You and your girlfriend (fiance or wife) broke up, but you think the relationship is still worth saving and you want to get her back.

You can definitely get her back, because relationships get back together all the time if the reconciliation process (getting back together) is handled correctly.

If you are wondering whether you can simply text your ex back, the answer is a definite “No.”

A text doesn’t change the reasons why she broke up with you.

It doesn’t improve you as a man and it doesn’t make her feel as though she would be benefiting by getting back together with you.

To get your ex back, you have to make her feel as though you have improved and become an even better man than before.

A text message simply cannot achieve that.

If she feels as though you’re trying to get her back before you’ve even changed, then no amount of texts or no special, “magical” text will make a difference.

In this current age where billions of online and phone messages are sent around each day, it’s only natural that you might want to try to send messages in an attempt to get her back.

If you only want to try to get her back via text, make sure you avoid these common mistakes…

Mistake 1: Sending Your Apologies

Apologies are always best said in person.

Anyone can type, “I’m sorry” (see I just did it) and not have to really show that they mean it at all.

So, texting apologies won’t get you the response you really want from her.

Additionally, problems in relationships are rarely one-sided and by taking on all of the blame for the end of your relationship will only make you appear weak.

If you think the reason that you and your ex broke up was because of something only you did, but you’re not sure what it was, repeatedly texting her about how sorry you are and want her forgiveness is another tact that won’t work.

Mistake 2: Sending Guilt Texts

Sending texts in the hopes of making your ex feel guilty so she will take you back is a “trick” that rarely works. If it does get her feeling guilty, it will usually only last for a short while (from seconds to days) before she realizes what you’re up to and decides to close herself off to you even more.

Women are fairly sympathetic by nature, but they are also smart and after the guilt trip wears off, she’ll be upset that you played on her feelings.

For instance, if you’re apart and you send her a text reminding her that your relationship’s anniversary date is coming up and you’re depressed because you’re not together to celebrate it, that’s a guilt text.

If you text about how you have lost weight because you haven’t been eating, you can’t sleep or are having trouble concentrating, it only shows your weakness. Women are attracted to the strength in men, not the weakness.

Mistake 3: Bringing Up Old Problems or Arguments

If you’re trying to use the text your ex back approach (which doesn’t work anyway), you should remember that it’s always best to leave what happened in the past…in the past.

This is particularly true if you had an argument that preceded the breakup. Guys who bring up past difficulties are only opening up old wounds.

You want your ex feeling good to talk to you, not annoyed or frustrated.

There’s a saying that, “Time heals all wounds,” but if you start texting about a past problem, whether you’re apologizing or making an excuse for your behavior, you are simply making the healing take longer.

She gets frustrated by your texts, closes up and it then becomes even more difficult to get her back.

When you just use text, weeks and even months can pass by without you making any real progress with her.

You’ve got to get her on a phone call and meet up with her in person, so you can get her back NOW.

That’s what my Get Your Ex Back: Super System will allow you to do.

When you use the techniques from my program, she WILL want to meet up with you and person and you WILL have a chance to say what you need to say to her (don’t worry, I explain exactly what to say in my program) to get that second chance.

Mistake 4: Texting Like a Little Girl

When texting became popular it became the “in thing” to do by young girls and boys who started using slang or “cute” abbreviations when sending notes to each other.

Sending texts like “IDK how 2 say i m sry 4gv me pls” or “i ms u. wen cn i c u?” is writing like a childish little girl.

You would never text a client or your boss with that style of juvenile writing so don’t try to text your ex back with a similar style of texting.

If your goal is to show your ex that you are a masculine, intelligent adult, don’t send texts like a little girl would.

Mistake 5: Sending Too Many Texts

In a panic to try to revive their relationship, some guys will bombard their ex with what seems like (to her) to be non-stop text messages.

Without giving your ex time to miss you, lick her wounds or otherwise have a chance to think further about your relationship and the possibility of getting back together, you’re making a big mistake.

Occasional texting will allow her to know your intentions and desires and may let her consider a reunion with you, but smothering her with your texts will make her want to back off even further or block your messages altogether.

However, I personally don’t recommend the silly “No Contact Rule.” From my testing with phone coaching clients for more than 3 years, I’ve found that many guys should call their ex immediately, talk to her on the phone and then meet up with her and get the relationship back together.

Watch this video for more info:

Mistake 6: Texting Her Friends

Some guys will attempt to get her friends, family or coworkers involved, hoping that it will make her feel selfish for breaking up with him.

By doing this you’re putting her friend in an awkward position that will only anger your ex because you’ve now put her friend in the middle of your breakup. Remember: You want your ex feeling good about you, not annoyed, frustrated, etc.

Mistake 7: Sending “Excuse” Texts

Some guys will use any excuse to contact their ex.

For instance, he may ask, “When are you going to come and pick up your stuff at my place?” or “Do you want me to being your clothes, boxes, etc over?”

If she wants whatever is there, she’ll ask you for it. Let her contact you about that sort of thing. Using excuses to contact her is not going to get her back.

If you want to know how to get her back for real, then let me help you.

If you use the techniques from my Get Your Ex Back: Super System video program, SHE will start contacting you.

If she doesn’t contact you (that sometimes happens when the ex really hates a guy), you simply need to contact her using my tested, proven to work text message, Facebook and phone call examples.

She will then agree to meet up with you in person…

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