1. Display confidence

If a woman doesn’t feel sexually attracted to you, she won’t want to be your girlfriend. She might want to be your friend, but without sexual attraction she won’t have much or any desire to be your girlfriend in a sexual relationship.

Sexual attraction is what makes her want to have sex with you now, which then makes her think about wanting to be your girlfriend. Being nice to her, being a friend and just hanging around her might make her like you as a person, but it usually won’t make her want to be in a sexual relationship with you.

If you want a girl to be your girlfriend, you must focus on making her feel sexually attracted to you.

Luckily, that is a very simple thing to do…

You can make a woman feel sexually attracted to you by displaying confidence around her and in social situations. You can then deepen her feelings of attraction for you by remaining confident around her at all times, no matter what she says or does to test your confidence (e.g. she plays hard to get).

Having that type of confidence really turns a woman on, in the same way that we men get turned on when a woman wears a sexy dress. We men are mostly attracted to the physical attributes of women and women are most attracted to our personality traits and emotional strength as a guy. We are lucky that we can attract women in so many different ways. You can have so much power with women when you know how to attract them.

Confidence is a pretty simple thing to have too. It’s essentially about you having belief in yourself and your abilities, which is something that you can decide to have or not. Some guys decide to believe in themselves, while other guys decide to doubt themselves.

Here’s how the dictionary describes confidence and insecurity (the opposite of confidence):

Confidence (noun): Belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance.
Insecurity (noun): Lack of confidence or assurance; self-doubt.

As you can see, insecurity is the opposite of confidence. Confidence is based on your belief in yourself and your abilities, which is something that you can decide to have or not.

Women are naturally attracted to a guy’s confidence and the more confident you are with her, the more she will want to be your girlfriend. However, if you are insecure around a woman (e.g. you doubt yourself, you get nervous around her, etc), it will turn her off on a deep level and she will only want to be friends (or nothing at all) with you.

Why do women feel attracted to a man’s confidence rather than his insecurity? Why isn’t insecurity and weakness attractive to women? We humans live in a challenging and often dangerous world, where the weak don’t always do so well. As a result, women are naturally attracted the strength in men (e.g. confidence) and turned off by the weakness (e.g. nervousness, anxiety, insecurity).

Attracting women is actually a lot easier than most guys think. At The Modern Man, we teach more than 100 ways to naturally attract women…and confidence is just one of those ways.

2. Create an unforgettable connection

If all you can manage is 1-2 minutes of conversation with a woman before running out of things to say, or before things get awkward and she loses interest in you, then you will struggle to get yourself a girlfriend.

To have the highest chance of getting a girlfriend, you need to be able to talk to a woman for 10-30 minutes so you can create a meaningful connection. Anything less than that and most women simply won’t have enough time to get to know you, feel turned on by you and begin developing real feelings for you. Sometimes, you will instantly click with a woman and even kiss her within minutes of meeting her, but in most cases you will have to talk to her for a short while to create a real connection.

Conversation is what allows a man and a woman to be in each other’s presence for long enough for all the other communication to take place. The other communication is about your sexual, emotional, social and intellectual compatibility with each other. If you can’t keep a conversation going long enough to communicate those things, most women will simply lose interest and then forget about you after the conversation is over.

Guys who struggle to get a girlfriend are those who mostly engage women in boring conversations (e.g. “What’s your name? What do you do for a living? What did you study? How long have you been working there? Where do you live? How long have you lived there?”) and then wonder why they can’t find any women who really connect with them.

To get a girlfriend, you have to create feelings of sexual, emotional, social and intellectual connection between you during the conversation (don’t worry – it’s easy). When you create those feelings, intense lust and love will rapidly develop between you. You will both feel like you “click” with each other and that you are meant for each other. Both of you will also feel excited and eager to kiss, have sex and begin a relationship as soon as possible. It’s really cool how it works.

Some guys grow up and have a natural ability to talk to women in the way that I teach here at The Modern Man, but the majority of guys don’t. A man who doesn’t understand that a different conversation style is required when a man and a woman are getting to know each other with the intention of having sex or beginning a sexual relationship, will always find it difficult to get himself a girlfriend. To him, women will seem confusing and weird. He will feel confused about what he should be saying to them and when a woman suddenly loses interest in him during a conversation, he will have absolutely no idea why.

3. Use an attractive style of humor

No doubt you’ve already heard that women love a funny guy, right? Sure, it’s pretty common knowledge. However, what most guys don’t know is that not all humor is created equal. Most humor does not make a woman feel sexually attracted to a guy. It’s only a certain type of humor that turns a woman on.

Using polite, soft or politically correct humor or making jokes about everyday things isn’t sexually attractive to women. The most attractive type of humor is what I call Playfully Arrogant Humor, which I provide approximately 100 personally tested examples of in my book The Flow.

Playfully Arrogant Humor is not about actually being arrogant. It’s about pretending to be arrogant in a playful way and that is what women find so funny, exciting and enjoyable. As it turns out, this is the type of humor that all of the James Bond (007) characters use. It’ is also the type of humor that TV talk show hosts like Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman and Ellen Degeneres use.

What should that tell you?

It is a great style of humor to use! Playfully Arrogant Humor is the type of humor that makes the majority of people like you. The TV talk show hosts use it because it’s the type of humor that makes the majority of people LOVE watching their show. They don’t sit there being very polite and reserved the whole time; they use what I call, Playfully Arrogant Humor and people love it.

Playfully arrogant humor

The typical effect of using Playfully Arrogant Humor on a woman. She is initially a bit shocked, but she then smiles and enjoys it. Using this type of humor naturally attracts women because it displays confidence, social intelligence and masculinity all at once.

Real arrogance makes most people hate you, but playful arrogance makes most people really like you. When you use Playfully Arrogant Humor while interacting with women, they feel sexually attracted, excited and lucky to be interacting with a cool guy like you. It’s really quite simple to do and when you begin using it in your interactions with women, you will notice that most guys (at least 80%) don’t even know about it. They will look on and wonder why women get so excited, happy and attracted in your presence, but they won’t be able to work it out.

Most guys go through life only knowing that “women love a funny guy,” but that’s where their wisdom on the matter ends. Mistakenly, many guys try to “crack jokes” and try extra hard to make women laugh, but women still aren’t interested in them. They then wonder if women really do like funny guys or not, or possibly begin worrying that they might not be good looking enough, tall enough, etc to be of interest to women. Yet, in reality, they just aren’t using the type of humor that attracts women. It’s as simple as that.

If you’d like instant access to my best examples of Playfully Arrogant Humor that make women laugh out loud and want to have sex with you and be your girlfriend, I recommend that check out my book, The Flow. In case you don’t know about my background, I’ve used my techniques (that I teach in The Flow) to have sex with more than 250 women and I now have an amazing girlfriend. In other words, my techniques work!

4. Flirt with her to create a sexual vibe

Flirting is the discreet language that men and women use to communicate their sexual interest in each other. It’s a safe, discreet way of building sexual tension and expressing sexual interest, without being sleazy or directly saying, “Hey, I want to have sex with you. Do you want to have sex with me?”

Flirting (verb): Behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for fun rather than with serious intentions.

Flirting is a classy, discreet and exciting way for both men and women to instantly express their sexual interest in each other. Women love to flirt and they feel most comfortable expressing their sexual interest in that way. Most guys (approximately 80%) don’t know how to flirt, so when you flirt with a woman you will notice that she becomes very excited to finally be in the presence of a man who actually knows how to flirt. Flirting literally separates you from the crowd and marks you out as a guy who would be fun to be in a relationship with.

Some guys look at flirting as useless, pointless “mind games” for silly people, so they refuse to even think about it as a way of communicating with women. Instead of using flirting to communicate their sexual interest in the way that women want it to be expressed, these guys just want to come out and say, “Hey, I like you. Do you want to be my girlfriend or not?”

That type of direct, non-flirtatious communication makes sense to us men because we are very straightforward and logical. If we like a girl, it makes total sense for us to say, “Hey, I like you. Let’s start a relationship.” However, that is not the style of communication that excites a woman and makes her want to be your girlfriend. She wants you to flirt with her and make the escalation to kissing, sex and a relationship feel exciting, rather than making her feel as though she has been selected for a new job as your girlfriend.

Flirting is not a bunch of pointless mind games for silly people; it is the language of sexual love between a man and a woman. Without flirting, interactions will seem awkward and talking to a woman for longer than 5 minutes will get boring. You have to flirt if you want women to be excited to talk to you and get to know you.

Most men are happy to have sex with a woman the moment they see her, whereas women like to be turned on and guided through a sexual courtship. Flirting is one of the most important skills that you need to have if you want to get yourself a girlfriend because it turns women on in the way they want to be turned on. Flirting is also essential to keep the spark alive in your relationship. It’s the language of sexual love between a man and a woman and if you want to be truly successful with women, you must not ignore it.

If you are interested to learn, I provide loads of tested, proven to work examples of flirting in my book The Flow. Use them and you will instantly stand out from other guys. She will feel excited, happy and turned on while interacting with you.

5. Escalate to kissing and sex when the moment calls for it

If you only ever talk to women, but don’t escalate the interaction to the next level (e.g. phone number, kiss, date, sex and then relationship), you will find it difficult, if not impossible to get a girlfriend. Almost all women wait for the guy to make the first move and if he doesn’t, she almost always rather miss out on being with him than have to make the first move herself. Instead, she will simply wait for a more confident guy to come along who is man enough to make a move and begin kissing her.

Many guys really do want to be able to escalate to a kiss or phone number with a girl they like, but they either lack the confidence or make the move in the wrong way and end up getting rejected.

To escalate to a kiss, phone number or sex with a woman, there are certain things that you need to say and do at the right times to avoid rejection. Most guys escalate with women at the wrong times or say the wrong things before making a move, which causes them to get rejected.

However, there are guys (like me) who can effortlessly escalate to the next level with a woman without getting rejected. They know what to say and do and more importantly, when to say and do those things. To them, escalating to a kiss, phone number, sex or date is as simple as walking or talking. Getting a girlfriend isn’t difficult at all and they always have plenty of women interested. When in a relationship, there are always women waiting on the sidelines for him to break up with current girlfriend so they can get a chance to be with him.

If you lack confidence in yourself around women or need help with the necessary skills (e.g. conversation, flirting, etc) to get yourself a girlfriend, then let me help you. I’ve already helped 1,000s of guys to instantly get a girlfriend and I would love to help you too. It really is very simple when you know what I know about women and attraction.

Honestly, it’s so easy that you will kick yourself for not learning this stuff earlier.

Below, you will find the programs that guarantee you will get a girlfriend. Not maybe, but absolutely guaranteed. If you are a good guy, then you deserve to get yourself a girlfriend and I am ready to help you make that happen today.


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It really is very easy and natural to get women attracted to you and wanting to be your girlfriend. I hope that you take the next step to let me help you have your choice with women so you can choose the perfect girl for you.

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