Cool guys get laid easily and have a lot more friends than guys who aren’t cool.

One of the main traits of a cool guy is that he will display the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women, such as confidence, charisma and charm.

Guys who aren’t cool often display the personality traits and behaviors that turn women of, such as nervousness, insecurity, self-doubt and a fake “nice guy” persona.

Being a Cool Guy

Let’s face it, there’s nothing wrong with being “cool” and if you’re honest with yourself, you like it when people think you are cool.

Being a cool guy

“Cool” is a modern term used to denote someone who is socially intelligent and gets along with people better than the average person. In many cases, the guy will also be popular amongst his group of friends or coworkers, will be at ease with himself and his surroundings, great with the ladies and generally envied by all those who are regarded as being “un-cool”.

In an attempt to emulate this coolness, many guys will mistake cool as having all the “trimmings”; in other words they think coolness comes down to what they own, wear and use/eat/drink around other people.

These are the guys who go out and buy the latest “men’s fashions” in shades of pink and mauve, wear the newest and most expensive colognes on the market, drive the biggest, shiniest cars and wear the flashiest bling they can lay their hands on.

Why don't people think I'm cool?

Unfortunately for these guys who are trying hard to work out how to be cooler, they haven’t yet realized that coolness isn’t something that you can wear or eat. Coolness is an attitude it you are either allowing that to come through in how you express your personality, or you’re not.

Realize That You Are Already Cool

One of the biggest steps to truly being seen as a “cool guy” by others is to believe in yourself. One of my golden rules of conversation is to know that whatever you say is cool. Don’t go around hoping to be seen as “cool” by people; just know that you already are.

That said, some guys do need some work in the areas of confidence, conversation and general social skills. If they don’t fix that first and go around thinking they are cool, it won’t make them appear cool to everyone they meet, but it will in some situations.

Guys who don't know how to be cool

You will have to be the judge of that and if you need to improve your confidence, conversation skills and general social skills, then make sure that you click around and learn more while you’re here at The Modern Man.

Reach For Your True Potential as a Man

Think about this…

Aren’t the coolest guys that you know (or know of) the ones who are rising through the levels of life (or who have risen through them already and are now enjoying success) and reaching for their true potential as a man?

Aren’t the coolest guys the ones who are confident in themselves and going after their true purpose in life, instead of hiding themselves away in fear or dressing themselves up like a pretty boy and trying to be seen as “cool” based on what they wear?

If you want to be seen as a cool guy by other guys, what you need to do is rise up and reach for your true potential as a man.

If you have big dreams and ambitions and you follow through on that with unrelenting confidence and determination, you will definitely be seen as a cool guy by other guys and you will also be attractive to women.

Being Able to Attract Women is More Important Than Simply Being a Cool Guy

While “being cool” will get you some bonus points with women, it is not the answer to success with women.

If you want to be successful with women, you’ve got to know how to trigger their feelings of sexual attraction for you when you interact with them and then deepen a woman’s feelings of attraction for you when in a relationship.

Most guys don’t know how to do that to women, so even if a guy is acting cool, it usually isn’t going to be enough to make a woman want him or want to stay with him when in a relationship.

Watch this video for more info…

If you want to be cooler because you want to be more successful with women, focus on improving your ability to attract women first.

If you try to act cool, but you make subtle or obvious mistakes that turn women off, it’s not going to work for you.

However, if you are skilled at attracting women and they feel turned on by you as a result, they will then perceive pretty much everything that you say and do as being cool.

Triggering Her Survival Attraction

Being the cool guy that women want

Women feel attraction to men based on instinctive triggers that are directly linked to their need to survive and feel protected.

In other words, the attraction a woman feels for you will be automatically triggered based on whether she perceives you as being beneficial or costly in terms of her survival, happiness and general quality of life.

If you meet a woman and you appear nervous around her and other people, will her instincts tell her that you will be beneficial or costly for her to hook up with?

Likewise, if you meet a woman and are confidently around her and other people, the assumption that she will instinctively make is that you would be better at surviving, thriving and prospering in this world and therefore, her attraction for you will be triggered.

On the other hand, if a woman meets a nervous, self-doubting guy who isn’t able to get along well with others, her survival attraction mechanism will cause her to feel turned off by him.

Having to “carry” an emotionally weak guy like him through life will cost her dearly in terms of mental and emotional energy and happiness. It may also mean that he gets bossed around by alpha males (good guy alpha males and bad boy alpha males) and, as a result, he will probably struggle to provide for her, himself and their offspring.

You see how it works?

Being truly attractive to women is not about what baseball cap you might be wearing or what shoes you just bought, it’s about who you are as a man.

For a woman to see you as a cool guy, she’s going to be instinctively assess what your overall personality represents for her in the immediate and long-term. In other words, would it be beneficial to her survival to hook up with you and then stick by you for life, or are her instincts telling her that you would be more of a burden than a benefit?

You can trigger her survival attraction for you by being confident, charismatic, charming, having a masculine vibe and being able to get along well with her and others.

On the other hand, if you’re nervous and lack the ability to get along well with her and others, her survival attraction switch will be set to “off” and she will feel turned off by you on a deep, fundamental level that is completely outside of her control.

Attraction is automatically switched “on” or “off” based on the personality traits and behaviors that you display around women.

Being nervous doesn’t mean that you can’t make earn a living or provide for her, but for most of human history, it meant that you would be less-likely to survive and prosper in a challenging environment around alpha males.

Our world may be different now (i.e. we have supermarkets, police, media, government, etc), but the attraction instincts of women are still the same. Attraction is an automatic reaction that happens when we perceive traits in the other person that will be beneficial for our survival.

This is why, when it comes to a woman’s attraction for a man, it is not all about looks.

Some modern women will only accept a perfect, male model who has lots of money, but the majority of women still select men based on survival based attraction triggers.

If a guy is good-looking, it does not automatically mean that a woman will have an easy time surviving, prospering and being protected by him throughout life. It just means that he is good-looking.

If you want to be seen as a cool guy, start by improving your ability to attract women with your personality, behavior and confidence. Doing that will have the most powerful and long lasting effect on your coolness to others and your value to women.

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