Romantic relationships can end for a variety of reasons.

Generally speaking, the break up will total make sense and both of you will part ways without too much heartache and drama. However, sometimes you’ll get into a relationship with the wrong woman and need to initiate the break up on your own.

If you notice that your girlfriend is the wrong woman for you, the best advice to cut your losses and move on as quickly as possible. The longer you leave it, the worse it will be for the both of you…especially if you accidentally get her pregnant.

Some guys stick with the wrong woman for way too long because they either fear approaching and picking up new women or they don’t know how to attract other beautiful women, so it feels easier to stay with their current girl.

Break it Off With Her Before She Breaks Up With You…or Before She Gets Pregnant

If you feel like you’re in a relationship with the wrong girl, here are the top 10 reasons to break up with her fast….

10. Your personal life is no longer personal

Picture this – you’re out with friends on a group date and your girlfriend suddenly says, “Hey, did he ever tell you that he wet the bed until he was 12?” and if you call her on it, she’ll say, “Oh, come on. It’s funny. You’re being too sensitive honey.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re humiliated; if she thinks it will make for an amusing bit of conversation, she’s going to tell the world. Find a more caring woman who wants to see you happy and confident about yourself and your life.

9. She interferes with your other relationships

At first it may seem endearing when she says, “I want you all to myself,” but when she gets so upset whenever you want to see your friends that you’d rather retreat from your buddies than incur her wrath, you need to realize her behavior is not normal and will most-likely get worse as the years go on.

Or, perhaps, there’s a family function that you want to attend but she refuses to go with you, so you go to it by yourself. When you return, she pouts and punishes you because you left her alone. So gradually you draw back from your family. Before you know it, she has you totally isolated.

Find someone else who enjoys being with all the people you care about. If she can’t do that, your relationship is going to be full of negative tension, frustration and resentment.

8. She’s too nosy

She reads your e-mails over your shoulder, monitors your messages and texts, looks through your personal mail and when your phone rings – you have to lock yourself away in your car or the back room of your house just to have a little privacy.

If you don’t put an end to her snooping early on, eventually she’ll question every purchase on your credit card bill, check your phone messages and e-mails and discard or erase anything that SHE doesn’t think is essential. Remember, you want a loving woman, not a controlling parent who monitors your every move.

7. She’s already planned your wedding

It’s your second or third date, and she tells you all about her dream wedding.

While it’s not unusual for women to dream of their wedding day from the time they are little girls, this is obviously a woman who’s so enamoured with thought of being the star on her wedding day that she doesn’t even care who she’s marrying, just as long as she can have ‘her’ dream wedding.

You want to be with a woman who is excited to spend the rest of her life with you. Whether that includes a wedding is up to the both of you and what you believe in.

6. She makes plans for the two of you without consulting you

You’ve only had a few dates and she calls to say she’s made plans for you and her to go out with another couple.

Why is this a warning sign? You’re not in an exclusive relationship and she doesn’t know if you had other plans. Plus, it’s apparent that she’s so anxious to be a part of a couple that she doesn’t care who she is coupled up with. She most-likely just wants to prove to her friends that she isn’t a loser who can’t get a boyfriend.

You want a woman who wants to be with you because she is attracted to you and is interested in who you are as a person. Not a woman who wants to use you to calm her trivial insecurities around friends.

5. She’s everywhere you turn

Whether you’ve mentioned to her where you plan to be or not, she’s there. It doesn’t matter if it’s a night out with the guys, a business meeting or a family gathering; she just happens to be in the same place you are. This is stalking behavior. It’s scary and it’s serious. Get rid of her.

4. She constantly lies to you

Trust is essential for the health of any relationship. The same need for truth is present in a romantic relationship with a woman as there is in a friendship with a buddy. When you notice that you’re being deceived, the fabric of the relationship deteriorates and you start to question everything about the person.

If you discover that your girlfriend lies about where she’s been, how much money she has or what she does in her spare time – get rid of her. If she is lying to you when her sexual desire for you is at its highest (the first year of the relationship), imagine what she will do when the sexual passion begins to die away.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that she will stop lying when she falls in love with you properly. If she is a liar, she is a liar. Find another woman.

3.  She’s excessively jealous

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to a co-worker or a waitress; she throws a fit whenever you speak to any other woman. Or, perhaps she constantly accuses you of having affairs without having any evidence to substantiate her claims. This behavior isn’t going to get better with time. She’s completely insecure and there’s nothing you can do to reassure her.

A lot of insecure guys like this behavior from their girlfriends because they believe it will ensure that she won’t cheat in the relationship and will stay loyal out of fear of losing him. Ironically, jealous women are the most likely to cheat on their partners; they want to make their man jealous and ‘get revenge’ for his excessive flirting with other women.

2.  She’s not over her ex

Unfortunately, you’re the ‘rebound guy’. She had a bad breakup that wasn’t her idea and even though she claims to be over her ex, she shows signs that she’s still in love with him. Trust your gut feeling in these situations – 99% of time you are correct.

She talks about him often. She displays framed pictures of the two of them in her apartment. She constantly suggests places for you to go on your date where you ‘accidentally’ bump into her ex. When you’re there, her eyes follow him like a laser beam. She’s distracted when you talk to her and more than once she’s called you by his name.

Look for someone who’s open to a relationship with you and is not just biding her time until she can figure a way to get back with her ex.

1. She cheats on you

Do you really need an explanation of why you should break up with someone who cheats on you? Trust and loyalty are the backbone of any relationship. When that is gone the relationship will never be the same again.

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