Here are 6 examples of what can make an ex feel attracted to you again.

1. She Sees That You’ve Changed the Things About You That Were Turning Her Off

A woman doesn’t usually wake up one morning and think to herself, “Today is a lovely day. I think I’m going to break up with my boyfriend (fiancé or husband) now.”

Instead, she will usually think about it for a long time and even try to find reasons to stay, rather than give up on the love and relationship that they have been sharing together.

So, when a woman finally calls it quits, it’s usually because she has lost so much respect and attraction for her man that she just can’t imagine staying with him any longer.

Yet, what causes a woman to lose respect and attraction for a man to the point where she can’t stand being around him anymore?

Some of the causes can be that:

  • He became emotionally abusive (e.g. insulting, controlling, threatening).
  • He was too clingy (e.g. always needing her to reassure him of her love for him, being too emotionally sensitive, worried that she might one day like another guy and leave him).
  • He was insecure (e.g. about life, socializing, the relationship, his future).
  • He cheated on her.
  • He took her love for granted and expected her to stick around for life, even though he wasn’t treating her very well anymore or wasn’t making her feel appreciated.
  • He lacked purpose and direction in life (e.g. he wasted most of his time watching TV, playing video games, hanging out with his buddies or engaging in fairly pointless hobbies just so he didn’t have to make progress in real life by following through on his big dreams and ambitions).
  • He stopped trying to get along with her friends and family and maybe even tried to turn her against them.

The list goes on.

You would probably be fairly clear on how you stuffed things up with her now, but did were you aware of it during the relationship?

Maybe you were and if so, you took her love for granted and expected her to stick around and put up with it because things used to be so good between you and her at the start.

Yet, you can keep a relationship together for life simply based on good times at the start.

You’ve got to keep the love alive, rather than taking it for granted.

Over time, if a guy fails to pick up on his woman’s unhappiness and then change his ways, she will gradually lose respect and attraction for him.

When a woman doesn’t feel much respect or attraction for a guy, she will then start to disconnect from her feelings of love for him as well and when that happens, she will usually just break up with him and try to move on.

She won’t always want to break up with him, but she will feel like she has to because he just isn’t listening and he isn’t putting in the effort to fix his mistakes and become the man that she needs.

So, if you want to make your ex feel attracted to you again, you must start by fixing the things about yourself that were turning her off.

When she sees that you have changed, she won’t be able to stop herself from feeling attracted to you again, even if she tries to hide it or act like she’s not impressed.

When she feels a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you, she then starts to wonder, “Why do I miss him all of a sudden? Why am I thinking about him all the time?”

She can’t stop herself from feeling that because attraction is an automatic reaction that men and women have to each other when attractive traits are displaying.

From there you can build on that initial spark of attraction by showing her that things really are different now.

Another example of what makes an ex feel attracted to you again is…

2. Making Her Laugh and Smile When She Interacts With You

There’s a popular saying that goes like this, “Laughter is the best medicine” and in some cases, it’s true.

When you make your ex laugh and smile every time that she interacts with you from now on, you are helping to heal the pain, anger and resentment that she has been feeling towards you.

By making every interaction between you and her happy and enjoyable, you are actively sparking her feelings of respect and attraction for you and making the negatives of your relationship seem less important to her.

When that happens, she naturally feels drawn to you in a way that feels good to her.

So, rather than spend a lot of time going over what when wrong in the relationship when you’re interacting with your ex (which will only keep reminding her about the things that turned her off in the first place), just use that time to create new, happy memories in her mind by making her laugh and smile.

For example: If she asks you, “What have you been up to since we broke up?” you can jokingly say, “Oh, not much. I took a vow not to shower or bath until you talked to me again. Thank goodness we’re talking now. The neighbors have been complaining about the smell for days!”

She will most likely have a laugh with you about it. If she doesn’t, don’t worry; she will still feel respect and attraction for you for having the confidence and social intelligence to make a joke in a potentially tense moment like that.

When she laughs (or just smiles because she is playing hard to get), it takes her mind off the negative parts about her relationship with you and she starts to think of you as you are now, rather than who you were.

She then drops her guard and becomes more open to feeling positive emotions such as respect, attraction and love for you again.

3. She Sees That You Are Now Emotionally Independent, But You Still Love Her and Respect Her

A woman definitely wants to be loved and appreciated by her man, but in most cases, she doesn’t want to be his main reason for living or main source of happiness.

Some guys mistakenly think that to make a woman feel loved and appreciated, he has to make everything about her.

For example: A guy might give up all his hobbies and interests and stop hanging out with friends as a way of showing his woman how much she means to him.

He assumes that by showing her just how much he loves and needs her, she will be amazed at his dedication and will be loyal to him for him.

Yet, that’s not how it works.

When a man makes his woman his reason for living, he will eventually begin to behave in a clingy, needy, insecure way, especially if she starts becoming less affectionate or attentive (most women do that to test the guy’s confidence and to see if he has become clingy).

If the woman notices that he has become clingy and needs her constant love and attention to feel happy and confident, it will cause her to lose respect and attraction for him.

She will feel as though he isn’t an emotionally strong man and is only behaving that way because she is supporting him.

A woman wants to be with a man who is happy, confident and forward moving with or without her.

She doesn’t want to feel as though she has to keep propping him up, patting him on the back and encouraging him along to keep him happy, confident and forward moving.

So, if a guy became clingy, jealous or very insecure in the relationship and it lead to him being dumped, he has to now show her that he’s an emotionally independent, emotionally strong and emotionally masculine man now.

He can’t be the same old emotionally sensitive, self-doubting, insecure guy and expect her to want him back.

So, how can he become more emotionally independent?

Some examples are to:

  • Start taking real steps towards achieving his big goals and ambitions in life.
  • Take up a new hobby that includes other people (e.g. martial arts, dancing, a mixed sports team that plays volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, badminton. Alternatively, join a meet up group in his area that catches up once a week to do something together, such as hiking, discussing philosophy, exercise, mountain biking).
  • Hang out with old friends again, or make new friends.

When you focus on becoming genuinely happy and independent in your own life, not only are you helping to take your mind off what happened between you and your ex, but you are also becoming more attractive to your ex and to women in general.

The next time you interact with your ex, she will see that you’re not the same guy she broke up with and have become a more balanced man, rather than being so focused on her.

This will make her begin to feel some respect and attraction for you again.

4. You Make Her Feel Attracted in New Ways

One of the best ways to make an ex feel attracted to you again is to show her you have moved beyond the level that you were at when she broke up with you.

For example: If your ex broke up with you because you weren’t ambitious and were procrastinating in life, you need to show her that you are now starting to make progress towards your goals.

You don’t have to achieve everything right away for her to feel attracted to you again; you just need to start making progress in the direction of your big goals and dreams in life.

She will then see that you’re not stuck in a rut like before, which will make her feel respect for you for manning up and having the courage to change and improve.

Another example is if you were insecure and too emotionally sensitive in the relationship.

In that case, you need to be able to show her that you are now more confident than ever.

You are calm, confident and relaxed and you don’t get upset, angry or hurt when she tests you by doing things like pretending to be interested one minute and then ignoring you the next.

You are emotionally strong now and handle things differently to how she remembers you in the past.

5. She Feels Jealous Because You’re Dating a New Woman

Sometimes, a woman might see her ex out at a club kissing, hugging and having fun with another woman, or she might see pictures of him and his new girlfriend on social media.

She might then say to herself, “Wow, other women like him now. I don’t like seeing him with other women like this because it makes me miss him. I think I made a big mistake by breaking up with him. I’ve got to get him back.”

Suddenly, the idea of losing a guy that is appealing to other women makes her feel attracted to him again, and she might then text him or call her ex in an attempt to get him back.

Warning: If a guy is only pretending to be having fun and dating other women just to make his ex jealous, he stands a big chance of getting caught out in a lie that can backfire and cause her to lose even more respect and attraction for him.

For example: Over the course of a week, she sees photos of him on social media hanging out with a girl and even hugging her.

She then calls him and says, “I’ve been seeing photos of you with your new girl on Facebook. How could you move on so quickly?!! I still love you and you already have a new girlfriend? Did you ever love me?”

If he then says, “No, she isn’t my girlfriend. We’re just friends. I don’t want any other woman, I just want you” she will then know that he was trying to make her jealous to get her back.

She may then decide to get revenge on him by blocking him on social media or by hooking up with a new guy just to make him feel bad.

However, I have heard of many cases when this tactic has worked.

It works best when you are genuinely beginning to move on without her and if she confronts you about it, you just be honest and say, “Yes, it’s true. I still love you, but you don’t want to be with me, so I’m just moving on.”

She then realizes that it was her fault for pushing you away.

Even though she is throwing a tantrum and getting angry, she is attracted to you and wants you back.

Women are more attracted to guys who other women want. It’s just how it works.

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6. She’s Dated Other Guys and Discovered That You Are a Better Catch Than They Are

Occasionally, when a couple is young or has little or no experience with relationships, they might fall into a rut and feel like the relationship has to end because it has become a little boring.

For example: They might behave more like friends around each other, or the guy might be too inexperienced to give the woman the attraction experience that she really wants (e.g. she wants him to be more manly, but he’s too emotionally sensitive and is a bit of a pushover with her).

She might then decide to break up with him and choose to date other guys, in the hopes that some other guy can make her feel the way she wants to feel in a relationship.

However, she may then realize that although other guys fill certain emotional gaps that were missing in her relationship with her ex, most of them have issues of their own and that her ex was actually more attractive to her than she initially thought.

If she then interacts with her ex and he stands out by behaving in ways that are attractive to her (e.g. he is more emotionally mature and confident now, he makes her laugh and flirts with her, he’s charming and charismatic), she will naturally regret breaking up with him and will want him back.

Remember: It’s Who You Are as a Man That Matters to Her Most

As you can see from the examples above, there are many different ways to make an ex feel attracted to you again.

However, where some guys go wrong is by trying to attract an ex back with superficial things like clothes, hairstyle, body shape and shoes.

For example: A guy might say to himself, “I have to re-spark my ex’s feelings of attraction to get her back, but I won’t be able to achieve that if I look like my old self, so I’ll have to get myself a makeover. I need to change update my wardrobe, go to the gym and build some muscles. Then, when she sees me again she won’t be able to stop herself from feeling attracted to the new me.”

Yet, here’s the thing…

Although those things can make a nice superficial impression and even make a woman say something like, “Oh, you’re looking good. Have you been working out?” if how you interact with her doesn’t make her feel attracted (e.g. you lack confidence around her, you’re still making the same old communication mistakes when talking to her), then the new clothes, shoes and muscles will quickly lose their appeal.

To make and ex feel attracted to you again, you have to turn her on with the deeper traits of confidence, masculinity (how you think, behave, talk) and emotional maturity, rather than hoping to get her back with a new pair of shoes, a nice hair cut, or big biceps and a six-pack.

Essentially, a woman’s attraction to a man is mostly based on how he makes her feel.

For example:

  • Does she feel feminine and girly in his presence, or does she feel neutral around him or more like his friend or big sister?
  • Does she look up to him and respect him, or does she feel like she has to guide him and teach him how to be the man she needs him to be?
  • Is he confident and emotionally strong, or is he secretly insecure and still dealing with a lot of emotional issues that he can’t seem to shake?

These things are much more important to most women than a guy’s physical appearance.

Of course, there are some women who are attracted to the superficial things in men (e.g. his looks, money, status), but most women are more attracted to a man’s behavior and inner qualities and how that makes her feel when she’s with him.

So, if you’re serious about making your ex feel attracted to you again, don’t waste a lot of time trying to change your physical appearance.

Naturally, there’s nothing wrong with looking the best you can, but your main focus needs to be on making some changes and improvements to the way you are talking to her and interacting with her.

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