If you could choose the ideal woman for a relationship, what would she be like as a person? What would she look like? How sexually satisfying would she be for you?

Would you prefer a “Plain Jane” type of woman that other guys wouldn’t ever want to hit on, or a beautiful woman that you are deeply attracted to and who would stick with you for life?

If you’re worried that a beautiful woman would leave you, don’t be.

You can keep a beautiful woman for life.

Here’s how to do it…

So, if you could choose from the following three types of women, which would you choose for a long-term relationship?

Option 1: Plain Jane, Not Very Attractive, Low Sex Drive

She is a woman who is plain in most ways including her personality, looks and opinions on just about everything. At the end of a day, she’s usually too tired or stressed from work to be a sexy woman for her man and just wants to eat, watch TV and then go to sleep.

She has a very low sex drive and rarely, if ever, initiates sex. On the rare occasion that she wants to have sex, she basically just wants it to be over and done with as soon as possible.

While she might stick by her man for a long time, it’s not because she’s passionately in love with him and enjoys pleasing him sexually. She will stick around because she has nothing better to do, but will always be open to being seduced into an affair after enduring years of a boring, sexless relationship.

Option 2: Very Sexy, High Sex Drive, Doesn’t Care About Traditional Family Values, Marriage or Staying Loyal to Her Man

She is a woman who the man’s friends and family often mistake for a hooker because of her provocative and revealing attire, her slutty behavior and the fact that she “talks dirty” and swears like a drunken sailor no matter whom she’s speaking with.

This woman is not only sexually adventurous in the bedroom, but behaves in an overtly sexual way in public. If the sex ever gets boring, this woman will usually consider it to be perfectly normal to go off and have an affair behind her man’s back.

She doesn’t care if they’ve had children together and are now raising a family; if she wants out because she’s bored, she’ll just leave or have an affair to fulfill her sexual desires.

To her, family values are for “old people” and she just wants to have fun and enjoy herself. She may love her children and love her boyfriend or husband, but to her, love doesn’t mean only being with one person.

Option 3: Very Sexy, High Sex Drive, Cares About Traditional Family Values and Keeping a Relationship Together, Being Loyal, Honest and Good to Her Man

She is a lady when in public and a sex kitten in the bedroom. She can speak intelligently on a wide variety of topics and her man knows she won’t embarrass him when they’re out in public because she has great social skills and is a positive, respectful person.

Everyone she meets enjoys her company and, because she is beautiful, sexy, intelligent and down-to-earth, men are always flirting with her. However, when she’s in a relationship, she is completely loyal to her man and only flirts back with men in a friendly, non-sexual way.

She knows it would be extremely easy for her to have sex with the men who are interested in her, but doesn’t need that to feel good about herself. She knows she is sexy and has committed herself to a man who deserves her loyalty.

She will only flirt sexually with her man and will be loyal to him no matter who is trying to hit on her. Then, when they get home and hit the bedroom, she has the confidence to let loose and behave like a porn star for him or be sweet and innocent.

She is open and ready for any type of sex her guy tries with her and will do virtually anything he wants in and out of the bedroom.

If a man was to have a family with her, she will want to stick by him through good and bad times because she believes in traditional family values. She sees other women getting divorced and cheating on their man and knows that it is an easy option for her, but she wants to do the right thing by herself, her man and her family.

So, if you met those three RANDOM women next week, which would be your best choice for a relationship? Chances are, if you’re like most men, your choice is Option 3…and it should be!

If you get yourself a woman who fits the description of Woman #3, you will feel proud of yourself, remain attracted to her and be willing to do what it takes to make the relationship last a lifetime. However, if you accept less than a woman like her, you might be headed for…

The Big Mistake

Too many men make what I refer to as “The Big Mistake” by accepting basically any half-decent looking woman who shows them the slightest bit of interest.

They usually end up feeling unhappy in a sexless relationship or eventually hear the words, “I want a divorce” or I need some space. I think we should take a break” or “I’m in love with someone else. It’s over between you and me” from their woman.

This is a big mistake for a guy to make because it usually ends up costing him a lot of time and money spent on a woman who he never truly wanted or loved. Instead of attracting a beautiful woman who was truly compatible with him, he accepted a woman who just wasn’t good enough for him.

In the past, a woman had to stick by her man for life even if she wasn’t happy in the relationship because it was shameful to get divorced.

The old days...

Not anymore.

Divorce or break up

Women initiate approximately 66% of divorces because they are less inclined to put up with an unhappy marriage compared to women of previous generations. The percentage is even higher for college-educated couples with women initiating divorce 90% of the time.

If you’re one of the guys who has been thinking, “I’ll marry an educated girl and we’ll be happy together because we’ll both be intelligent and can connect on deep and meaningful topics and have intellectual discussions for the rest of our lives,” think again!

The only thing that keeps a relationship together these days is to first choose the right woman for you and then deepen her love, respect and attraction for you over time.

If you can’t attract women in person and don’t know how to deepen a woman’s love, respect and attraction for you over time, you can’t expect to be successful with women. You will most-likely get rejected by most women you approach and dumped by women when in a relationship.

Avoiding “The Big Mistake”

To avoid ending up with a woman you’re not attracted to, not in love with and regret ever meeting in the first place, you need to be able to attract women when you interact with them.

When you are able to trigger feelings of sexual attraction in most of the women you meet, you will then have your choice of women. You will have options and you will be able to choose the best woman out of the available options, compared to making the mistake of accepting any woman because you have no other options.

Imagine this…

You are walking through a steaming hot desert, you are thirsty and you are literally dying for a glass of water. Your mouth feels like sandpaper and is completely dry.

When you are feeling that desperate for a drink of water, would you reject water that was served to you in a dirty or cracked glass? Would you say, “Oh, no, sorry, I only drink Evian bottled water that has been chilled and served on ice in a tall, slim glass,”?

Probably not!

Almost every human being would say, “Please! Can I drink that glass of water! I’m really thirsty!” even though the glass is cracked or dirty.

The same principle of desperation applies to dating and relationships, which then often leads a gut to make “The Big Mistake.”

When you have no options with women because you don’t know how to attract them, it’s only natural that you may begin to lower your standards and be willing to accept women who aren’t what you truly want.

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