Here are 6 common reasons why a woman will gain weight after a break up:

1. She has been emotionally damaged by the break up and is now trying to make herself look less attractive to stop men from find her as appealing

Sometimes a break up can leave a woman feeling emotionally crushed.

This can happen when a woman is deeply in love with her man and is secretly making long term plans for their future (e.g. moving in together, buying a house, getting married, starting a family).

He, on the other hand, doesn’t view the relationship the same way and is only with her for superficial reasons (e.g. she’s really attractive and he enjoys the envious looks he gets from other guys when they go out together, the sex with her is amazing, she’s fun to hang out with).

He isn’t approaching the relationship in a way that is setting them up to get married, start a family and stay together for life.

As a result, he tends to have a wandering eye (i.e. looks at other women, wishes he could be with them), or has possibly even cheated on her at certain points in the relationship.

If his woman finds out that all of her hopes and dreams about a future with him are pointless (i.e. because he doesn’t feel the same way about her), then she may decide to break up with him.

Yet, when she does, rather than thinking something like, “I’ll break up with him and fall in love with another man. No problem” she allows the break up to make her feel bitter about men and relationships in general.

Trying to make herself look less attractive by over-eating

She goes from being a happy, loving, trusting women to being a sad, cold, suspicious woman, which then completely changes the way she approaches her love life.

For example: She might start thinking things like, “I will never trust another man again. They are all jerks and the only thing they want from a woman is sex and someone to hang out with. They never want to commit for real. I’m never going to let a guy do that to me again. I’m going to become cold as ice from now on. I’m no longer going to care about guys. They are going to become totally optional in my life and I’ll never love one of them ever again.”

As a result, she might then begin trying to make herself look less attractive to men by putting on weight.

Somewhere in her mind, she hopes that no guy will ask her out again, so she won’t have to risk falling in love with him and then getting hurt.

Basically, it’s a way of trying to protect herself from potentially having her heart broken again sometime in the future.

Of course, putting up weight is no guarantee that guys won’t chase after her.

There are a lot of guys who will happily pick up an unattractive woman, or an overweight woman for casual sex.

In fact, the majority of guys out there are so scared of attractive women that they never even try to approach and pick them up.

The women who get hit on the most are those who are average looking and below average looking.

Yet, because most guys want to be with an attractive woman, they have a hard time feeling motivated to make the relationship work.

So, the relationship falls apart or she gets cheated on if he get an opportunity with a new woman.

When that happens, a woman like her ends up distrusting men even more.

Of course, that’s not what always happens.

In some cases, a woman meets a guy who makes her feel so attracted that she quickly sheds weight and gets back to a slim figure to impress him and maintain his interest.

So, if your ex girlfriend has gained weight after your break up, don’t see it as a guaranteed failed move on her part.

There are a lot of desperate men out there who are willing to hook up with any half-decent woman and there are always many guys men who will attract her and cause her to feel motivated to lose weight and look more attractive.

Another common reason why a woman will gain weight after a break up is…

2. She has been missing her ex and has been trying to eat away her pain

Missing her ex and trying to eat away the pain

Many people turn to food for temporarily feelings of comfort, when they are going through a stressful time.

According to some studies, emotional eating is a way for a person to fill the emptiness they are feeling in life, by filling up their stomach.

Basically, food creates a false feeling of fullness, so for a little while, a woman doesn’t have to be overwhelmed by her feelings of loss and loneliness after a break up.

In many cases, a woman who has been missing her ex and turning to food for comfort will also:

  • Avoid most social interactions and spend a lot more time at home alone.
  • Not engage in her usual activities and hobbies (e.g. if she used to regularly go to the gym or participate in a sport, she now avoids it because she’s feeling too sad, or goes much less because she doesn’t feel motivated).
  • Experience elevated levels of cortisol (i.e. stress hormone).

As a result of her physical inactivity and emotional stress, she can end up gaining weight and feeling more and more miserable.

Essentially, she is temporarily caught in a negative cycle of missing her ex, eating to distract herself from those feelings (or to find some comfort), feeling guilty about eating and then eating some more to find comfort, or to distract herself.

Before she knows it, she has put on 5, 10 or 15 pounds or kilos.

She looks different and it stresses her out, but she just can’t seem to find comfort in anything else than food.

So, if your ex girlfriend has gained weight after your break up, it can mean she’s missing you and is trying to overcome those feelings by using food.

If you want your ex back, you need to take the lead and snap her out of her destructive cycle.


Interact with her (preferably on a phone call or in person, rather than just text) and begin reactivating her sexual and romantic feelings for you.

You can do that by:

  • Making her smile and laugh and feel relaxed to be around you again. The more she enjoys being in your presence, the less she will turn to food to make her feel better because she now has you to make her feel good.
  • Flirting with her to make her feel like a sexy, desirable woman again (even though she has gained weight). The more sexual tension and desire she feels with you, the less she will want to eat because she will want to look her best when you have sex again.
  • Being a good man, but also being confident and assertive when talking to her, so she can see that you’re not going to get caught up in any fake drama she might try to create (e.g. acting bitchy, throwing a tantrum, blaming her weight gain on the way you treated her in the relationship). Women respect men who have the balls to keep a woman in line, while still being a good man. This causes a deep type of attraction that is extremely hard for women to find with other men.
  • Letting her see that you are a new and improved man who she can now truly look up to, respect, feel attracted to and love, rather than continuing to make the same old attraction mistakes as before. Seeing real changes in you will then cause her to feel motivated to be the best version of herself for you (i.e. slimmer, more loving and attentive) because she won’t want to lose you.

The more attracted you make her feel, the faster and easier her walls come down.

When she feels drawn to you, she will almost certainly stop turning to food, quickly try to lose the weight and return to her former sexy self because she will want to be the best woman she can be for you.

You can then get her back into a relationship that now has a solid foundation based on mutual feelings of respect, attraction and love.

Another possible reason why a woman might gain weight after a break up is…

3. She has been partying and going out to eat with friends a lot, which has caused her to gain weight

She has been partying and eating a lot with friends

After a break up, a woman might start going out a lot with her single friends to party.

Some of her reasons might be that…

  • She is excited to be out of an unhappy relationship and now wants to celebrate her freedom.
  • She wants to enjoy being single and carefree again after a long time.
  • She wants to forget about her ex and move on and hopes that regularly partying with her friends will achieve that.
  • She wants to meet new guys and see how she feels.

Of course, if she parties too often, it can lead to her gaining weight.

Here’s the thing…

Parties and going out with single friends usually comes with some alcohol consumption.

Other than making a person drunk, alcohol also works as an appetite stimulant (i.e. boosts appetite), so a woman is more likely to eat more after she’s been drinking.

While drunk, she is more inclined to make bad food choices(e.g. eat a plate of cheesy nachos, or a burger and fries, rather than a chicken salad).

As a result, she will slowly, but surely gain weight.

Of course, that doesn’t mean she’s not aware of what’s happening, or that she can’t do anything about the weight gain.

In most cases, a woman will enjoy herself for a while, heal from her break up and then when she’s ready, start dieting and working out and get back in shape pretty quickly.

Some women remain overweight for life, but if your ex girlfriend was slim or in fairly good shape before, then she will almost certainly get back to that (and sometimes even better) to hopefully attract herself a quality man.

So, if you want your ex girlfriend back, don’t wait on the sidelines and hope that she doesn’t meet a guy that she likes even more than you.

Get her back and make her feel so much attraction that she feels motivated to get back into shape and look as sexy as possible for you.

Another possible reason why a woman might gain weight after a break up is…

4. She no longer feels like she needs to be slim to be attractive and is expecting men to just like her anyway

Initially, a woman may worry about putting on weight and think, “I have to stay slim, or else I won’t be able to attract quality guys.”

Yet, the reality is that, these days almost all men are too afraid to approach women in person and as a result, they use dating apps to hopefully get matched up with attractive women.

Most dating apps have 6-10 times more men than women, so men end up competing over less and less attractive women, or pretty women who are overweight (possibly like your ex girlfriend) and all of that attention and interest can go to a woman’s head.

Since she is getting so much attention, dates and sex via Tinder with good quality guys, she starts to think that she doesn’t really have to care about her appearance anymore.

She might even think to herself, “All the effort I used put into looking good and staying slim for my ex was a waste of time. Even though I’ve gained so much weight since the break up, I’m getting loads of matches from quality men. Men do like me. So, it’s probably a myth that quality men only like thin women. Maybe men have changed these days and like women who are heavier.”

Yet, over time, she will almost certainly find that quality men don’t stick around after sex because they were only using her for easy sex.

Additionally, the guys who do stick around usually aren’t her type (e.g. they are insecure, willing to accept whatever they can get, give her too much power in the relationship, lack manliness, don’t know how to make her feel attracted and just hope she won’t dump them if they are nice to her).

When she eventually figures out that quality guys aren’t sticking around because of her weight, she might then try hard to get back into shape, or feel so depressed that she ends up putting on more weight by turning to food for comfort.

Another possible reason why a woman might gain weight after a break up is…

5. She wants to see if she can find a man who will love her for who she is as a person, rather than how she looks

Even if a woman is pretty and in shape, she wants to feel loved and appreciated for more than just her looks.

She wants a guy to love her for who she is as a person as well.

Of course, there are some women who don’t mind being a trophy wife for a man who has a lot of money, but even in those cases, the relationship will eventually fall apart (or be miserable for life) if the love is superficial.

The reality is that although women love it when a man is very attracted to their physical appearance, most don’t just want to be loved for their looks.

Instead, a woman wants a man to also fall in love with who she is as a person, her values, her behavior, her uniqueness and so on.

She wants him to love her for just being her and to continue loving her, even if her looks change over time.

So, if a woman breaks up with a guy who was only with her for her looks, she may say to herself, “This time around, I’m going to make sure that the next guy I get into a relationship with will love me for who I am as a person and not just for my looks.”

She may then intentionally gain some weight, stop wearing as much makeup and generally put less effort into her appearance, as a way of screening guys who would only like her when she is looking her best.

Another possible reason why a woman might gain weight after a break up is…

6. She was maintaining a slimmer figure for her ex during the relationship, but now can’t be bothered doing it

She can't be bothered staying in shape now

Staying slim and looking good can take up a lot of a woman’s time and focus.

For example: Did you know?

The average woman spends about 22.5 minutes getting ready every morning.

That’s approximately 137 hours in a year.

Another survey conducted on 2,000 adult women and 200 teenage girls over the age of 16, found that 78% of women spend 60 minutes a day on their appearance.

Of course, there are some women who take 5 minutes (i.e. those who don’t wear makeup often) to get ready and women who spend hours applying make up and doing their hair to get ready.

So, the numbers are an average.

Yet, the point is that many women put a lot of effort into looking their best.

It can take a lot of effort to always look her best

It may look natural, but a woman often has to put a lot of effort to stay in shape, keep her skin looking young and healthy, maintain healthy looking hair (especially if she is using hair dyes/colors, which can damage her hair) and so on.

The average woman will also spend anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes working out when she goes to the gym.

Additionally, many women will also try to limit how many calories they take in from food per day, to avoid eating too much and gaining weight as a result.

It can be a real effort in today’s society, especially with all the delicious comfort foods available at cafes and take away stores.

Additionally, in most supermarkets/grocery stores, there are usually a number of aisles with fun, comfort goods (e.g. chocolates, sweets, snacks, chips, cookies and so on).

When a woman is trying to stay in shape, she will try to avoid those aisles and get out of the supermarket as quickly as she can, before she gives into her temptations and gets some cookies, cakes or chips.

This is why, when a woman breaks up a serious relationship and is in a bit of emotional pain, she might decide to relax and just enjoy doing some of the things she deprived herself of for so long.

She may then say to herself, “I spent all that time trying to look sexy for him. I couldn’t eat the things I love like cheese burgers, cake or cookies and I had to work out like crazy all the time. At least now I can indulge myself without worrying about the consequences. I really can’t be bothered staying in shape at the moment.”

In the same way, your ex might be enjoying the freedom of not having to put in a lot, or any, effort in to maintaining her shape to impress you.

Additionally, if she is using dating apps, then she is probably getting a lot of attention from men because many guys don’t care as long as they get to the point of having sex with a woman.

If she has a pretty face or nice tits, most guys think, “I’d bang her” even if he only plans on doing it once or twice.

Yet, when he’s messaging her or on a date with her, he will act like he is really interested, so she opens up to being with him.

It’s a pretty standard and effective approach to use with women, but it works less the more attractive a woman is (i.e. very attractive women usually want a man who is a challenge and who make her feel the need to impress him).

Whatever the case is with your ex, you just need to know one thing:

You can get her back if you want to.

Most women are easy to get back when you use the right approach (i.e. you cause her to feel so much attraction for you as you interact with her that she feels like she would be the one losing out if she doesn’t get back with you).

That is what works, regardless of whether your ex has lost weight, gained weight or maintained the same weight.

It’s the best, most effective and natural approach to get a woman back quickly and easily.

Have You Been Making These 2 Mistakes, Which Can Result in You Losing the Opportunity to Get Her Back?

So many guys could get their ex girlfriend back easily, but they miss their chance based on making classic ex back mistakes.

If you want to get your ex girlfriend back, avoid these classic mistakes:

1. Wanting her back, but being afraid to make a move in case you get rejected

Don’t waste time looking for signs that she’s still in love with you (e.g. she’s gained weight after your break up, so it might mean that she’s depressed and missing you) and then wait around hoping that she will contact you and try to get you back.

That can happen, but in almost all cases, women worry about being rejected by the guy they dumped (i.e. because he hasn’t been contacting her), so they just start moving on with new guys to make themselves feel better.

For example: A woman who is missing her ex, but hasn’t heard from him, may think, “Well, it’s obvious that he doesn’t care about me. He hasn’t even tried to get me back since we last spoke. I actually miss him and would get back with him, but I’m not going to be the one who does it. He has to man up and make it happen. I don’t know if he will though. I also don’t want him to reject me if I reach out to him and show interest. So, I will hook up with new guys to help me get over my ex. Then, when I feel ready, I will contact him and if he rejects me, I won’t feel rejected because I will already have a new guy, or a few new guys in my life.”

It’s a silly plan, but many women do it.

Then, in the process of following through on that plan, some women end up finding a new guy that they love and want to be with.

As a result, they don’t follow through and try to get their ex guy back.

They just move on.

This is why, as a man, it’s up to you to take action and begin the ex back process with her.

Don’t just sit around hoping that she will do all the work for you, because most women won’t, especially after they’ve dumped a guy.

I hear from new guys all the time who say something like, “Damnit! Why didn’t I find your advice earlier? Someone told me to just wait and if it was meant to be, she would come back. Well, she didn’t come back. She is in love with a new guy now.”

I also hear from guys who say something like, “I took your advice and interacted with her to re-attract her. It worked! We’re back together!” 

It’s up to you which approach you want to take, but from all my years of experience helping men get women back, I recommend that you take action.

Man up, interact with her, re-attract her and seduce her back into a relationship.

That’s how it’s done all over the world.

It’s natural, quick and it works.

On the other hand, waiting around usually results in a woman just moving on.

The next mistake to avoid is…

2. Not understanding that she most-likely needs to see that you are still attracted to her

If you have stopped contacting your ex, or if you now only talk to her like a friend, it can cause her to feel as though you’re not physically attracted to her anymore because of her weight gain.

Although women will rarely admit it, almost all women do need a man to show his attraction and appreciate her beauty (even if she has put on weight) in order to feel totally confident around him.

So, if you suddenly cut off contact with your ex, she may think, “He’s avoiding me all of a sudden. I bet it’s because I put on weight and he now finds me repulsive. I’ll show him that I’m attractive by getting myself a new guy.”

Alternatively, if you’re just talking to her like a friend, she may think, “So, he’s not interested now that I’ve fattened up? Okay, fine then. Well, I’m just going to ignore him from now on. If he is attracted to me and wants me back, he will show it to me. If he doesn’t, then I will move on.”


This is why, if you want her back, then don’t cut off contact and wait and don’t act like just a friend.

Contact her, flirt with her and get her back.


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