Yes and no.

Women might go around saying that they don’t like a guy with a bald head, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t feel attracted to him, fall in love with him or even marry him.

Do women care if you're bald?

From now on, you will notice that there is usually a big difference between what people SAY and what they actually DO when it comes to sexual selection.

For example: A guy might go around saying that he wants a nice, intelligent woman with good family values, but he secretly masturbates to the sluts and whores in porn every week. While masturbating, he will feel attraction and may even want to be in a relationship with the woman.

Man looking at porn. Men are mostly attracted to the physical appearance of women

If he goes to a strip club, he will likely fall in love with one or more of the women there even though the woman might not be nice, intelligent or have good family values.

She might be a total slut, untrustworthy, dumb and an annoying bitch, but the attraction she is making him feel is allowing him to consider dropping the requirements he thought a woman had to meet to be his girl.

Likewise, a woman might go around saying that she wants a good looking man with a full head of hair, but that doesn’t mean she can’t feel attraction to other guys for other reasons.

Do You Think That You’ve Been Getting Rejected Because You’re Bald?

From now on, you will notice that guys make up all sorts of excuses for their lack of success with women. However, the reason why they fail with women is explained in this video…

As you will discover from the video above, most women (not all) place a lot less importance on minor things like baldness or weight when it comes to a guy. The most important thing for most women is how much sexual attraction you’re able to make her feel with your personality, confidence, vibe and overall style of interacting with her.

In other words, does she feel turned on and excited when talking to you, or does she feel like you’re just a gentle, nice guy who makes her feel like more of a friend or sister?

What Are Women Attracted to About Men?

The one thing that most of us guys have in common is a desire to have sex with beautiful women. True? Yet, most guys never get to experience the excitement and pleasure of having their choice with women.


They’ve been sucked into believing that it’s all about looks, having a full head of hair or being rich or tall. So, when he meets a beautiful woman he assumes that she wouldn’t like a guy like him.

Yet, the fact is that women can be attracted to you in so many different ways. A woman’s attraction for a man is not the same as a man’s attraction for a woman. For us men it is very simple: Does she look good or not? For women, it’s much more complicated.

Yes, there are some women who will not accept a guy who is bald and will only have sex with or marry a guy with a full head of hair, but really – the majority of women aren’t that shallow.

If you’re able to make a woman feel a lot of attraction for you for other reasons (e.g. you’re confident, charismatic, charming, funny, etc), then she will actually come to like the fact that you’re bald. She will like it because it’s a part of you and you are the guy who is making her feel so good.

If Baldness is a Turn Off, Why Do So Many Bald Guys Have a Girlfriend or Wife?

At some point in their life, pretty much every guy will ask himself, “Do women care if you’re bald?” because they have been fooled into thinking that to be attractive to women, you have to be good-looking or young-looking.

Yet, if that was true, why do all those bald, fat, ugly, scrubby or short guys have a beautiful girlfriend or wife? Why? It’s because women are attracted to different things in men. Women care much less about a guy’s appearance and much more about his personality, confidence and emotional strength.

In today’s world, the biggest mistake guys make is in thinking that their physical appearance is the most important thing to women, because the ads on TV tell them to look good, dye their hair and wear nice clothes for women.

Guys also overhear women talking about men looking good, because women can’t talk about what they really find attractive about men.


If a woman talked about what she found most attractive in a man, she would usually be treated with less respect by others. For example: Women love guys who have the confidence and emotional masculinity to lead them, dominate them and make them feel girly.

Yet, if they admitted that, guys would think it was a free pass to push her around or disrespect her. So, she has to talk about superficial things like, “Oh, he’s handsome. I like handsome men”

The Pretty Little Peacock

Peacock mating dance

In the peacock bird species, the male attracts a female by being as pretty and colorful as he can. That works for birds, but being a pretty, youthful looking guy doesn’t apply to the human mating dance.

In the human mating dance, it is the woman who needs to make herself look young and pretty. That is why you see bald, fat, short, scrubby and even ugly men with beautiful women. Those men have attracted the women in OTHER ways, all of which I teach here at The Modern Man.

Attracting women in other ways is the most exciting, rewarding thing that you will ever learn to do as a man.

When you know what I know about attracting women, you instantly get to have your choice of women.

No longer are you thinking, “Do I need to regrow my hair to be attractive to women?” or “Will women like me if I go even balder?” Instead, you will be thinking, “Which of the 5 women who want to be my girlfriend will I allow to have sex with me this week?”

New guys are finding my website every day and beginning to use my techniques to achieve those kinds of results. Check out the success stories here if you think it might be impossible for you to do. Believe me, it’s so easy to do that it’s strange that we men have only recently discovered how to do it.

Back to the peacock…

In their desire to attract a beautiful woman, many guys will undergo numerous physical transformations to present themselves as a pretty little peacock for women. “Look at me in my nice new shirt!” or “Heyyyy, smell my new cologne? NOW do you like me?” or “Check out my muscles…now do you like me?”

Movie star muscle

From left: Dwayne Johnson, Hulk Hogan, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Thanks to the steroid celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, many men have been sucked into thinking that big muscles are required to get the girl. So, they spend years working out in the gym only to discover that they still suck with women.

Why do women like guys with muscles?

When it comes to hair, many guys have been sucked into thinking that dying their gray hair into a dark or attention-grabbing color will get them the girl, because that’s what happens on the TV commercials.

Yet, no matter how much effort they put into getting rid of those “nasty gray hairs” women still aren’t interested. Personally speaking, many women have told me that when they notice that a guy has dyed his gray hairs, they immediately know that he is insecure about his appearance. In case you didn’t know, insecurity is not attractive to women!

Some women even laugh and say, “He’s probably gay…his hair is dyed…so creepy.” Yet, the guy has been sucked in by the stupid TV commercial and by other confused men online saying that having color to your hair is essential for attracting women. It’s ridiculous.

Big Muscles, But Still Nervous Around Women

Have you eve seen a guy with big muscles who just stands there in a bar looking at women, but doesn’t have the confidence to approach? It’s so common. Over the years, 100s of guys have told me, “Dan, when I first started working out and building muscle, it gave me a great confidence boost. Yet, now that confidence is gone. Why? How do I get it back?”

What these guys don’t realize is that confidence is something that you need to build on over time through the proper use of mindsets. Getting a new shirt, a new car or building muscle might give you a temporary boost of confidence, but it’s not actually how to BUILD and MAINTAIN confidence as a man.

Confused by what they are seeing on TV, many modern men have bought into the pretty peacock myth and are trying to make themselves look good to women, instead of focussing on making women feel good around them via their personality, vibe, conversation style and body language.

Millions of guys all over the world waste time and money trying to find that perfect shirt or pair of pants that will “drive women wild.”

They search around a store looking for the “perfect cologne” that will make a woman melt in their presence. Yet, after spraying it on and going to meet women, there is no difference in how women respond. When it comes to his baldness, some guys may even try to conceal a bald head with an obvious (and unattractive) comb over style or toupee.

When it doesn’t work, he will feel confused and may begin to blame his clothes, his cologne or his looks. So, if you are asking, “Do women care if you’re bald?”, “Do women care if you have gray hairs?” or, “Do women care if you’re wearing expensive cologne or cheap deodorant?” you are missing the point entirely.

Your success or lack of success with women is not about your hair.

It’s about who you are as a man and how you make women feel when you interact with them.

The Bald Guy Vs. The Tall, Good Looking Guy With a Full Head of Hair

Here is an example scenario of a woman choosing a bald guy instead of a tall, good looking guy with a full head of hair. See if you can work out why she has chosen the bald guy….

The Bald Guy

Imagine a bald guy of average height, average weight (maybe even just a little bit overweight in places) and average looking (nothing special).

He is in a new relationship with a very beautiful blonde woman, who not only has a perfect body, but also happens to be a successful lawyer. She really likes him and is hoping that they move in together soon so they can commit to the relationship even more.

Why is she with him? At this point some guys will think, “Yeah! I bet he’s super rich! He drives a big car and he lives in a expensive house.”

How about you?

Would you assume that, or have you already realized that attraction has more to do with a man’s personality and how he makes the woman feel?

Here are some additional details about the bald guy to fill in the blanks of this scenario. See if you work out why she likes him…

He has a small car, an average paying job and lives in a small apartment in an average neighborhood. He also happens to be a very funny guy; he has a great sense of humor and is an incredible conversationalist. He knows how to draw a woman in during a conversation and make her want to tell him everything about herself…things that she just doesn’t share with other people.

He has perfected the art of flirting, so he is always able to create a sexual vibe between himself and a woman. His body language is alpha and assertive, but also relaxed and easy-going, so women feel attracted and at ease around him. Women feel attracted to him and men respect him.

Women who know him say, “He makes me feel like a real woman when I’m with him.”

He is confident in himself and in his abilities, has ambition and goals for his life which he’s actively working towards and never complains or looks for pity from women. He has many friends who enjoy hanging out with him and who trust and respect him, so if he ever faces an emergency of any kind, he will numerous friends to call on.

The Tall, Good Looking Guy With a Full Head of Hair

Imagine a tall guy, good looking guy who has a gym physique and also happens to have a full head of thick, lush hair.

Yet, he is single.

…and not by choice either.

He wants a girlfriend, but can’t seem to get past a 5 minute conversation with most of the women he meets. Unattractive women make it easy for him, but beautiful women reject him.

Throughout his life, many people have said to him, “You’re a good looking guy” and asked, “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” yet he never seems to get anywhere with women. Some attractive women seem interested initially, but lose interest within seconds or minutes of meeting him.

“How can this be possible?” you might ask. “Don’t good looking guys have it easy when it comes to women?”

Not at all.

The tall, good looking guy in this scenario, also happens to have very low self esteem. Despite people telling him that he is good looking, he feels nervous around attractive women and they notice it.

Women can see how tense he is, how much he is trying to impress them and how he is trying to be chosen by being a pretty little peacock. Women see that he just doesn’t know how to be a man.

His lack of mental and emotional masculinity forces the woman to take on a more masculine role when interacting with him; kind of like a big sister or even mother figure for him…neither of which is attractive to 99% of the women he will meet in life.

His conversation skills are sorely lacking and will resort to asking the woman a series of questions about herself, her work, her dreams, her family or food choices.

This makes the woman feel like she’s being put through an interview with a guy that she doesn’t want to be giving any information to.

Women don’t want to feel like they are being interviewed for a job, they want to feel sexually attracted to a guy’s personality and be excited about how is able to make her feel. Asking those work related questions is just the same old thing that every other guy has asked her.

The tall, good looking guy also give attractive women the impression that he’d be lucky to get chosen by them. Yet, what he doesn’t realize is that she hopes to be chosen by a real man who knows how to be a man. She isn’t interested in having a self-doubting, pretty peacock girly man as a boyfriend. She wants a guy who is a challenge…

For guys like this, the gym often seems like the answer. “When I add 5 more kilos/11 pounds and more definition to my shoulder muscles, THEN women will like me. I’ve heard that women like confident, dominant men, so I will LOOK more confident and dominant with those shoulder muscles.”

Yet, after building more muscle, attractive women still reject him.

If the gym isn’t working, he may begin to think that he needs a better car or to embark on a career as a doctor or some other flashy job. Guys like that will go through much of their life waiting until they are a doctor (or whatever profession they think will get them the girl), until they’ve got the car or the money before they will feel worthy enough for attractive women.

Yet, when he meets an attractive woman, he may forget about his valuable job and go back to feeling insecure and unworthy around her, which will turn her off.

His emotional weakness makes the woman feel stronger than him, so she will find it difficult to feel sexual attraction for him…and if there is no sexual attraction, she isn’t going to be interested in anything other than a conversation or friendship.

Now that you’ve read both scenarios, let me ask you: Can you see why women would go for the ball guy over the tall, insecure “good looking” guy with a full head of hair?

The next time you’re walking down the street and see an “ugly” guy or a bald guy with a beautiful woman, don’t think to yourself, “WHY is she with him?”

You already know the answer.

Despite the superficial things that women might say or what TV commercials might try to convince you to think to buy their deodorant “that drives women wild” or their hair gel “that will make women say WOW,” you’ve got to focus on what happens in the REAL world.

You’ve got to realize that women do feel attracted to men for so many different reasons and having a full head of hair or being completely bald does not answer success or failure with women.

Success with women arrives when you know how to make women feel attracted to who you are as a man and feel excited about how you make them feel.

The human mating dance is not about you being being a young, pretty little peacock and hoping to be chosen by a woman.

It’s about you being a confident man and choosing a woman based on how young and pretty she looks. That is how it works in the real world.

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