Relationships of all types break up for many different reasons and even the most successful of marriages can go through rocky patches and difficulties from time to time.

Whether or not a marriage can be saved or a relationship can get back on track depends entirely on the individual circumstances and the feelings of those concerned, so if you’re a guy saying, “My wife wants me to move out,” the first step towards putting things right is to take a long hard look at exactly what happened to cause her feelings to reach this stage.

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Once you understand what is really missing in your marriage, the next step is to consider how much effort you are prepared to put in to turn things around.

In other words, how much are you willing to improve yourself to make your wife feel like it’s justified to change her mind and give you another chance?

If you are willing to do what is required to turn things around, read on…

Why Does She Want You to Move Out?

Just leave me alone. I'm done. I want you to get out of this house.

Long before reaching the point of saying, “My wife wants me to move out,” a husband will have received plenty of warnings from his wife to let him know about her unhappiness.

The problem is that a woman does not always voice her unhappiness, choosing to communicate through her body language, vibe and attitude instead.

However, not all guys are tuned-in to a woman’s non-verbal communication and this why being asked to move out by their wife, often comes as a surprise.

Wife wanting her husband to leave

Even though her request for you to move out might have come as a shocking surprise, it’s something that has been building up for quite a long time in her heart and mind.

The thing is, it’s highly unlikely that your wife just woke up one morning and decided that she wanted you to move out for no reason.

This is why the first step toward fixing the relationship must always be to take the time to figure out exactly what happened to cause her to feel so badly that she wants you to get the heck out of the house and possibly her life.

Of course, if you already know what happened to cause the upset – perhaps you cheated on her or some aspect of your behavior led to a similar degree of emotional turmoil – then you already know that changes for the better will need to be made if there’s to be any chance of turning things around.

Whether or not infidelity can ever be forgiven is ultimately down to your wife but it’s only by taking personal responsibility for your actions and demonstrating through your attitude and behavior that you are truly sorry for the mistakes you’ve made and that you are committed to making changes for the better, that you can begin to earn back her trust and respect.

Whether you know her reasons for wanting you to move out or you are currently in the dark and reeling over her suggestion that you should move out, the bottom line is that her desire to put some distance between herself and you is the result of her falling out of love with you.

Why Has She Fallen Out of Love With You?

Should I break up with him?

It takes time to fall deeply in love with someone, and it takes time to fall out of love with someone, but the process of falling out of love begins with a loss of respect and a consequent loss of sexual attraction.

A woman falls in love with qualities in a man that mark him out as someone who has what it takes to make her continually feel like a woman (i.e. feminine, girly, protected by her man, etc).

When your wife became your wife, she must have seen all of the qualities she was looking for in a man in you and something must have changed to cause her feelings for you to change.

For example: Have you become less of an alpha male throughout the marriage (e.g. you have become insecure, emotionally sensitive, afraid to rise up and reach for your true potential as a man)?

The qualities that women are instinctively attracted to are alpha male qualities, even if women don’t know that themselves.

Women are naturally attracted to men who are confident, know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it.

An alpha male is also a man who doesn’t become emotionally sensitive and need his wife to be constantly reassuring him of her love or commitment.

He knows that he is the man and as a result, she respects him and feels attracted to him.

Of course, I’m talking about good guy alpha males here, not bad guys.

Some men take the alpha male concept too far and end up becoming rude, selfish, obnoxious and heartless.

That’s not what a woman wants either.

She wants a balanced man, who is emotionally strong, loving and fearless when it comes love and life.

As a result, she can look up to him and respect him as her man.

An alpha male has what it takes to be a “provider and protector” in a relationship, making him a man who offers a woman the security she’s instinctively looking for in a marriage.

That’s not just about money.

Providing and protecting has a lot to with the kind of attraction experience you provide (e.g. are you too nice or too neutral around her, or are you charismatic and attractive in your behavior) and the emotional protection and security you provide for her.

As an alpha male, you’re a natural leader and you’re a man who can be relied upon to always be true to himself; a man who has the strength of character to always stand by what he values and believes in.

If married life has led to becoming less alpha (i.e. letting your dreams and ambitions take a back seat and opting to accept an easier, generally less ambitious route through life instead), then your choice to let things pass you by instead of pushing yourself to achieve your true potential can cause a woman to lose a lot of respect for you.

When a woman loses respect for you, she then finds it difficult to feel sexually attracted to you.

When that happens, she begins to fall out of love with you.

By the way…

The same thing happens if you fall into the trap of believing that the way marriages are popularly portrayed on TV is a true reflection of the way marriages should work in real life.

TV marriages generally show the wife “wearing the pants” and the husband adopting an “anything for a quiet life” approach by just going along with whatever she wants.

This is not what real women in real marriages want.

Remember, women are attracted to alpha male characteristics in a man.

Behaving in this way and effectively putting your wife “in charge” in your relationship makes her feel less feminine, and this in turn leads to her feeling less sexually attracted to you.

Mistakes to Avoid

When a man says, “My wife wants me to move out,” he’s really asking for help because he wants to know what he should do to make his wife change her mind, right? With this in mind, the following mistakes must not be made.

1. Don’t beg or plead with her to give you more chances

Begging and pleading for forgiveness

Begging and pleading with her in an attempt to get her to change her mind will do nothing to change the way she feels about you.

Whatever has happened to cause her to lose respect and sexual attraction for you, behaving this way will only reinforce her opinion of you as a weak, wimpy, and sexually unattractive man.

2. Don’t make empty promises

Following on from the above, making promises of every description in a desperate attempt to get her to change her mind will backfire.

For example: A man might say, “I promise I can change; just tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it,” or words to that effect, but in doing so, he’s simply highlighting the fact that he has no idea what the problem is or what he needs to do to fix things.

A woman doesn’t want to have to spell out what the problem is, she wants her man to be mentally and emotionally committed enough to her and the relationship to be able to work it out for himself – and to take the initiative to fix things by himself.

3. Don’t attempt to “buy” your way back in

Another common mistake husbands make is to think that buying things for his wife will help him to “buy” back her affections.

This might mean promising to buy her something he knows she has always wanted, or promising to take her on a special “romantic” holiday, but none of that changes the way she is feeling.

Unless you’ve been super tight with her throughout the marriage, your wife is most-likely not going to interested in what you can “buy” for her.

Instead, she’s going to be interested in how you make her feel on a day to day basis in your marriage.

She wants her husband to have what it takes to make her feel madly in love and feel a deep respect and sexual attraction for him.

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