If you want to get a girl back, you will need more than just a few things to say.

However, to help you with what to say, I’ve made this video and provided a number of examples to deal with different types of break ups…

As you will discover from watching the video above, you can have a positive impact on the respect that your girl feels for you by saying the right things to her. However, if you want to get her back for real, you have to focus on genuinely making some improvements to your overall attractiveness to her.

For example: If she broke up with you because you were too insecure and weren’t enough of a man for her, then you need to work on becoming confident and being more masculine in how you think, behave and take action in life.

If she broke up with you because you took her for granted or weren’t ready to commit at the time, you need to work on learning how to make a woman feel loved, respected and wanted in a relationship.

However, as I explain in the video below, she’s not going to really care how serious you are about making things better between you and her until you first make her feel respect and attraction for you again…

As you discover from the video above, it’s critically important that every time you interact with her on the phone or in person, you make her feel attracted and drawn to you.

If your current way of thinking, behaving, feeling and taking action is turning her off, then nothing that you say to her is going to make much of a difference.

Why Should Your Girl Take You Back?

Thinking that getting her back is all about finding the right words to say is a huge mistake that you must avoid.

It really is a waste of time to focus on trying to say the right thing to her, rather than focusing on making her feel respect and attraction for you again.

For example: If your current communication style with your girl is essentially you being an ass-kissing ex-boyfriend, being really nice, seeking her pity and grovelling for another chance, she isn’t going to feeling attracted to that.

On the other hand, if your communication style focused on getting her laughing, flirting with her, making her feel excited to be talking to you and making her feel girly in response to your masculinity, then she is going to begin feeling attracted to you again.

She’s not necessarily going to decide to get back with you based on that though. To get a girl back for real, you’ve got to meet up with her, have a certain discussion with her that gets her to respect you again and forgive you (I explain what to say in my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System) and then make her feel attracted to you in new and exciting ways.

When she is at that point, she will then be much more likely to say, “Yes” to getting back together or at least giving things a try again and taking it slow for a while.

So, instead of thinking too much about things to say to get a girl back, you need to think about things how to get her to reconnect with her feelings for you and begin experiencing new and exciting feelings when she interacts with you.

You need to get yourself ready to show her through your actions, behavior, and attitude that you’ve learned from the experience and have made changes for the better to become a better man – a man she will want to take back.

Getting her back is about showing her who you now are and letting her experience that, not who you say you’re going to be in the future. You have to be able to show her that you have already changed, rather than expecting her to take you back even though you probably have no clue how to transform into the type of man she really needs you to be.

Something about you attracted her when she first became your girlfriend, so something about you must have changed to cause her to become your ex-girlfriend. You need to figure out what changed and then make the changes and improvements needed to get her to see you in a more positive light once again.

Where Did You Go Wrong With Her?

There are many reasons why a woman will break up with a guy (some subtle and some very obvious) and I explain more than 70 of them in my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System

For now, I will ask you…

1. Did you become needy?

Did you become needy?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be around your girlfriend, wanting to experience her love and wanting to get some sex and affection from her.

However, when a guy gets to a point where he needs his girlfriend’s love, affection and attention to feel emotionally secure and stable, it becomes a huge turn off for her.

Women are attracted to confident men who have purpose and important, independent interests outside of the relationship that mean he doesn’t need to cling to his girlfriend to feel like he is a worthwhile human being.

The type of guy that women remain attracted to, respectful of and in love with doesn’t feel jealous of the time she spends doing things that don’t involve him. He loves her, trusts her and wants her in his life, but she knows that he would be happy without her too.

He wouldn’t crumble and curl up into a ball if she left him and would instead simply get another woman and keep moving forward in his life. Ironically, this makes a woman stick by his side because she doesn’t want another woman to get to be with him. She wants him all for herself.

So, if your insecurities led to you behaving in a clingy, overly possessive way around your girl, then your neediness will have led to her feeling suffocated by you and turned off on a deep, instinctive level.

Why instinctive? Women are hard-wired to align themselves with a man who isn’t hiding from his true potential behind her and a relationship. We live in a challenging world and it takes a lot of confidence, drive, determination and social and emotional intelligence to succeed in most fields of modern life.

If a woman gets the sense that her man is emotionally weak and immature, she instinctively feels turned off because it feels like he is going to be a burden that she has to carry throughout life.

She can’t relax into being his girl and feeling safe that he has a plan and is moving forward in life with confidence and determination. Instead, she’s got herself a scared, insecure, needy guy who is clinging to her for emotional security and a sense of identity.

If you were insecure around your girl, she’s not going to believe that you’ve fixed that simply by saying a couple of quick lines to her. She’s going to need to see it by analysing your vibe, body language, attitude and how you’ve been taking action in life since the split.

2. Did you take her for granted?

Some guys make the mistake of taking a girl for granted once they’re in a steady relationship. They assume that once they’ve picked up a girl, had sex with her and heard her say, “I love you” then she’s pretty much his and she ain’t going anywhere.

Yet, that’s not how it works in today’s world.

In the past, a woman had to choose only one man, marry him, lose her virginity to him and then stick by him for life even if she wasn’t happy. In today’s world, a woman can break up or divorce any guy she wants.

If you want to be successful at keeping a relationship together with a girl in today’s world, you’ve got to be able to deepen her love, respect and attraction for you over time. If you don’t know how to do that, you need to learn from someone who does.

If you’ve taken your girl for granted, she’s probably heard you say many things before that have resulted in her giving you another chance and at this point, she’s probably sick and tired of empty promises.

Why should she believe you this time?

Why should she believe you this time?

Until you can show her that you are genuinely sorry for the way you behaved and that you are now a better man, words alone are going to be meaningless.

When you next interact with her, if she can tell that you really haven’t changed that much at all, she’s not going to believe you when you say that you understand where you’ve gone wrong and have now changed.

You need to be able to let her see significant changes to the way that you think, feel, behave and take action in life and around her.

3. Did you stop making her feel attracted to you?

These days, most guys grow up around a male role model who has the ability to teach them how to attract modern women.

As a result, a lot of guys seek to learn what it means to be a man by watching movies, listening to the latest lyrics of popular songs or watching TV shows.

If they can’t find the answers there, they attempt to seek advice from friends who usually aren’t very successful with women and simply get lucky with women, or worse – they try to get answers from women.

Yet, no matter where you turn, hardly anyone is ever going to explain how a woman’s attraction for a man really works. If you want to know, watch this video and I will explain it for you…

As you will discover from the video above, you actually have a lot of direct control over how a girl feels about you.

If you are actively saying and doing things around her that make her feel attracted to you, then she is naturally and automatically going to feel attracted to you.

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