Talking to girls is easy.

You simply need to talk to her in the same way that you would talk to a guy, but you also need include things that will make her feel attracted to you (e.g. humor, flirting, etc). When a girl feels attracted to you, she will then be open to giving you her phone number, kissing you ad having sex with you.

For example: If you’re talking to a girl that you like and she smiles and touches you on the arm, you can use humor and confidence to attract her by saying, “Hey…I’ll let you have that first touch for free, but if you want to touch me again, I’m going to have to start charging you.”

What to talk about with a girl

To make it funny, you have to be relaxed, confident and easy-going when you say it. Make her feel like you’re almost being half-serious by saying that she will have to pay to touch you. This will make her feel attracted to your confidence around her and your ability to make her laugh.

Be a Good Guy, But Don’t Be Too Nice to Her

When a guy doesn’t know that he needs to attract a girl and turn her on, he will often make the mistake of trying show her how much of a nice guy he is. He hopes that if he can just show her how much he respects her and that he has absolutely good intentions with her, then she might give him a chance.

The nice guy approach works in movies and on TV dramas where the nervous, super nice guy eventually gets the girl. He saves her from a bad guy, saves the day or saves the world and she then falls into him arms.

In the real world, women simply let nice guys hit on them and they then fall right into the arms of a guy knows how to make her feel attracted and turned on.

Don’t Bore Her With an Interview Style of Conversation

When a guy doesn’t know how to talk to girls and tends to run out of things to say, he will often fall back on asking lots of questions in the hope that it will keep the conversation going.

For example: He might ask, “So…where are you from?” “What do you do for a living?” “What do you like to do for fun?” “Do you like to play sports?” “Who is your favorite team?” “What is your favorite place to go on vacation?” and so forth.

It’s fine to ask those types of questions as long as it leads to an actual conversation, rather than you just saying, “Oh, that’s good” and then asking the girl yet another question.

If you focus on asking as many questions as you can, it will usually make the girl feel like she is being interviewed by you and that is NOT how she wants to feel when talking to a guy who could possibly be her boyfriend.

Asking too many questions, without making her feel attracted or sharing interesting things about his own life

When the questions come one after another without much input from the guy with his own opinions, feelings, personal stories and so on, a girl will feel more like she’s applying for a job rather than chatting with a guy that she’d like to get to know better and possibly have sex with.

So, make sure you don’t drill a girl with questions because you’re worried about running out of things to say. Play with the conversation, expand it and explore it.

Don’t Pretend to Be Someone You’re Not

Girls are turned off by guys who act like they are cooler, badder or smarter than they actually are.

To make a girl feel naturally attracted to you, the best approach is to be your true self. When you do that, you will come across as more confident, charismatic and interesting, which will make her feel a unique attraction to you.

If she notices that you pretend not to be excited or happy about things that you think are cool, she will lose respect for you because she will see that you’re putting on an act to impress her. Likewise, if you aren’t honest about your feelings towards things you don’t like, she will see that you’re acting.

A cool, confident guy will will say whatever he wants, without any fear of being judged by a girl. He’ll tell a girl that he thinks she is sexy and beautiful and she will love it because it’s coming from such a confident guy.

Believing in yourself and your value to girls is extremely important to your success. If girls get the sense that you doubt your value and attractiveness to them and don’t think you are good enough, they will rapidly lose interest in you.

Make Sure That You Offer Her a Bit of a Challenge

If the girl that you’re talking to is attractive, most guys want to have sex with her. She doesn’t even have to be nice to them and they will still want to bang her.

This is boring for hot girls.

A hot girl goes through life and knows that pretty much every guy wants to have sex with her, at least once. Many of those guys would also be willing to have a relationship with her, just because she looks good.

This is why hot girls like guys who are more of a challenge…

When you’re talking to a girl, make sure that you’re not being a “Yes man” and just agreeing with everything she says or anything she wants. Be real and make her work to maintain your attraction and interest.

Give her the gift of feeling as though she would be LUCKY to be with you. Don’t act like yet another hopeless guy who tries to be “liked” for being nice, rather than turning her on by being attractive and offering her a bit of a challenge.

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