If you ask most guys about how to make women want you, they will tell you that it’s all about looks, money and how tall you are.

Yet, if that was true, most guys wouldn’t have a girlfriend because the majority of guys are average looking, live pay check to pay check (or have a bit of savings) and are an average height.

So, what is the secret?


Women want you when you make them feel sexually attracted to you. If your main approach to women is to be nice and friendly and then hope that something happens, you will rarely get laid or get a girlfriend.

What you need to do is actively make women feel sexually attracted to you based on what you say and do when interacting with them. You can attract women in more than 100 different ways (e.g. confidence, charisma, charm, etc).

The more ways you make a woman feel attracted to you when interacting with her, the more she will want you. Here’s how it works…

What Qualities Make a Woman Really Want to Be With a Man?

How to make a woman want you

What qualities do you think make a man so irresistibly attractive to a woman that she does whatever it takes to be his woman? Do you believe that it’s about looks, height and money, even though you often see below-average looking, average looking and even “ugly” guys with beautiful women?

Are all of those ugly guys rich? Really?

Most guys are not rich and are just working a normal job, so what is really going on? How can a guy who isn’t tall, good looking or rich get a beautiful woman to want him? Why do good guys who have good intentions with women fail, even if they do look good or work in a great job?

Here is the answer…

When you see “ugly” or average looking guys with beautiful women, do you sometimes feel frustrated and ask yourself, “Why is she with him?!”

You don’t need to feel that way anymore. The answer is simple: He made her feel attracted to him and then moved it forward. Most guys don’t realize how easy most women are to pick up.

As long as you know how to attract women and have the balls to move it forward (e.g. get a phone number, call her up, get her out on a date, or simply kiss her the first time you meet her), you will be surprised at how many women you are able to pick up.

Most guys try way too hard to be “liked” by women for being a nice guy. A guy like that hopes that the woman will see that he’s a nice guy and is trustworthy and she’ll then “give him a chance.” She doesn’t want to give a guy a chance if she doesn’t feel attracted to him. She wants to meet a guy who knows how to turn her on and is ALSO a good guy.

Why Do So Many Good-Looking Guys Find it Difficult to Get a Girlfriend?

I recently got an email from a guy who wanted to know why he wasn’t having any success with women, even though he was a good-looking guy. He told me that he had lots of female friends and they all said he was a really nice guy, but none of them showed any interest in becoming his girlfriend.

Why do you think that was?

His email was typical of the many emails that I get from guys who want to know where they’re going wrong with the women. They want to know why guys who are “uglier” than them seem to get girlfriends and why women like them as a friend, but don’t seem to want them as a boyfriend.

Ugly guy getting the girl

The answer is simple…

While there are some women who will only accept a guy who is good looking, the majority of women have what I call an Open Type. This means that the woman is open to being with all different types of guys, as long as the guy makes her feel enough attraction for other reasons.

When a good looking guy interacts with a woman and she isn’t interested, it’s because he is making the mistake of thinking that his looks should be enough to make her feel attracted. Yet, the truth is that most women place less importance on a guy’s looks that they admit.

Some women will go around saying that they will only accept a handsome guy with loads of money, but look at the guys they end up having sex with, getting into a relationship with and marrying. Often, those guys are just average looking guys with an average job.

This happens because it is possible to attract women in ways other than looks, money and height. It also happens because just because women have a fantasy idea about what type of guy they want, it doesn’t mean that they won’t accept anything else.

It’s like if you ask a guy what sort of woman he wants. He will list off all sorts of traits (e.g. I want a brunette, petite, pretty, sweet, intelligent, hard working, etc) and it will seem like he’ll accept nothing else.

Yet, he will then meet a pretty blonde who is the same height as him (not shorter and more petite like he was hoping for), isn’t very intelligent and doesn’t work hard. He will feel attracted to her for many subtle reasons and he will hook up with her, get into a relationship with her and then marry her.

This is why you shouldn’t listen to what people SAY about what type of person they want. In most cases, it’s just a random, fantasy idea that they are stuck on at that time. However, if they meet someone who makes them feel a lot of attraction and they also have a great connection, they will let go of their old fantasy idea and the new person will become the ideal fantasy.

You Have to Take the Lead

If you want to make a woman want you, don’t sit around hoping that something happens on its own.

You’ve got to take the lead.

Real life is not like the movies where a girl makes all the moves and jumps all over the guy, tearing his clothes off and saying, “Kiss me!” In the real world, women prefer to wait for a man to make the first move because they want to see that he has the confidence to do so.

Women feel a lot of attraction to the confidence of men, so if you are hesitating and worrying about making a move, you are literally turning her off. If she see that you’re hoping that she makes the first move, she will begin to feel like more of the “man” in the situation.

She will feel as though if she is going to hook up with you, she will have to be “the man” and lead the way. Yet, that isn’t what she wants.

A woman wants to relax into the feminine role of being a woman who gets picked up and then penetrated by a man. She wants to surrender into his masculine lead and relax into feeling like a real woman.

She wants to open herself up (body and mind) to be penetrated by a masculine force (you). She doesn’t want to spread her legs for a confused, half-masculine/half-feminine guy who doesn’t even know how to be a man.

You can take the lead. All you have to do is be the courageous one out of the two of you. Take a risk to make a move or suggest something. As long as you’ve made her feel attracted to you first, a woman will rarely, if ever, reject your attempts to move things forward.

Avoid the Nice Guy Act

There’s nothing wrong with being nice to a woman that you like. In fact, I recommend that guys be good and treat women well.

However, when a guy falls into the trap of acting nicer than he normally is in the hope that it impresses the woman, he will often end up getting rejected. Here’s why…

If You Don’t Want to Be Just Friends, Don’t Act Like You’re Just a Friend

Friend zone - no sexual attraction

Some guys make the mistake of thinking that being a woman’s friend or “being there” for her when she’s going through a tough time in life will lead to her wanting more than friendship. Sure, that happens sometimes, but only with the type of guy who knows how to make her feel attracted to him as well.

However, if a guy’s main approach to a woman is to be a friend and hope that something eventually develops between them, it usually won’t. All it takes for him to lose her is for another guy to come along, make her feel sexual attraction and then kiss her or ask her out on a date.

When that happens, her nice friend is slam dunked further into the friend zone. He might feel confused, angry or betrayed by her, but it’s a pretty simple situation…

He didn’t say or do anything to make her feel sexually attracted.

In today’s world, you have to start with sexual attraction and everything else flows on from there. In the past, a woman had to remain a virgin until marriage, marry one man and then stay with him for life.

The old days...

Even if the man didn’t treat her well or if she was unhappy, she was obliged to stay with him for life. In 1900 for example, the divorce rate in the developed world was less than 10%, whereas it is now an average of about 50% across the developed world.

In the past, women had to choose a man based on how nice he was and how well set up he was to support her financially. This is why it made sense for men to be a gentleman and slowly court a woman in a friendly way, before eventually proposing marriage.

Not anymore.

Start with kissing and sex and then take it from there

Today’s women can earn their own money, sleep with whoever they want and settle down whenever they feel like it. If she is in a bad relationship or marriage, the society around her encourages her to leave.

If a man wants to be successful with women in today’s day and age, he needs to be able to attract women when he meets them and then deepen a woman’s feelings of love, respect and attraction over time.

Using the outdated “gentleman” approach to women just doesn’t work anymore. Likewise, expecting a woman to stay with you in a relationship if she isn’t happy also no longer works.

Luckily, attracting women is a very easy and natural thing for men to do. Once you know how to attract women, you realize that most guys don’t have the skill. When you meet women, they are surprised and excited to finally be meeting a guy who knows how to turn them on.

How about you? Do you have the skill of being able to trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside of a woman?

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