When a man displays some of the behaviors, personality traits and inner that women naturally feel attracted to, women will find him sexually appealing and desirable.

For example: If a guy displays confidence, has a masculine vibe (rather than a neutral vibe) and is charming, women will find him to be sexually appealing.

This is a process that happens automatically, without the woman having to think about it or control, just like you will automatically feel attracted to the physical appearance of women.

Almost all women place much more importance on how a man’s personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities make them feel, which is why you will rarely women perving at men in the same way that men perve at women.

Willing to have sex with her just based on appearance

Women who do perve at men will either be drunk, just having a laugh together while pretending to act like guys, or they will be unattractive and hoping to catch the attention of an insecure good looking guy who will accept an unattractive woman.

However, the majority of women go through life in OFF mode in terms of their attraction for men.

Men perving at a woman

Men are able to instantly find a woman sexually appealing and want to have sex with her simply based on how she looks.

Yet, most women don’t feel the same readiness to have sex simply based on a man’s appearance.

It is only when a man interacts with a woman and displays some the personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities that naturally attract women, will she then switch into ON mode and feel properly attracted to him.

Here are 5 examples of personality traits and behaviors that women find sexually appealing in men, (whether the guy is approaching her for the first time, on a date with her or in a long term relationship or marriage).

1. Relaxed confidence

Relaxed confidence

Confidence is the easiest way for a man to make a woman feel sexually attracted to him.

However, you don’t need to go overboard with confidence and try to show off, be loud or brash.

The best type of confidence that attracts all kinds of women is relaxed confidence, where you are comfortable being yourself and are not putting on any kind of act.

A woman will find you to be sexually appealing if you can display relaxed confidence around her in social situations.

You can then deepen her feelings of sexual attraction for you by maintaining that confidence regardless of what happens, or what she says and does during the interaction (e.g. if she plays hard to get to test your confidence).

Most women will test a guy’s confidence to check if his confidence is only an act that he is putting on to hide his feelings of nervousness, self-doubt and insecurity.

A woman might test him by showing a lot of interest one moment, and then suddenly switch off and pretend that she’s not interested in him at all.

If he crumbles and doubts his sex appeal to her, she will know that he’s not really confident and will then lose interest in him.

Women don’t want to reward insecure guys with sex or a relationship, because they instinctively know that she would probably have to baby him and prop him up every time he felt bad about himself.

Women don’t want to feel like they need to be gentle with a guy because of his insecurities.

They want a ready-made man who believes in himself with or without her reassurances.

In a relationship, a woman will often test her man’s confidence by teasing him about his appearance or attractiveness (e.g. “You don’t look as good as you used to” or “Why do you wear those clothes?” or “Gross, you have a belly now” or “Your arms are skinny. Why don’t you go to the gym?”).

If he reacts by becoming insecure or angry, he will fail her test and she will start losing respect for him.

She will then begin to lose touch with her feelings of attraction for him and when that happens, she will begin to fall out of love with him.

Being confident in yourself no matter what is critical part of earning a woman’s respect.

When a woman respects you, she will find it 100x easier to feel attracted to you and she will feel excited, proud and happy to be in love with you.

Unfortunately, confidence is one of the biggest issues and problems that men face when it comes to approaching, dating and being in relationships with women these days.

In today’s world, a lot of guys (who have been brainwashed by the media) go through life believing that in order for a woman to find them sexually appealing, they have to be tall, handsome, have a great male model-like body, be a millionaire and live a celebrity-like lifestyle.

This puts a lot of men off approaching and talking to beautiful women because they simply don’t feel like they’re good enough.

Yet, what a lot of guys don’t realize is that if a man makes a woman feel attracted in other ways (e.g. by being confident, charismatic, charming), a woman will naturally begin to look at him in a more positive light.

Although a guy might not have the physical features of a typical male model, or be a millionaire, many women will still find him sexually appealing because of the way he is making her feel while interacting with her.

Not all women are open to feeling attracted in that way, but most women are (I’d estimate about 90% based on all the women I’ve picked up using my natural attraction methods).

The more confident you are in yourself and your ability to attract women with your personality, behavior and inner qualities, the more attractive you become to women.

How? Just like most men want the best looking woman, most women want the most confident guy.

The more confidence you have in yourself, the higher quality of women you will be able to attract, have sex with and get into a relationship with.

2. Masculine vibe

Masculine vibe

Another easy, natural way to trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction is to make her feel feminine in contrast to your masculinity.

For example: A woman will dress in a sexy dress or tight pants, will wear make up and will do her hair in a way that is flattering because she wants to appear feminine and sexy to men.

So, when she interacts with a man, she wants to be able to feel feminine and sexy in his presence. She doesn’t want him to act like a woman and say, “Oh, that’s a nice dress. What fabric is it?” or “Where did you buy that dress?” and be interested in the dress itself.

She wants a guy to have the confidence to be a man about it and look her up and down with relaxed confidence, smile and say to her, “Wow, look at you” or “Aren’t you a pretty picture?” or “I’ve seen some pretty women in my life, but you are one of the rare sexy women. I like it.”

Essentially, he just needs to be real and tell her that he finds her sexy, rather than lying to her and avoiding the topic by saying, “Oh, I love your hair” or “That’s a nice dress” or “You have nice eyes.”

Of course, making her feel feminine in comparison to your masculinity is more about how you use your body language and how you come across overall in terms of vibe, attitude and so on.

It’s much less about what you say and more about how your body language, attitude and vibe makes her feel when she interacts with you.

For example: If a guy is nervous and self-doubting when he first starts talking to a woman, she will feel more dominant and emotionally strong than him, which will make her feel a bit masculine around him.

She will instantly feel as though he is a guy who lacks the capacity to make her feel feminine and girly in his presence and as a result, she won’t be able to properly respect him or feel attracted to him.

On the other hand, if a guy approaches a woman and is confident and calm in the masculine role, she will automatically relax and feel free to be feminine and girly around him.

If he isn’t good looking, rich, tall or some kind of superstar, she will still feel attracted to him and will say/think something like, “There’s something about this guy…I like him…he’s sexy…he’s cute too.”

That “something about him” is the fact that she is feel attracted to his ability to make her feel feminine and girly in comparison to his energy, body language, tone of voice, etc.

So, if you want women to find you sexually appealing, make sure that you come across as being masculine, rather than suppressing your masculinity behind a nice guy act or being neutral because you are too lazy to be masculine.

3. Charm


Being charming essentially means that you trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction for you (e.g. be confident, charismatic, masculine) while also being nice to her.

Important: It’s not just about being nice.

You have to first make the woman feel sexually attracted to you and then also reward her with nice treatment, compliments and gentlemanly behavior.

Charm is attractive to a woman because not only does it make her feel good to be interacting with you, but it also allows her to feel respected.

She feels as though you not only find her attractive physically, but you also like her as a person and are interested in making her feel good.

However, you must get 100% clear on one important thing: Being nice does not mean that a guy is charming.

For example: If a nice guy is only ever polite during his conversation with a woman, doesn’t flirt with her and pretends that he just wants to be her friend, she isn’t going to say, “Wow! This guy is charming! I want to be his girlfriend” and will instead simply see him as another nice guy who is clueless about what find sexually appealing in men.

If another guy comes along and charms her (i.e. triggers her feelings of sexual attraction and also treats her nicely), she will hook up with him regardless of how much she liked the other guy.

If you want a woman to find you sexually appealing, you must (it’s not an option – it is a must) first trigger her feelings of sexual attraction for you and then, when you are nice to her, she will see you as being charming and open up to you sexually and romantically.

4. An Attractive Style of Humor

Attractive style of humor

Most guys have heard that women love men with a sense of humor, however, what most guys don’t realize is that all humor was not created equal.

For example: A guy who makes jokes or uses polite, “safe” humor does not make a woman feel sexually attracted to him.

She might be amused and she may even laugh, but it’s not the type of humor that turns her on.

On the other hand, the type of humor that is most sexually appealing to women is what I call, Playfully Arrogant Humor.

It doesn’t mean that a guy must be arrogant (in fact, being arrogant is a big turn off for most women), but it’s about being arrogant in a playful, not-so-serious way, which is both funny and exciting to women.

Here is an example of Playfully Arrogant Humor…

Imagine that you’re at a bar, with lots of attractive women around.

You go up to get yourself another drink and you and an attractive woman arrive at the counter at the same time.

Instead of just letting her go first (like every other nice guy would), you can say (with a naughty grin), “Okay, you can push in in front of me, but it’s going to cost you! That will be 3 beers, 5 B-52s and a Martini…”

See how it works?

You’re not being rude or arrogant to her, you are just teasing her in a playful way to show her that you’re not afraid of her and that you are there to have fun and relax.

That type of comment is not only funny to a woman, but it also makes her see you as sexually appealing because you have the balls to say something like that, while also being playful and positive about it.

You’re not being mean and you’re not actually expecting her to buy you the drinks; you’re simply showing her that you’re a confident, cool, fun guy who isn’t afraid of her and is willing to be playful like that.

She will then feel intrigued by the sudden attraction she feels for you and it opens up the lines of communication between you and her.

5. Authenticity


One of the best ways to attract women is to cut the BS and just be real.

If you like a woman, don’t be afraid to show her that when you talk to her by saying something like, “You’re sexy…I like you.”

Of course, you have to make her feel attracted to you first before saying something like that, otherwise she will laugh and see you as just another guy who is attracted to her, but who is clueless about how to make her feel attracted.

So, as long as you have made her feel attracted to you first, just be upfront and tell her that you find her sexy.

Don’t say that she looks nice or that you like her dress. Don’t BS like that. Tell her what you really think. Why?

Most women act like they are very confident about their physical appearance and attractiveness to men.

Yet, in reality most women are really quite insecure about it (e.g. the global survey conducted by Dove cosmetics found that 96% of women don’t consider themselves to be beautiful).

So, it’s always important to make a woman feel sexy and desirable when you’re interacting with her, even if you think she is so amazing and would never be insecure about her looks.

For example: If a guy doesn’t make it clear that he thinks a woman is sexy, she will be wondering, “Does he really feel attracted to me or is he just passing the time until he can find a woman more beautiful than me? Is he just trying to make himself feel good by getting me to like him?”

To make sure that he’s not just waiting for a better woman to come along, she will then begin to play hard to get to see if he will keep pursuing her.

This is where most guys screw things up for real.

The more uninterested she acts towards him, the more desperate he becomes to get her to like him and then she begins to think, “He’s so needy and insecure. Urgh!” and loses even more interest.

So, rather than waste time playing games and getting rejected by women who aren’t sure what your intentions are, just be authentic and let a woman know that you find her sexy.

The same also applies to women in relationships.

When a woman stops feeling like her man still finds her attractive, her natural instinct is to go in on herself and become closed off to showing affection or having sex.

For a woman to want to have sex, she first has to feel sexually attractive to the man, so making her feel sexy, appreciated and noticed is also an important part to keeping a relationship together.

Being Sexually Appealing to Women is Easy

The more ways that you can attract women with your personality, behavior and inner qualities, the more sexually appealing you will be.

When you have the ability to naturally attract women in that way, life becomes so much easier because you have your choice of women and you can keep a woman happy and attracted when in a relationship.

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