You went through all the trouble to find this woman and charmed her enough to get some bedroom action. Great! Yet, if you don’t play your cards right as you travel down the road to a relationship, you may be headed for a dead end…and fast.

Getting her was only part of the journey. If you mess up by showing the following behaviors or emotions too often, especially when you first start dating, your relationship is doomed to crash and burn.

Note: If you are actually trying to get rid of a woman at the moment, here are the Top 10 Ways to Lose a Woman…fast!

10.  Be predictable

It’s very important that you’re predictable, so she knows exactly what to expect from you. So, yes – go ahead and make that phone call precisely at 8pm every Tuesday to ask her out for the following Saturday. Make sure you explain to her in advance everything you’ll be doing so there are no surprises.

9.  Always be available

Whenever she wants you, drop whatever you’re doing or miss the game you’ve been waiting all week to watch. If she calls, run to her.

Now, no-one is saying that you shouldn’t help her in a true emergency – that’s what good men do in relationships, but if you’re becoming her ‘Mr. Fix-it’ or her errand boy, you’re going to go from sexy boyfriend to unattractive wuss in one easy step.

8.  Be needy

Constantly ask for reassurance that she likes you, or that the restaurant or movie you chose is to her liking. Make sure she approves of what you’re wearing, “How do I look in this? Is it okay, or should I put on that other shirt you like?”

Insist that she spells out exactly what she wants you to do with her in bed and then do exactly what she says. Of course, follow that up afterwards by asking if you did good. Be a good little boy for mommy.

7.  Stay in constant contact

Call her, text her, e-mail her, Facebook her, tweet her or otherwise try to stay in touch with her at least 5 times a day. Continue this behavior and you’ll find that she’s going to make sure you get something in return – a visit from the police with an “Order of Protection” for stalking her.

6.  Be incredibly interested in everything she does

Make sure that whenever you see her or talk to her be sure to ask lots and lots of questions. “What are you doing?” Where are you going?” “Who are you going with?” What time will you be home?” and so forth. It’s important that you behave like her parole officer or her father. After all, you’re not really interrogating her, you’re only being attentive.

5.  Follow her like a puppy

Be certain that wherever she’s going or whatever she’s doing, you’re right there. Make sure she never goes shopping with just her friends. After all, she may need you to carry her bags, hold her purse or give a male opinion.

Insist that you tag along when she goes out with her friends, even if it’s to go watch a ‘chick flick’ or to get a manicure. She can’t blame you – you really like her and love spending time with her, no matter what she’s doing.

4.  Tell her EVERYTHING about yourself

Be an open book. Convey your deepest, darkest secrets. Reveal all of your past triumphs, failures, hurts, wants, needs, desires and every past broken-hearted experience or childhood trauma you’ve ever had. Look for pity. Keep nothing secret. Maintain no mystery.

If this is to be a true bonding experience, it’s essential that she knows everything there is to know about you as early in the relationship as possible.

3. Buy her love

From the beginning, shower her with spectacular presents – the best you can buy. Take her on luxurious vacations. Only take her out on expensive dates. Offer to pay her bills. This is particularly effective when you’re not in the financial position to do so.

Going into debt will show her that you are truly willing to make any sacrifice to buy her love.

2. Act jealous

Being jealous shows you care. If you didn’t get upset when she spoke to another man who wasn’t family, how would she know if your feelings for her were genuine? You should also insist that she has no conversations, other than what is absolutely necessary, with any male other than you. It’s just not right. She’s yours and only yours.

1. Declare your undying love and devotion as soon as possible

So what if you’ve only been dating a short time! You know you love her and it’s important that she hears it from you the moment that you’ve realized you’re in love. If she seems a little freaked out and backs up just a little when you tell her, or she only says, “Thank you,” in response, don’t take that as a sign that she doesn’t feel the same way.

How could she not be in love with you? You’ve done so much to prove your devotion. So tell her again and again and in front of as many people as possible. Be sure to shout it out one last time as she runs out the nearest door.

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