Masculinity is dead…or is it?

For a lot of modern men, masculinity has been getting attacked by Nivea, L’Oreal, Garnier and all the other cosmetic and beauty houses trying to convince men that they need to look young, fresh and healthy like women.

It’s also being attacked by crazed feminist bloggers who have come to believe that being a man is an evil, toxic thing.

Look through feminist blogs or watch feminist Youtubers and you will quickly discover that they are trying to kill masculinity by claiming that all men are creeps, sleazes, rapists and suppressors of women.

Yet, when you did a little deeper, you find that most women don’t identify themselves as being a feminist and those who do, are usually confused, unattractive or slightly insane women.

Additionally, as I reveal in this video, it has been repeatedly proven that even feminist women prefer more traditional men:

Why Are Modern Men Being Encouraged (and Even Forced) to Behave the Same Way as Women?

Should a man be using moisturizer, plucking his eyebrows, dyeing his gray hair, getting manicures and doing all the housework?

Will he become more attractive to women if he does these things?

The feminisation of men

Essentially that’s what the politically correct portions of the media want you to believe.

In most cases, the media doesn’t have the guts to put an insane, feminists women back in her place and say, “Hey lady…ease up. Not all men are asshole or predators. Most men are good men.”

Instead, they let the insane feminist have a rant because they’d rather not cause any trouble and receive backlash from women.

As a result of the politically correct madness out there, men are becoming more and more confused about what it really means to be a man.

Men are afraid to express masculinity in case an insane feminist gets angry and accuses him of being a chauvinist or potential predator of women.

Amongst all that, millions of men are losing their masculine identity and turning into quite, wussy and secretly pissed off men.

You can’t blame them though.

Everywhere a guy turns, he gets politically correct, confusing messages that aren’t actually going to help him succeed with women in real life.

Sometimes, guys will tell me things like, “I ran into a hairdresser at a party and she said that if I dye my gray hair I’ll be more attractive to women,” or, “I read in a magazine that if I help more with the household chores, I’ll get more sex from my wife.”

He then dies his hair and real women think he is an insecure weirdo who needs to man up and age gracefully.

Likewise, the guy who does all the housework ends up losing the respect of his wife and she stops feeling attracted to him.

Making Men Wussies For Money

Turn on the TV or flick through a men’s magazine and you will be told that you need to be wearing moisturiser to look young and fresh for women.

Look around in real life and you will see that most men who have a hot girlfriend, don’t look like a young, fresh metrosexual.

Instead, they look like a normal guy, with either a skinny, normal or overweight body and average or below average looking face.

That’s reality.

Yet, it’s not the reality that the women’s beauty product manufacturers (who now make men’s beauty products) will tell you.

They’ll tell you that you need to look young, fresh and radiant otherwise women won’t find you attractive.

Statistics show that the male grooming industry has managed to sneak in under the radar and attach itself to men’s psyche, inadvertently making guys believe that if they’re not using a moisturizer, body lotion, or dying their hair and plucking their eyebrows, then there’s something wrong with them.

According to a report by JWT Intelligence, Millennials (guys aged between 18 and 34) are now leading the way when it comes to using, and being okay with using, male skincare and cosmetic products.

75% of men now agree that “Men and women don’t need to conform to traditional roles and behaviors anymore” and that “Gender doesn’t define a person as much as it used to.”

Essentially what’s happened here is that the Millennials have fallen for the media hype and a whopping 60% of American and British men in the 18-34 age group believe that it’s acceptable, and even necessary, for them to use skin care products, with 18% even happy to wear makeup such as foundation or concealer.

In Asia these figures are even bigger.

South Korea is one of the largest consumers of men’s skin care products, alone claiming a fifth of the worldwide sales.

According to the AP, South Korea has now been dubbed “the male makeup capital of the world” where “effeminate male beauty” is now regarded as a sign of social success.

In China the cosmetic market is worth $1 billion and according to Kantar Worldpanel, “Chinese men take greater care in their grooming routines than European men, using products more frequently. Younger male consumers are shifting away from their conservative traditions,” says a senior analyst.

Why would Chinese guys be doing that?

Simple: There are way more men in China than women and when women are in demand, they make guys jump through hoops to be with them…even if what the women are telling guys to do actually makes the guy less attractive.

Women will often say ONE thing and do a completely different thing altogether, as I explain in this video…

In India, teenagers are fuelling the massive, 18% annual growth in men’s cosmetics and in some Indian cities, makeup classes for men have been introduced.¹

It seems that women’s skincare and cosmetics is totally saturated and in order to keep the bucks rolling in, the industry is now capitalizing on the feminization of men – and men are falling for it.

Yet, what does this do for men in real life? Does being more “feminine” make them more attractive to women?

Women Prefer to Settle Down With Feminine Men…or Do They?

To see exactly what type of men women are attracted to, EliteSingles decided to do a study, and lo and behold, it seems that a whopping 76% of the women in the study found feminine men more attractive than their macho counterparts.²

If this study is to be believed, then the skincare and cosmetic companies are definitely on to something.

But not so fast!

A study of 107 American married couples conducted by evolutionary psychologists David Buss and Todd Shackelford seems to disagree.

According to findings of Buss and Shackleford, beautiful women (as determined by averaged ratings of eight teams of male and female interviewers) want it all in a partner: “masculine, physically fit, loving, educated, desirous of home and children, a few years older than themselves and with a high income potential.”

As it turns out, although most women want it all, it seems that only exceptionally beautiful (or wealthy) women seem to “get it all” when it comes to settling down.

So, in order to cope with not being able to get what they really want in a man, many women have had to change their criteria and have subsequently had to forfeit masculinity in exchange for a more feminine guy, who is at least considered good companion and father-material.

In other words, many women go around SAYING that they want a feminine guy, but in reality, they are only saying that to hopefully make the more masculine guys be more feminine so they can then have a chance with them.

Trying to convince men to be wussies, it about hopefully making men feel insecure enough that they then feel the need to impress women and live up to their standards.

Here’s the thing though…

The moment you start trying to live up to women’s impossible, ever changing standards about what it means to be good enough as a man, you lose the game.

They keep coming up with stuff and never let you feel good enough, so they can hopefully get access to higher quality men who are mistakenly thinking that their not good enough.

Get it?

Don’t fall for the BS that women claim is necessary for you to be good enough.

You have to believe in your attractiveness and value to a woman regardless of what a woman says or does to try to make you feel insecure.

If I believed what women SAID about me when asked (e.g. ugly, too short, receding hairline, needs to work out and build muscle), I would have never gotten laid.

Thankfully, I saw through the BS and realized that most women are way easier to pick up than they make themselves out to be.

I simply believed in myself, didn’t try to live up to BS standards that women claim are necessary and as a result, I enjoyed my choice of women for many years…

Dan Bacon - playboy

Dan Bacon - playboy

Dan Bacon - playboy

Dan Bacon - playboy

I then met my beautiful, sexy, young wife…

Dan Bacon - Modern Man - with girlfriend, who is now my wife

Dan Bacon - heading away on a holiday with wife

Dan Bacon wife kissing

My wife was 20 when I met her and I was 35.

We’ve been happily married now for almost 6 years.

When I met her, she was a sexy, hot young chick in a nightclub and there were 50-100 metrosexual guys in the club with big muscles and perfectly plucked eyebrows.

I was wearing fairly casual clothes, was confident as always, hadn’t been working out in the gym at that time and I just went ahead and did my thing.

Next thing you know, her and I were together and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

I didn’t need to wear moisturiser, wear the latest designer clothes, pluck my eyebrows, whiten my teeth or even work out in the gym.

I did it all with confidence and my natural method for attracting women that always works.

50/50 Relationships Don’t Work

My wife is an alpha female and is easily the most challenging, feisty women I’ve ever been with.

Yet, I am the dominant one in the relationship.

If I were to give her a 50/50 relationship (i.e. where we equally share the power), it would fall apart.


Just like most women out there, she doesn’t want that.

She wants to be able to feel girly and feminine in response to my bulletproof masculinity (i.e. my ability to remain confident and maintain the dominant position regardless of what tantrum or test she throws my way).

As a result of allowing her that experience, she sticks to me like super glue and hates to spend any time apart from me.

She knows that if she lets other women hang around when she’s not there, they will try hard to steal me from her.

She’s literally voiced that concern at least 50 times throughout our relationship.

She’s not a needy girl or anything like that.

Instead, she knows what women are like and how secretly thirsty they are to get their hands on a man who can allow them to be a girl.

As a result, my wife feels proud to have me and is always trying harder to improve our relationship, keep me happy and keep me satisfied.

Yes, that often includes morning blowjobs.

Gotta love her.

Anyway, back to the unfortunate situations that other guys find themselves in…

So many guys out there end up in the opposite position in their relationship with a woman (i.e. the guy is always worried about another guy taking his girl).

He becomes increasingly insecure, jealous and clingy, until his woman eventually feels so turned off by him that she either leaves or cheats on him.

He knows what he is doing is wrong, but he can’t stop himself from doing it because he has incorrectly set up a relationship dynamic with the woman being in the power position.

He fell for the politically correct garbage that says men and women are the same and the relationship should be 50/50 in terms of dominance.


The man needs to be the more dominant one.

If he isn’t, his woman will eventually get fed up of him and leave or cheat.

If she doesn’t leave or cheat, she will stop putting out and he’ll be destined for a life of lonely masturbating, while always trying to jump through his woman’s hoops and put up with her increasingly unnecessary demands to hopefully regain her affection.

Yet, he never does.

So, here’s what you need to remember…

Most guys who fall victim to the old, 50/50 BS idea that a man and a woman should be equal in a relationship, don’t actually end up being the woman’s equal.

She gradually or very quickly takes away his power, until she is completely in control of the relationship and can control him with the threat of a break up, or the threat of no more sex.

Guys like that end up getting dumped, cheated on or divorced in high numbers because the woman no longer feels enough respect, attraction and love to justify remaining in a relationship.

Additionally, guys who start a relationship with the woman in the one up position (i.e. she is in the position of power) also suffer a similar fate.

In most cases, the woman never truly loves him, always has one foot out the door ready to leave and almost always cheats or has random sex with guys that she actually finds attractive.

As a result, up to 10% of babies born in some populations end up being raised by sweet, feminine men who are not actually their biological fathers.³

The poor guy thinks he got her pregnant, but it turns out that she was banging a guy from work, or had a one night stand when she went out with her girlfriends and told him that she slept over at her girlfriend’s place.

The Truth About Why Women Like “Pretty Boys”

It seems that guys are being lied to about what women really want.

Although there is nothing wrong with a guy taking care of his appearance, spending more time than a woman fussing over your looks simply isn’t attractive.

According to research conducted in Britain, women prefer “real” men over their “pretty boy” counterparts who spend more time and money primping and preening.

When asked how they felt about men fussing over their looks and spending thousands of dollars to keep themselves “pretty”, most women were in agreement; as one woman put it, “I can’t stand vain high maintenance men. It should never take a man longer to get ready than a woman!”

Another added, “If guys are muscley through a demanding job or keeping fit then great, but if it’s because they spend hours honing certain parts of themselves with no actual interest in their health just their vanity, then that is such a turn off! So effeminate!”

The question is: What drives a man to want to be a pretty boy?

In many cases it has to do with his lack of self confidence.

Many guys who feel shy and insecure around women are easily influenced by the media who is telling them, “If you have six pack abs, women will love you” or, “If you have big biceps and an althetic physique, women will flock to you” or, “If you use this brand name moisturizer, women will find you more attractive,” or “If you hide your gray hair with hair dye, you will get the women you want.”

Yet, women can see when a man is “trying too hard” and are turned off if they can see that he’s doing it all to hide his lack of confidence.

Of course, not all women are turned off by pretty boys.

The are certain types of women who like being the dominant one in a relationship and dating an insecure “pretty boy” means that they can prey on his emotional weakness.

In almost all cases, women who want a guy like that are either unattractive or insecure.

No guy really wants an unattractive woman, but millions of guys will accept her because they can’t get anything else.

On the other hand, most guys will happily accept an insecure woman as long as she’s hot.

Yet, there’s a catch.

If she accepts a guy that she isn’t attracted to (i.e. because he’s a bit of a wussy, is insecure, gives her too much power), she will almost certainly leave him or cheat on him if she meets a more confident guy who makes her feel like he would stick with her.

She was only accepting the insecure guy because she was worried about being dumped (yet again) by a confident guy who can have his choice with women.

Yet, if she meets a confident guy who can have his choice with women and seems to want to only choose her, then she will almost certainly jump ship and leave the insecure guy.

I know this because a huge part of my work every day is helping new guys get women back.

I hear this common storyline played out all over the world, every day, without end.

So, what should a guy do to avoid it?

Don’t get sucked in by the BS on TV telling you that you need to be a pretty boy to be good enough for women.

You are already good enough.

Make women need to impress you to get a chance with you.

Maintain your position of power as a man…

What’s Good for the Goose is Not Good for the Gander

Although the media is doing a great job of convincing guys that they need to be more like women, it’s just not true.

Take for example the concept of coloring gray hair.

Women lose their value on the mating market as they get older, which has nothing to do with how beautiful the woman is as a person.

It’s about her perceived fertility and how that instinctive triggers or turns off a man’s attraction.

How a woman's attractiveness changes throughout her life

Most men feel naturally attracted to women who are healthy, of breeding age and physically attractive. This is about her perceived fertility and ability to produce healthy, good looking offspring (which is what really triggers sexual attraction) and not about how beautiful she is as a person. An old lady might be a beautiful person, but that isn’t what is going to attract a man who’s body is instinctively looking for a healthy, fully developed woman on breeding age who is good looking. On the other hand, most women can feel sexually attracted to older men for reasons discussed below.

Men are naturally programmed to be attracted to younger, better looking (healthier) women because a woman’s fertility starts to decline in her mid-thirties and ends when she reaches menopause.

For this reason, women need to use products such as moisturizers, makeup and hair dye to make themselves appear younger so that they can attract men.

However, the same principle does not apply to men.

Men do NOT have to make themselves look younger to be attractive to women.

In fact, science can prove that a man’s maturity actually plays in his favor.

According to zoologist Stephen Proulx, females are attracted to more mature looking males because it shows that he’s been able to survive and not be killed by other males.

Instinctively (not consciously), to a woman, this is indicative that he must be genetically superior to other guys.⁶

Even though most guys don’t get killed these days because we live in a civil society, attraction is still based on ancient, primal triggers.

We’ve only been living in big, supermarket cities for less than 1% of human history.

Our attraction is partially based on what’s happening in today’s world, but most of it is based on primal instincts that haven’t changed for a long, long time.

For most of human history, women would pair up with older men because they could provide resources and security, which would allow her to raise offspring to be functioning adults.

Compare that to what a younger guy would be able to offer a woman in a small tribe or village and you will understand why a woman has a primal instinct to pair up with a more mature man.

So, in today’s world, when a man tries to hide his maturity by using botox to get rid of his wrinkles, wearing a toupee to hide his hair loss, or dies his hair to cover the gray, he becomes unattractive to women.

Women look at him as being a confused guy who doesn’t understand what really triggers attraction in women.

He’s been sucked in by the politically correct, profit motivated messages that are out there trying to convince men to be more like women.

As one concerned wife put it, “Let’s face it, men with dyed hair always look a bit odd – it looks wrong, somehow. Think of John Travolta – I don’t want my husband to look like that!”

Are Women Secretly Turned Off by Men Who Do Housework?

The feminization of men: Housework

The feminization of men isn’t just about brainwashing men into using beauty products.

It’s also about brainwashing men into thinking, feeling, behaving and acting like traditional women.

A common example is how often you will hear TV hosts, guests on TV shows and feminists saying that men should either do all the housework (to hopefully then get laid by their girlfriend or wife. Are you kidding me?!), or they should do most of it.

Here’s the thing…

As I mentioned earlier, when a woman dominates her boyfriend or husband in the relationship, she loses respect for him and as a result, also loses her sexual desire for him.

According to a study in the American Sociological Review (based on data taken from the National Survey of Families and Households), sociologists say that married men who spend more time doing traditionally women’s chores, such as cooking, vacuuming, laundry and shopping, report having sex 1.5 times less per month than husbands who don’t help out that much.

In the study, men who mainly did what are considered manly chores, such as fixing the car or taking out the trash are not only getting more sex, but their wife is more sexually satisfied.⁷

In other words, don’t listen to the insane feminists on Twitter, blogs or Youtube.

Those women are batshit crazy.

They are the same type of women who demanded that men in the 90s start showing more emotion and crying.

In response, millions of confused guys turned into what were called SNAGs (Sensitive New Aged Guys).

What happened to the SNAGs?

They got cheated on, dumped or divorced in overwhelming numbers.

Women then started using their voice in the media to say, “Where are all the men?”

Answer: You turned them into wussies by asking them to express emotions and cry like women!

Solution: Don’t listen to women who tell you that being a man is bad.

Women Are Actually Happier With Sexist Men

A study, entitled, “Why are Benevolent Sexists Happier”, conducted by psychologists on 6,000 New Zealanders, found that women are happier in relationships with sexist men.

The study also states, “Research indicates that the endorsement of sexist ideology is linked to higher subjective wellbeing for both men and women.”

Essentially, what this study suggests is that a couple’s well-being and sexual satisfaction is increased when both the man and the woman stick to what have always been perceived as “traditional” roles within the home.

In other words:

Be a man and let your woman be a woman.

Don’t get sucked in by the insane feminists who tell you that you and your girlfriend or wife should be gender neutral.


Your woman is your woman and you are her man.

Behave like that and you will be happy.

I know this from personal experience as well, being happily married for nearly 6 years now.


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Recent studies prove traditional gender roles bring greatest happiness

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