When a woman stares at you, it can mean many different things.

For example, it could mean that:

  • She finds you attractive and wants to make it clear, so you then approach her and start a conversation.
  •  She is just flirting with you and doesn’t care if you approach or not (e.g. she likes to get guy’s interested in her as she goes about her day).
  • You remind her of someone she knows.
  • She’s just randomly staring at you because she’s deep in thought or thinking about life.
  • You have something unusual about you, (e.g. a weird haircut, a tattoo, a shirt with an interesting slogan) that she’s interested in.
  • She likes your face/body/appearance/fashion sense so she’s looking at you, but she’s not necessarily interested in you.
  • She wants to see if you have the confidence to maintain eye contact with her, rather than looking away quickly like most guys do.
  • She wants to get random guys interested in her to make her female friends jealous that she is getting a lot of attention.
  • She feels compelled to stare at you, but she doesn’t really know why. She’s just doing it.

As you can see from the list above, trying to figure out exactly what is going on in a woman’s mind is usually a waste of time.

Even if a woman does like you, she won’t always show that by staring at you.

For example: Some women are shy, so even if she is really attracted to a guy, she might avoid looking at him in case they make eye contact.

If he approaches her, she might react by pretending not to be interested in him, even though she is secretly hoping he’ll sweep her off her feet.

Woman pretending to reject a guy to test his confidence

She will act as though she is shocked by his approach, but in almost all cases, she is simply testing his confidence and seeing if the guy will react by feeling rejected or trying to impress her even more.

Women like that need a confident guy will simply laugh and continue talking to her, because he knows that women often behave like that to test guys.

Some women are more forward and are not afraid to show their interest in a guy, so they will smile, stare of even wave at a guy from a distance.

Yet, those women are the minority.

The majority women won’t make it easy for a guy to know if she is interested or not, because a woman usually doesn’t want to attract insecure, shy guys who might approach her if she shows a little bit of interest.

So, she will often act as though she doesn’t even care to meet any guys and is perfectly happy on her own.

In that way, only the confident guys (or the drunk guys who will probably get rejected) will have the courage to approach her.

If she does decide to show some interest by staring at a guy, she will almost always make him confused by the signal, to make sure that she doesn’t attract an insecure, self-doubting guy.

For example: She might stare at him one minute and then ignore him the next.

When he then approaches, the woman will usually pretend as though she hadn’t even seen him and will act surprised that he approached her, because she instinctively wants to test his level of confidence and social intelligence.

If he remains confident and relaxed, she will then begin to open up to him and show additional signs of her interest in him (e.g. smiling, keeping the conversation going).

If he is then able to build on her attraction by displaying more of the personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities that women find naturally attractive (e.g. charisma, charm, humor) she will feel more attracted and interested in him.

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction works…

As you will discover from the video above, what really matters is how much or little attraction you can make a woman feel for you during an interaction.

If a woman stares at a guy and he walks over, begins to make her feel attracted to him and passes her confidence tests, she will let down her guard and open up to him.

On the other hand, if he seems nervous and unsure of himself, she will quickly lose interest in him.

Rejecting guy who lacks confidence

She won’t want to allow herself to get involved with a guy who will probably need her to support him emotionally in a relationship, or constantly try to encourage him to be more confidence in himself.

She will want a confident guy who believes in himself, so she can then relax into being his woman, rather than having to waste a lot of energy taking care of an insecure guy.

So, instead of worrying about what it means when a woman stares at you, focus instead on what you want from her.

For example: If you find her attractive and would like to have sex with her or date her, then simply focus on triggering her feelings of sexual attraction for you.

You are attracted to her, so you now need to make her attracted to you by displaying some of the personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities that naturally attract women (e.g. confidence, charisma, humor) when you interact with her.

Don’t expect her to be clear about her interest in you prior to the approach or during an interaction, because most women simply don’t want to make it easy for insecure guys to get a chance with them.

She needs you to believe in yourself and your ability to attract her and then approach and make that happen, with or without her reassurance.

You Might Be Surprised at What Really Makes Women Feel Attracted to Men

Quite often, when a guy notices that a woman is staring at him, he will begin to over-analyze it in his head because he knows that for most guys, when they stare at a woman, it clearly means they feel sexually attracted to her because of how she looks.

If she doesn’t do anything else but stare at him, he might start thinking, “Okay, she’s staring at me… maybe she likes me. I just don’t know for sure. What if I approach her and she isn’t really interested in me because I’m not good looking enough?”

Since he feels attracted to women based mostly on how they look, he assumes that women select men for the same reasons.

Yes, it is true that a woman can feel attracted to a man’s appearance and it’s also true that some women will only accept a good looking guy, but the majority of women are much more flexible with what they find attractive in a guy.

This is why you will see guys who aren’t good looking with beautiful women. Many guys will assume, “Oh, well he must have a big dick” or “He must be rich” because they don’t even know how a woman’s attraction for a man really works.

Watch this video to see what I mean…

As you will discover from the video above, most guys who fail with women don’t even know the real reason why women reject them or dump them.

Most guys never get taught how to attract women and waste their life thinking that, unless they are good looking or rich, beautiful women won’t want anything to do with them.

Yet, they are wrong.

What most guys don’t realize is that they have to CREATE feelings of attraction inside of a woman by interacting with her.

Yes, if a guy is very good looking, some women will be interested in him purely based on his looks, but that doesn’t mean that other guys can’t attract those women too.

If a guy isn’t good looking, he needs to accept the fact that if he wants to have sex or a relationship with a beautiful woman, he will need to attract her in other ways.

He can’t expect her to want him because he is wearing a nice shirt, is a good guy or has a good job. That isn’t how it works.

You’ve got to talk to the woman in person and make her feel sexually attracted to you by displaying some of the personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities that women naturally find attractive in men.

A man’s attraction for a woman is different to a woman’s attraction for a man.

Men immediately willing to have sex with a woman, even though they don't know anything about her personality, intelligence level, etc

For example: A man can feel attracted and willing to have sex and a relationship with a woman, regardless of whether she is nice, intelligent, or interesting to talk to.

If she looks good, almost all guys in the planet will be willing to stick it in her at least once and many of those guys will also be interested in a relationship.

On the other hand, a woman might stare at a guy and even think, “He’s cute…I think I might like him,” but in most instances, she’s not going to do anything about it.

She’s going to wait and see if he has the confidence to approach her and interact with her, or if he’s just another insecure guy who is afraid of women.

Only when she has interacted with him in person will she then make her decision about whether she will give him her number, have sex with him, or date him. Why?

Women can feel attracted to many different things about a man other than his appearance (e.g. his confidence, charisma, masculine vibe, humor, determination to succeed in life, ability to get along well with her and her friends).

A woman might be staring at a guy because she thinks he is good looking, but if she feels bored or turned off while interacting with him, she’s not going to want to have sex with him or date him just because he’s physically attractive.

Yes, some women will only date and have sex with very good looking guys, but the majority of women need to feel attracted to a man’s personality and behavior, rather than just mere looks.

So, when a woman stares at you, don’t waste time debating whether she really likes you or whether you’re good looking enough for her or not.

What her stare means really doesn’t matter when you have the confidence to approach her and make her feel attracted to you in other ways (e.g. make her laugh, make her feel girly in comparison to your masculinity, pass her confidence tests).

If you want her, then go and get her.

By triggering her feelings of sexual attraction she will become interested in you even if she initially thought she wasn’t, or that you weren’t her physical type.

If you’re not a very good looking guy, rather than stand around feeling insecure about it and hoping she’ll approach you, just walk over to her and let her experience your attractive personality traits during an interaction.

3 Steps to Get You Past the Staring Stage

If you are currently stuck about what to do to get from the staring stage to actually getting her to want to have sex or be your girlfriend, here’s what you need to do:

1. Approach her and make her feel attracted to you.

Stop waiting for women to make it extremely obvious that they are willing to be approached by you, before you will make your move.

Confidently walk up to her and focus on making her feel sexually attracted to during the interaction.

Don’t try and get her to like you by pretending to be an even nicer guy than you really are, because that will only make her think of you as a friend.

Simply focus on triggering her feelings of sexual attraction for you and the rest will follow naturally.

Attraction comes first and then everything else flows on naturally and easily after that.

If you need to build up some confidence to approach the kinds of women you find attractive, watch this video…

As you will discover from the video above, you are in control of how you use the power of your mind.

You can either use it to become and be confident, or to become more insecure and be that way for life.

2. Be a bit of a challenge.

It is fine to feel sexually attracted to a woman and even say, “You’re sexy…I like you,” but it is not fine to become so desperate to score with her that you stop expecting her to impress you further.

Women love guys who are a bit of challenge, because most guys are usually very easy to impress.

If a woman is attractive, most guys will have sex with her at least once and many of those guys will also be interested in a relationship…even if they don’t like her personality.

Women hate that.

So, rather than fall all over yourself to please her, hold back and allow your interest in her to rise and fall based on how well she is treating you.

Don’t reward her bad behavior by acting even more interested in her.

Have standards about what you like and dislike when interacting with women and then let her see (by way of your body language, vibe, conversation style) that you are losing or gaining interest in her based on how she interacts with you.

3. Don’t act like you want to be her friend, if you really want to be her lover.

Pretending that you only have friendly intentions with a woman is a mistake that can backfire.

While you are pretending to just want to be an innocent friend to her, you run the risk of some other guy coming along and triggering her feelings of sexual desire.

You’ve got to talk to her in a way that makes her feel turned on, as well as show her that you’re interested in her sexually by the way you look at her, or by telling her that you think she’s sexy.

If you act like a friend, that’s usually all you will end up being to her.

If you want sex or a relationship, focus on making her feel sexually attracted to you, not on trying to be an innocent friend.

It’s Your Move

You can sit around wondering, “What does it mean when a woman stares at you?” but the truth is that you’ll never know until you approach her.

Ultimately, her stare only means something if you want it to.

Just focus on making her feel sexually attracted and she’ll be yours.

It’s as simple as that.

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