“When is a man in his prime?” is one of those questions guaranteed to get you a whole bunch of different answers.

Finding the answer you’re looking for really depends on your definition of prime and whether or not you’re asking it because your real aim is to attract women.

For example: Medical evidence suggests a man reaches his sexual peak at around 18 years of age, but physiological studies have shown that physical endurance peaks at around 22 years of age because it’s at this point a man’s maximum heart rate reaches its peak.

Physical strength peaks at around 30 years of age because a man’s muscle mass begins to steadily decline from this point forward. Yet, is being in your prime all about muscles and strength or is it about who you are as a man and what you’ve been able to achieve?

Many guys go through life thinking that women are mostly attracted to guys because of their looks, physical strength and money. While it is true that some women prefer guys to be tall, good looking, fit and wealthy, the majority of women are much more flexible about what they feel attracted to in a guy.

A guy does not have to be in prime physical condition to be attractive to women. What really matters to most women is whether or not he still has the potential to succeed and the potential to deepen her feelings of love, respect and attraction over time. As long as a man has that potential, he is a man in his prime.

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As for a man’s mental prime, psychological studies have shown that he reaches his problem solving peak at around 19 years of age but his memory peaks at around 28 years of age, and then at around 45 years of age his brain cells begin to go into decline.

So, if you take all of the above stats into consideration, you could say a man is in his prime from the age of 18 years all the way through to 45 years, but is that really the case? Again, it depends on how you define prime.

If you want to know when a man is in his prime in terms of his potential to become an Olympic champion, then there’s plenty of scientific research to help you pinpoint the prime age range in which athletes reach physical perfection in each individual sport, but what about other aspects of life; when is a man in his prime in terms of relationships?

The Prime of Your Life

Well, some psychological studies have concluded that a man reaches his prime in relationship terms in his early 30s and they base this on the simple principle that it’s at this stage in a man’s life that he normally begins to feel more confident in his ability to make sound judgements and more mature in his overall outlook on life, yet he still maintains his youthful levels of energy.

Yet, if this is the case, does it mean that it’s all downhill from there; does a man’s value on the “mating market” plummet from his early 30s onwards?

It’s known that a woman’s ability to conceive begins to decline in her mid-30s and it’s for this reason that the popular opinion of a woman being past her prime at this stage in her life exists.

Of course, it once again all depends on your definition of prime because while there’s plenty of medical evidence to support the fact that a woman is past her childbearing prime in her late 30s, there’s just as much anecdotal evidence to support the idea that a woman’s sexual appetite actually tends to increase as she reaches this stage in her life.

The popular opinion among psychologists is that women are simply more confident and more secure about their body image at this age compared to in their 20s so they are able to relax and let go in their sex lives and enjoy more orgasms as a result. The growing interest in cougars on the dating scene certainly backs up this theory.

However, there can be no denying that a woman’s value on the mating market declines with age and this is because men are instinctively attracted to youthful physical attributes that make a woman stand out as good “breeding stock.” It’s all about reproduction and the survival of the species in a man’s mind, but it’s exactly the same for women.

Women are instinctively attracted to alpha males, and the attributes they are innately programmed to seek out in a man all revolve around his ability to be a “provider and protector.” So, for this reason, it’s not all downhill for a man from his early 30s onwards and his value on the mating market can actually continue to increase if he approaches his life correctly.

Prime Time

Okay, so if a man’s mating value never actually declines, when is a man in his prime? Well, consider the following dictionary definition:

Prime (noun): A time of greatest vigor or success in a person’s life.

If you want to be in the prime of your life as a man, you need to be in a time of achieving your greatest success. So when is that?

You see, there’s no answer to that question because each man’s definition of success is entirely individual to them and it’s not dependent on his age. It’s not your age or stage of life that decides whether or not you’ve reached your prime, it’s your attitude and your approach to life.

When you develop alpha male qualities, you not only make yourself irresistibly attractive to women, you also develop the traits that allow you to go after what you want in life and go on to achieve your dreams and ambitions.

These traits include genuine self-confidence and true masculinity, both of which are demonstrated through your mental and emotional strength and ability to take whatever life throws at you in your stride.

These are qualities that make you stand out as a modern-day “provider and protector”, a man who is respected by others, and a man all women feel sexually attracted to on a deep level.

A man can effectively be in his prime throughout his entire life if he adopts an attitude of continually learning how to improve himself and never seeing age as a barrier to achieving his true potential.

Having purpose in life makes a man extremely attractive in a woman’s eyes, and irrespective of his age or outer appearance, his potential to provide for her and protect her, allowing her to feel like a woman in the process, is always the main attraction.

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