Yes, because getting back with your ex will push you to become and be a better man.

As a result, you and her will benefit from that (i.e. she will get to experience a new, fascinating attraction for you and you will get to experience a new kind of love with her that completely changes your life), no matter what happens down the road.

So, if you are open to giving the relationship with her one more try, here are 4 tips to help you get ready to make it happen:

1. Understand that most relationships experience an ‘almost break up’ or an actual break up

Most relationships experience a break up, or almost break up

In the past, a man and a woman were expected to stay together for life, even if they were unhappy.

In today’s world, a couple no longer has to stay in a relationship with each other to please other people (e.g. family, coworkers, neighbors, friends).

Nowadays, if a man or a woman want to end the relationship, they can go ahead and do it and society and those around them, will usually be encouraging and supportive.

As a result, many modern relationships experience an almost break up, or an actual break up when one or both of the people aren’t happy anymore.

Despite that fact, a lot of guys these days end up feeling as though they are a failure as a man because their relationship ended in a break up.

Yet, the truth is, no relationship is perfect at all times.

In fact, these days, it’s fairly normal for couples to almost break up several times during the course of their relationship (e.g. the woman says things like, “If you do that again, I will break up with you” or they spend a few days apart after a big argument to calm down).

Some relationships even go through many actual break ups before it eventually works (i.e. they are happy and stay together for life), because the man had to be put under enough pressure by the woman to feel the motivation to change and improve his approach her and the relationship (e.g. he was taking her for granted, he was being too clingy and jealous, he lacked purpose and direction in life and as a result, she didn’t feel secure about their future together).

So, don’t stop yourself from possibly being with the love of your life, simply because you and her have gone through a break up.

If want to get back together with your ex and give the relationship another chance, even though there is a possibility that it may end again, just go ahead and give it a shot.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain (i.e. having a long-lasting, happy and fulfilled relationship with your ideal woman).

Even if you and her get back together and it ends a few months later, you will not only have learned from the experience, but you will also have become a better, emotionally stronger man who will know more about how to attract a woman and keep a relationship together.

You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The next thing that can help you get her back is to realize that…

2. Love isn’t something to hide from

There are a lot of things in life that can make a person feel afraid (e.g. financial uncertainty, terrorism, political turmoil, the threat of physical violence), but love shouldn’t be one of those things.

In fact, love is something to directly embrace and enjoy.

Embracing love and everything that comes with it is a big part of what makes life so interesting, meaningful and rewarding when it comes to relationships.

Additionally, all women respect a man who isn’t afraid to face the potential heartbreak that can accompany love.

Here’s the thing…

If you hide from love, you may end up settling for second best in life (e.g. getting into a relationship with a woman who you don’t fully love or feel attracted to, but that you know will never leave you).

You won’t be happy with yourself for never having the courage to try again with the woman you truly wanted to be with.

As a result, you may spend the rest of your life wondering, “What if I had taken the risk? Where would I be now? Her and I could be happy and in love right now. I miss that.”

Essentially, the question you need to answer for yourself is: If you hide from love, what other things will you hide from in life?

For example:

Will you back down from following through on your goals and ambitions because you might fail, or will you take the chance and succeed beyond your wildest dreams?

Will you avoid going out and meeting new friends because you might get rejected, or will you risk that for the chance to develop great friendships that can last a lifetime?

If you get into the habit of hiding from what you really want, your life won’t be fun.

You can try to distract yourself with hobbies, work and day to day responsibilities, but you won’t be happy if you’re hiding from what you really want.

So, if you want her back, don’t hide from love.

Take a risk to relight the fire between you and her and experience what comes with it.

3. You will be giving her a priceless gift if you do it right

Falling in love again and experiencing all of the new, exciting feelings that come with, it is a priceless gift that you can give to your ex.

When she feels more attracted to you than she ever has before because you are now giving her the attraction experience she always wanted from you, but never got, she will realize that her love for you is more powerful than she ever knew.

For example: You are now more…

  • Emotionally masculine, so she feels more feminine and girly when she’s with you, rather than like a neutral friend or a big sister.
  • Confident and self-assured, so she feels more respect for you as a man, rather than looking down on you or feeling as though you’re not strong enough for a woman like her.
  • Focused and determined about accomplishing your goals, so she feels safer in the relationship with you, rather than like she couldn’t enjoy a safe and secure future with you.
  • Confident in your attractiveness and value to her as a man, so she feels like she’s winning by being your girl, rather than like she’s doing you a favor.
  • Emotionally independent and able to get on with things without her support or encouragement, so she feels less smothered and like she has to take care of you because you can’t cope without her.

This time around, you can show her what love really feels like, because you’re not the same guy you were before (i.e. You’re not making the attraction mistakes that caused her to feel turned off by you. You’ve leveled up and become an even better man than you already were. You’re more than good enough for her now).

When you reawaken her feelings and then build on them, her walls come down and she literally wants to be back in your arms again.

She wants to put in the effort to make things work this time around because she feels like it’s worth it.

It feels right.

Then, not only does she want to get back together, but she also wants the relationship to last, rather than ending once again.

Of course, all of that is going to feel great for you too.

So, if you want her back, don’t deprive her, or yourself of that incredible experience.

Falling back in love and experience an even better relationship than before is a priceless gift that you can give her.

4. You can make the relationship work this time around

You can make the relationship work this time around

If your relationship ended mainly because you were unable to maintain and build on her feelings of respect, attraction and love for you, there’s no reason why that has to happen again.

You can do things differently this time around and as a result, the relationship will naturally work.

Other guys find themselves in a situation like yours and they are able to get their woman back and keep her.


As long as a guy learns from his past mistakes and focuses on becoming a better man as a result of what happened between him and her, the relationship will feel better for both of them.

For example: If he used to get angry and annoyed at her when she was being unreasonable and argumentative, he now laughs at her and uses her tantrum as a way of building on her feelings of respect and attraction for him (i.e. by being an emotionally strong man and allowing her to behave like a girly woman).

If he used to fear losing her, which caused him to be clingy, needy or controlling, he now realizes that a woman is not a man’s property and that holding onto her only makes her want to pull away even more.

So, rather than clinging on in an overly-protective manner, he relaxes and focuses on being loving and supportive, while at the same time going after his own goals and purpose in life.

This makes him attractive to her because he’s now behaving like a confident, forward moving man that she can look up to and respect.

In the same way, if you get back together with your ex, it will most likely work out this time around, because you’re not going to be the guy that you were before.

Where Some Guys Go Wrong When Thinking About Getting Back Together With an Ex

Getting back with an ex that you truly love can often be one of the best decisions you make in life.

As long as you approach things correctly, the relationship will be better and she will feel more respect, attraction and love for you than she ever has before.

That’s good for you and it’s good for her.

Unfortunately, most guys don’t search around and find what you’re reading now, so they often end up making one or more of the following mistakes…

1. He feels afraid of what might go wrong, so he waits too long and then misses out on an enjoyable, life-changing experience

What if things don't work out and I end up getting hurt again?

When a guy is in a situation like yours, he might make the mistake of continually thinking things like, “What if it doesn’t work out this time? I’ll end up getting hurt again. Maybe it’s better to just give up on us being together. We tried and it didn’t work out, so maybe it can’t work. I can’t change anything about my approach to her, so it’s just going to be the same result. She knows me too well. I can’t change. I can’t do anything differently. If I tried, it wouldn’t work. I’d end up getting dumped by her and I don’t want that. Maybe I just have to accept that it’s over and I have no chance to have a happy relationship with her now.”

He then closes himself off and lets his ideal woman walk out of his life forever.

Then, by the time he realizes that he made a mistake, it’s often too late and his ex has moved on and is now in love with someone else.

Do you want that to happen to you?

If you’ve read this far into the post, then you probably don’t want her to move on without you.

So, would you rather play it safe and miss out on getting another chance with her, or take a chance, enjoy a new, more amazing relationship with her and become an even better man as a result?

If you hide from what might happen, you may never fully discover the greatness of a love that has endured and reformed to be better, stronger and deeper than ever before.

Yes, you might get back together and yes, it might not last for life, but at least if you follow through and get her back, you will know the right answer (i.e. She is the one for you, you and her are meant to be together, it was just a temporary break up, your love is now stronger than ever, you have both become better people as a result of the temporary break up and now the relationship is so much better).

However, if you don’t take a chance, you might always be left asking yourself, “What if she was the one?”

Another mistake that a guy might make in your situation is…

2. He gets into a new relationship, but never truly loves her because he fears that it might end one day

Sometimes a guy might decide getting broken up with again by his ex, just isn’t worth the risk.

So, rather than get back with her, he tries to move on by getting into a relationship with a new woman.

He might then choose a woman he doesn’t fully love, knowing that if things don’t work out between them, it won’t matter that much to him, so he won’t be very hurt by it.

He may say to himself, “This isn’t so bad. We get on well and we have fun together. At least I’m not single and lonely.”

Yet, deep down, he always feels that something is missing.

He knows that he’s not living up to his true relationship potential, because he’s settled for second best.

He doesn’t really love his new woman.

He is kind of happy to be with her, but he doesn’t love her in the same way that he loves his ex girl.

Secretly, he wishes he could have his ex girl back, but he didn’t do anything about it, so she moved on.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Another mistake that a guy might make in a situation like yours is…

3. He distracts himself with hobbies or work to avoid having a relationship with his ex or with a new woman

He misses his ex woman, but doesn’t have the courage to do anything about it.

He finds other women attractive, but is too afraid to get hurt again, so he avoids them.

He might then justify his actions by thinking, “I’m just too busy right now to think about a relationship. At some point, things will calm down and then I’ll start dating again, or maybe even consider getting back with my ex if I feel like it. For now, I’ll just focus on my work (or hobbies).”

Yet, what may not realize is that his behavior could be one of the subtle, secret reasons why his relationship with his ex didn’t work out in the first place (i.e. because every time he was faced with a hard decision in life, rather than take a risk, he avoided taking action by distracting himself with other things).

If that is true about him, it would have caused his woman to wonder things like, “Is this the kind of man I want to be with? If he can’t face the difficult choices in life now, he probably never will be able to. He’ll always run and hide, rather than face life head on. I want a man, not a boy. I need someone stronger than this. I don’t want to continue on feeling uncertain about a future with him. I need certainty. I need to feel protected. I need a man.”

As a result, she gradually began to lose respect for him, which then contributed to her overall decision to break up with him and try to find a new man.

Here’s the thing…

You can’t distract yourself from life.

It’s always there, waiting for you to level up.

Throughout life, you will always be faced with difficult decisions and the sooner you can accept that and get into the habit of facing your challenges head on, the better your life will be.

Another mistake that a guy might make in your situation is…

4. He develops deep insecurities that ruin his relationships with women for the rest of his life

Developing insecurities about relationships due to never facing challenges head on and getting the result you want

Sometimes a guy is so hurt and emotionally damaged after a break up, that he begins to feel insecure about his value to his ex and to other women.

For example: He might…

  • Start believing that his ex is too good for him.
  • Lose confidence in his attractiveness to other women, because he begins to see them as hard to get, or hard to keep.
  • Begin thinking that he will never be able to get his ex back, so why bother trying.

Don’t let that be you.

Be a man of action and get her back now.

Be strong.

Face your life challenges head on and get the job done.

If you wait too long because you keep wondering things like, “Should we get back together, even though it may end again?” you may end up losing her because she gets tired of waiting for you to make a move.

You might also end up losing confidence in yourself around women, because you secretly worry that you won’t be able to keep a relationship together.

So, make sure that you don’t become one of those guys who are afraid of being in a committed relationship with a woman.

You can make it work with your ex if you really want to.

Believe in yourself.

Take action and get her back.

You’ll thank yourself for it when you and her are back together and the relationship and sex is better than it ever was before.

On the other hand, if you don’t take the chance, you may end up losing your ideal woman and it may eat away at you for the rest of your life.

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