I took some time off Youtube to develop a new health supplement brand for men called ModernX.

ModernX has a total of 16, unique health supplements for men that are manufactured in the USA and shipped within the USA and internationally.

Under each product at ModernX, you will find scientific proof for the effectiveness of each carefully selected ingredient.

For example: Have a look at the Max Man page. Scroll down and you will see scientific proof for the effectiveness of each ingredient.

I personally used Max Man to help me lose weight and get into shape at age 43.

Here’s the video where I introduce ModernX and explain how I lost weight and got into shape with the help of Max Man.

Here are the free videos I’ve uploaded so far on behalf of ModernX, to share my knowledge on new topics of information that I’ve studied and mastered:

What’s Next For Dan Bacon?

Now that ModernX is available and helping men across the world, I am back working on making new dating and relationship videos to help men via my Youtube channel.

I am also developing a new program about texting for The Modern Man, which will be released near the end of 2022.

I will be uploading many free videos to Youtube about how to attract women via text for dates and sex near the end of 2022 as well.

Update: As promised, I released my new program on the 31st of October, 2022.

It’s called Text Attraction and it’s the ultimate guide on how to attract women via text for dates, sex and relationships.

So, to all those who have been searching, “What happened to Dan Bacon?” don’t worry 😀 I haven’t gone anywhere, I didn’t die (some people were searching for Dan Bacon obituary when I was absent from Youtube for more than a year) and will continue to work on The Modern Man for decades to come 👍

Dan Bacon

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