, it’s essential that you allow her to escape the logical way of being that she will be forced into at work or university and allow her to relax into being an emotional, feminine woman around you.

Getting Used to Dominating Women

Getting used to dominating women

If you’re currently not used to dominating women, the first few times that you try to be dominant, it might feel a bit awkward or forced on your part.

However, that awkwardness is the same with any interpersonal skill that a human adds to their personality.

Initially, there will be a stage of awkwardness that you have to get past, where you’re not able to do it 100% correctly the first or second time and you will almost feel as though you’re forcing it.

However, if you just continue on, you will get used to it and you will naturally take on a more dominant role whenever you feel like it.

Eventually, being dominant with a woman will become a part of your normal, automatic expression of personality and women will love you and respect you for it.

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