Women are definitely impressed by a man who can engage them in an interesting two-way conversation that allows them to feel a wide variety of exciting and desirable emotions.

Yet, a good conversation isn’t all about the words. A big part of having a great conversation with a woman that makes her feel attracted to you, is to include flirting. Watch this video for some examples of how to use flirting during a conversation with a woman.

Most of the Communication Between You and Her is Non-Verbal

Non-verbal communication examples

While it’s true that words are a critical part of a conversation, there is an incredible amount of non-verbal communication that goes on between you and a woman as well. To be successful at attracting women when you talk to them, you also need to know:

  1. What to say and what not to say.
  2. How to keep a conversation going and keep it interesting.
  3. How to attract a woman in many different ways during the conversation.
  4. How to use tonality to show your sexual interest in her, make the simplest line sound funny, attract her and connect with her on a deeper level, etc.
  5. How to use body language to get your message across without using words, show your sexual interest in her, make the simplest bit of conversation seem funny, attract her and connect with her on a deeper level, etc.

Learning what to say to make women feel attracted to you is important, but make sure that you also learn what personality traits and behaviors make women feel attracted to a guy. When you can attract women with your conversation style and your personality and behavior, you will find it too easy to attract and pick up women.

Women rarely come across guys who know how to turn them on with both their conversation style and personality and behavior. When you do it, you will literally see a woman’s face light up with excitement and she will make it incredibly easy to pick her up.

About the Classic Statistics on Body Language

Way back in the 1970s, research carried out by Albert Mehrabian concluded that body language accounted for a massive 55% of communication, with the spoken word accounting for only 7% and the tone of voice accounting for the remaining 38%.

You’ve probably heard that (or similar statistics) before, right? What you may not know is that Mehrabian’s studies focused specifically on what makes a person like or dislike someone based on their communication style.

While he didn’t offer any advice on body language, Mehrabian concluded that even if a person could keep a conversation going, they would experience problems making friends or attracting someone if they were unaware of how to use body language to gain a positive response.

Unfortunately, most guys don’t know that there are many things about their body language and tonality, which automatically cause many people to dislike them. As they go through life, they wonder why women are so difficult and why alpha males are often so mean to them.

Yet, these people are merely responding to the communication (the “body talk”) he is sending out.

Turned off by a guy's body language and vibe

For instance, if a woman talks to a guy who, via his body language and tonality, appears wimpy, nervous, hesitant or lacking in self-esteem, she will naturally feel turned off by him because women are naturally attracted to confident men.

Attraction is an instinctive response that happens very quickly, so if you cause women to instinctively feel turned off by you, it doesn’t matter what you say next – she’s not going to be interested.

Likewise, if a mean-spirited alpha male notices that a guy is fearful of him, he may use that knowledge to pick on him, make him the butt of jokes in front of others, manipulate him or cause him harm in some way.

Body Talk: You Can’t Turn it Off

Can't turn off body language

Body language is something you are already using in everyday life without having to be consciously aware of it. The posture and body movements that you use, all “speak” for you without you having to utter a word. Your body talk isn’t something that you can turn off, but it is something you can improve.

“I speak two languages. Body and English” Mae West, actress

Body Talk: Use it Wisely

The first step in correcting your body talk is to ensure that you are “saying” what you really want to say. Some guys come across as awkward, creepy or sleazy simply by making small errors with their body language. No matter how many “funny lines” they learn to say to women, they are turning women off at a more fundamental and important level that cannot be overridden by hours in a conversation.

Here are some common examples of body language and how it “speaks” for you:

Head movements: Some guys make the mistake of nodding too much during a conversation with a woman, signaling their desperation and incredible excitement at the opportunity of being able to talk to a woman. However, other guys make the mistake of not moving their head much at all, signaling a fear to express themselves. Women can also perceive a lack of nodding or head movement to mean that the guy isn’t interested or isn’t interesting.

Facial expressions: A smile, frown, or “look” on your face can speak volumes about you. Are you relaxed about the idea of making eye contact with her, or does your facial expression show that you’re feeling nervous inside?

Do you maintain a straight, plan, polite, friendly type of facial expression when talking to a woman that you find attractive, or are you one of the cool, confident guys who aren’t afraid to be sexual, playful or very masculine with your facial expressions at times?

Shoulder movements: The angle and positioning of your shoulders can say a lot about your emotional state and confidence.

For instance, picture a man sitting at a dinner table with people he isn’t very familiar with. His shoulders are hunched downward and he keeps looking down, instead of sitting upright or back in the chair and keeping his chin level, while making eye contact with the other dinner guests.

Handling of objects: Excessive fiddling with objects, such as a pen or a set of keys can signal to a woman that you’re nervous, anxious or unsettled by the situation.

On the flip side, women often consciously (on purpose) play with their necklace, earrings and other bits of jewelery when talking to you to signal their interest. So, when it’s coming from a woman, it’s usually a good thing and when it’s coming from you, it’s usually a bad thing!

Body Talk: Get Physical

Body talk - get physical

Friends naturally get physical with one another and women are attracted to men who are not “afraid” to get physical with them.

Guys who are relaxed in one another’s company will sometimes pat each other’s shoulders, punch each other on the arm or ruffle one another’s hair during the course of a normal conversation. Women reach out to touch their friends by putting their hands on each other’s arms, linking arms, or putting their arms around one another.

Close contact is a normal part of being relaxed and at ease around other people and it goes a long way to demonstrating the self-confidence that attracts a woman to a man.

Confidently taking the lead in social situations by putting your arm around a woman’s waist to guide her across a crowded room, or putting your arm on her shoulder to bring her closer so that you can hear what she’s saying at a noisy party are great ways to send out the message that you know how to “take care” of her and are comfortable leading her.

That’s a body language signal that gets a woman’s attention during conversation in a positive way.

Women Are Always Looking Out For Clues to Discover the Real You

Body language during a conversation

A guy can only pretend to be confident for a short period of time. Before long, a woman will be able to pick up on various body language signals that tell her what his real state of mind is.

By looking at the posture, facial expressions and gestures that a guy uses, a woman can tell whether he’s nervous, worried, fearful, intimidated or a variety of other emotions, without necessarily having to listen a word he is saying.

Of course, it’s not just women who have the ability to read “body talk” and assess what is really going on in a situation. For instance, a friend might say they like your new haircut, but you intuitively know when they’re lying, right?

You can tell by the facial expressions made and the tonality of the comment, whether it was actually an honest or insincere compliment. We all have the ability to read body talk.

Body Talk: Keep It Real

Learning to understand every nuance of body language related to interactions with women, is a skill that takes years of dedicated practice (or a matter of hours if you watch our video programs), but at a more basic level, one of the most important things you need to know about using your body language to attract women is to be real.

Trying to be someone you’re not is not attractive. At best, it just makes you appear awkward and at worst, it makes you feel like someone who can’t be trusted. Trying be someone you’re not and attempting to “trick” women with body language amounts to the same type of reactions.

As we always say at The Modern Man, “You never need to lie to a woman” and that fundamental principle applies when you are speaking words as well as using body talk.

A guy who is clearly relaxed, confident and able to be himself is much more attractive to women than a guy who appears to be stiff, awkward, and who is ultimately trying too hard to look “okay” in the eyes of others.

Women are naturally attracted to confident guys, so if your body talk is sending out signals of nervousness, self-doubt and fear, you will always have a hard time attracting women and getting them to open up and show immediate interest…

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