It depends.

If you genuinely didn’t do anything wrong, then yes – she will eventually realize her mistake and regret it, but by then it might be years from now.

If you did do something wrong that you don’t know of (e.g. she wanted you to be more manly, but didn’t tell you that and broke up with you saying, “I just don’t feel the same way anymore” and didn’t tell you the real reason), then she’s not going to regret it.

Instead, she’s likely just going to be thinking, “My life is so much better now. I know that I made the right decision when I broke up with my ex because he had no clue what I really wanted and is most likely still the same.”

To make your ex forgive you and realize her mistake, you’ve got to understand what truly caused her to break up with you.

For example:

  • Did you give her the kind of attraction experience that she secretly wanted in her relationship with you (e.g. she have might wanted you to be more determined and driven, rather than focusing all your attention on her, or she might have wanted you to be more ballsy, rather than being too nice or a pushover)?
  • Did you become insecure and turn her off (e.g. regularly asking her to reassure you that she loved you and wouldn’t leave you, or feeling very jealous when she did something without you, or even just looked at another guy)?
  • Did you guide her into deeper feelings of love over time, or did you let the love fade away?

When you understand where you really went wrong, you can then focus on changing the things that will truly matter to her.

So, if your ex is currently pushing you away and saying things like, “Look, you’ve got to face it… I’m not going to change my mind about us. It’s over,” it simply means that the way you’re coming across to her now, is still making her feel the same way she felt when she broke up with you.

Basically, nothing about your behavior now is making her feel that you’ve changed, or even that you know how to change.

So, if you want your ex to forgive you and realize her mistake, you have to show her that you’ve moved past the level you were at when she broke up with you.

When you make some changes and improvements to the way you are talking to her and interacting with her (e.g. you’re more confident, emotionally strong, self-assured and driven now), it sparks her feelings for you again.

Creating a spark via text

She then begins to feel some respect and attraction for the new you and wonders if she made a mistake by leaving you.

When that thought process begins in her mind, then it becomes possible to get her to forgive you because she is now feeling more open towards you and the possibility of giving the relationship another chance.

However, if you just carry on being the same guy and making the same old mistakes that you made before the break up with her (e.g. being insecure, having no real plan for your life or not following through on your big plans, letting her push you around) she will just keep saying, “Sorry, I can’t forgive you. You need to accept that we’re through.”

3 Mistakes to Avoid if You Want Her to Forgive You

If you want your ex to forgive you and realize her mistake, you have to actively get her to reconnect with the positive feelings she has for you (e.g. respect, love, attraction, affection), and make her stop thinking of you in a negative way.

You can only do that if you’re saying and doing the types of things that are going to build on her feelings of love, respect and attraction, rather than saying and doing the types of things that were turning her off in the past, or that have been turning her off since she broke up with you.

So, with that in mind, here are 3 common mistakes to avoid making at this point of the ex back process:

1. Remember: Waiting around for a woman for months or even years usually results in a man losing confidence in his attractiveness to women.

Wasting time waiting for ex to shown signs of interest

Going through a serious break up can really dent a man’s confidence and self-esteem.

Sometimes, a guy might wait around for months or years for his ex to forgive him and realize her mistake, but when she doesn’t come back, or even make an effort to contact him, he may begin to doubt his attractiveness as a man.

For example: He might say to himself, “Why hasn’t she contacted me and asked to get back together? What am I going to do now? Remain single and alone? I will never be able to get myself another beautiful woman like her. If my ex won’t forgive me and take me back, what are the chances of me starting over with another woman? Most women these days aren’t interested in ordinary guys like me. They’re after good-looking guys with big muscles and lots of money. I just can’t compete with that. I’m going to end up single and lonely for the rest of my life. Maybe I just need to wait a little longer…hopefully she will realize her mistake and contact me.”

Yet, here’s the thing…

In most cases, a guy’s looks, muscles or clothes are not as attractive to a woman as his ability to attract her emotionally.

For example:

  • Is he emotionally strong, confident and self-assured, or is he insecure, self-doubting and fearful?
  • Can she look up to him, respect him and feel proud to call him her man, or does she look down on him and feel embarrassed by him?
  • Is he more masculine than her in the way he thinks, feels, behaves and takes action in life, or does she feel like more of “the man” or like a neutral friend around him?
  • Can he lead the way and be a dominant man while also being loving and respectful towards her, or does he let her push him around and dominate him?
  • Is he a man who is rising through the levels of life and reaching for his true potential, or is he hiding behind her and the relationship?
  • Does she feel loved, respected, appreciated and taken care of, or does she feel taken for granted?

These are the kinds of things that a woman looks for and finds most attractive in a man.

So, don’t waste a lot of time sitting around putting yourself down because your ex hasn’t contacted you yet.

You can re-attract her and you can attract other women.

Watch this video for some examples of how to attract your ex…

If you want her back, just make sure that you focus on truly understanding what really turned your ex off about you and then begin fixing those things about yourself.

For example: A woman might have broken up with a guy because he was too insecure and self-doubting.

If he tries to get her back, or tries to get a new woman without fixing that first, he will just keep getting rejected or dumped.

He might then say, “See! I was right! Women just don’t go for ordinary guys like me. I’m not attractive and that’s why I’m all alone. I am doomed to be single and lonely for the rest of my life. Women are too picky and I’m just not good enough. I’ll never be good enough. There’s nothing I can do about this.”

On the other hand, if he makes some adjustments to his thinking and behavior (e.g. becomes more confident and emotionally strong), not only will he begin to attract new beautiful women, but he will also become more attractive to his ex.

She will be able to see for herself that he has really changed and is now the type of guy she can look up to and respect.

When that happens, she will naturally want to forgive him.

2. Don’t develop a fear of getting into another relationship because you are worried you’ll just get dumped again.

Right now, the idea of getting into another relationship might fill you with dread, emotional pain and a sick feeling in your stomach.

You might even be thinking, “Once bitten, twice shy. There’s no way I’m going to let another woman get that close to me, become a huge part of my life and then leave me. I’m not going to put myself through that again.”

Yet, you will never be truly happy as a man until you can accept that you can improve and life can get better.

Your past mistakes don’t need to define you. Instead, just use them to make you stronger.

Just because you messed up with her in the past, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to mess up the relationship when you get her back.

You can do better this time.

You have learned from the experience and become a better man, right?

If not, just get started on that.

For example: Imagine that a guy got broken up with by his woman because he lacked purpose and direction in life.

He usually just around watching TV, drinking, hanging out with his buddies or playing videos games and avoiding making progress in life in his spare time.

So, his woman eventually got sick and tired of the lack of progress and how unsafe she felt with him when she imagined their future together, so she dumped him.

However, after the break up, he realized his mistake and went about setting some big goals for his life and then started actively working towards achieving them.

He doesn’t have to have already achieved the goals to be able to impress his ex, but he does need to at least make some initial progress so she can see that he is for real.

Another example is where a guy got broken up with because he was too insecure and self-doubting.

After the break up, he focuses on becoming a more emotionally strong and confident man.

Then, when he interacts with his ex and she tests him (e.g. giving mixed signals, not laughing at his jokes, being distant), he remains confident and doesn’t get insecure or nervous like he used to.

She then automatically feels a renewed sense of respect and attraction for the new and improved version of him.

By the way…

If a guy makes those changes to himself after the break up and then interacts with new women, they are going to be interested in him and the relationship is going to be so much better because he’s at a different level as a man now.

He’s not the insecure or unmotivated guy that he used to be, so a woman isn’t going to want to leave him.

Women know how difficult it is to find an emotionally strong, driven guy who is also a good guy, so if he’s a good guy, women just aren’t going to want to get rid of him.

As you can see, stopping yourself from having another relationship because you’re afraid of being hurt, betrayed and dumped again is a waste of time.

When you focus on improving yourself as a man, you will naturally begin to attract women and enjoy your choice of women.

If you want to get your ex back that is fine, but if you don’t, just know that it is possible for you to have your choice of women.

3. Don’t miss out on opportunities to be with other women because you are worried that she will be mad if she finds out.

Getting used to being the lonely, single guy

A guy might sometimes decide that he’s not going to interact with or date another woman, in case his ex finds out and believes that he’s over her.

This is one of the most common mistakes that I see guys make because they don’t realize the way that a woman’s attraction works.

Women are more attracted to guys who other women find attractive.

It’s just how it works.

Most guys don’t realize that and worry that if they date other women while waiting for her, she will explode with anger, feel betrayed and never, ever want to get back together with him again.

Yet, although it’s true that many women will get very angry when they find out, it’s also true that it makes her feel so much more attracted to her ex because a woman’s attraction works differently to a man’s.

Guys who don’t understand how a woman’s attraction works might say to themselves, “I don’t want my ex to realize her mistake and decide to forgive me, only for her to find out that I’ve been seeing other women while we were apart. She will think that I never loved her and that I’m untrustworthy and then she’ll never want to be with me again. Dating other women will just make her mad at me again and this time around she’ll never take me back. I know what she’s like. She used to hate it when other women showed me interest. I need to show her that she’s the one for me, so I’m going to just wait for her even if she sleeps with other guys during that time. When she realizes how much she means to me and that I can’t move on because of her, she will realize that I am the one for her, forgive me and take me back.”

Yet, that’s not how it works…

Women aren’t attracted to guys who are afraid of them and what they might think.

Making a woman your sole purpose for living, being emotionally dependent on her and trying to suck up to her by remaining single and alone is one of the fastest ways to lose her respect and turn her off.

So, don’t stop yourself from meeting other women just to impress your ex.

If you are single, lonely and feeling depressed and lost without her, you’re actually making yourself less attractive to her.

Women feel attracted to good, loving men who go after what they want in life and don’t put up with BS.

If she is currently saying, “I need more time” or, “I’m not sure” and has been saying that for months, then you can almost guarantee that she will say something like this to you soon, “Umm…there’s something I have to tell you. I’ve met someone else. Sorry. We’re in love, we’re moving in together and he has asked me to tell you to stop contacting me. So, please respect our wishes and stop contacting me.”

That kind of message sucks, especially for the kind of honest, good men who wait around being loyal to a woman who just isn’t going to be loyal back.

So, if you have been waiting for her to make up her mind for a long time, don’t waste anymore time.

Make her feel the pain of losing an amazing man like you by hooking up with some new women.

That doesn’t mean you have to go out and date a new woman every night.

Instead, it simply means you should start to move on, so she feels the pain of losing you and then realizes her mistake, forgives you and takes you back.

By the way…

If you don’t want to be with any other women, I have an alternative technique that you can use to get her back where you get her back without ever having to hug, kiss or sleep with another woman.

I teach that technique in my program, Get Your Ex Back Super System

When You Change How She Feels, She Will Want to Forgive You

Make her feel attracted to the new and improved you

If your ex is currently saying things like, “Forget it. I can’t forgive you. It’s over between us,” it simply means that your current approach has been convincing her that anything about you has really changed.

You’re still the same guy that was turning her off and you haven’t yet figured out how to make her feel differently about you.

Don’t worry – you can change that.

If you want her back, you have to start actively make her have feelings for the new and improved you.

When you do that, she will then become open to forgiving your past mistakes and will begin to enjoy how she feels around the new you.

How strong her feelings are for you is pretty much within your control from now on.

It all comes down to what you say and do when you interact with her.

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