When you speak to a woman, she will scan your conversation for clues to determine what you are really like as a man. As she listens to what you are saying (and not saying), she will ask herself questions like:

  • Is he on my level?
  • Is he a cool guy? Would he be cool enough to hang out with me and my friends?
  • What would the sex be like?
  • Would he behave like a man or a boy in the bedroom?
  • Am I actually attracted to him?
  • Would he fit into my life?
  • Are we compatible?
  • Would I fit into his life?
  • Does he understand me?
  • Does he understand what women are actually attracted to in a man?
  • Is he a man or a boy?
  • How much of a man is he compared to other guys I know?
  • Do people like him?
  • Is he a loser?
  • Would other guys respect him?
  • What do other women think of him?
  • Is he trying to impress me?
  • Does he think that he isn’t good enough for me?
  • Does he usually attract women of my caliber?
  • Would I want to talk to him again?
  • What would a relationship be like with him?

…and so on.

As Ben says in The Ultimate Guide to Conversation, “The first 3 minutes of conversation with a woman are like a movie trailer…” and give her an idea of what life would be like with you.

During the first 3 minutes, a woman will scan your conversation for clues to find out what life with you would be like. Would it be boring, fun, exciting, interesting, passionate, loving, weird, awkward, average, dangerous, depressing? Would it be an amazing blockbuster movie, or a box-office flop?

The fact that women scan your conversation for clues and then decide on how much they like you is a GOOD thing. Why? Women are very predictable in terms of what they will feel attraction for when talking to a guy.

Once you understand how to communicate with women in a way that sparks and builds attraction, you find it incredibly easy to talk your way into sex and loving relationships with the women you meet.

Most women are attracted to men who are confident, driven, masculine, funny and who know what they want out of life.

When you communicate those traits (and more) during conversation, you AUTOMATICALLY attract women on various levels. It doesn’t take any more effort on your part to get the woman interested. She will naturally like you and want to keep talking to you.

I could go on now and list off a bunch of great things for you to say to women that demonstrate the qualities I mentioned above, but doing that won’t completely fix your problems. It’s like the old saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime…”

Being great at conversation isn’t just about learning a few lines. If you really want to know how to talk to women in a way that sparks and builds their attraction, you have to use a combination of conversation techniques, all of which we teach in The Ultimate Guide to Conversation.

When you use the techniques from The Ultimate Guide to Conversation, it will seem like you have discovered a hidden “magical” power for attracting women and making them fall in love with you almost instantly.

Unlike the boring conversations she’s had with other guys, the conversation between you and her will be exactly what she’s been looking for all along. It will be more exciting, fulfilling and meaningful and this will make her want you over all the other guys available.

She won’t be able to get you out of her mind. Interested in learning how to have that affect on women? Listen to The Ultimate Guide to Conversation now

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