In today’s world, it can sometimes seem as though women don’t really care if they have a man or not and are perfectly happy on their own.

However, the truth is that women deeply love men and they need a man in their life to be able to experience the type of happiness that comes from the love between a man and a woman.

So, if you ever find yourself thinking that women don’t really want you, need you or care to have a man in their life at all, remember these 9 points and you will understand that you are an important and essential part of a woman’s life…

1. Men make women feel girly and feminine, which makes them happy and turns them on sexually

Feminine girly women
One of the reasons why women love men is that a man’s natural masculinity (i.e. how he thinks, feels, behaves, takes action) makes her feel girly in comparison to him.

The more feminine a woman feels around a man, the more sexually attracted she will feel and the happier she will be deep down.

Although modern women now take on very masculine roles in society (e.g. boss at work, leader of a country, UFC fighter, etc), deep down they still want to be able to feel feminine and girly in their private, romantic relationship with a man.

In today’s world, millions of women get caught up in a career and take on a masculine attitude and way of being for much of their 20s and early 30s until they end up feeling depressed because they just don’t feel like a woman anymore.

Women like this often find it difficult to attract a masculine man who is emotionally stronger than her and has the ability to make her feel girly, without her having to change who she is.

Since she has a more masculine way of being, she tends to attract feminine or neutral men, but that’s not what she really wants deep down.

She wants a man who is more masculine than her, but who doesn’t need her to change or be softer around him. He’s so masculine that her masculine way of being is feminine compared to him.

Yet, such men usually prefer very feminine women and overlook women like her because as a masculine man, he has his choice of women, rather than having to take whatever he can get like other men (e.g. feminine men, neutral men, insecure men, nervous nice guys, etc).

When you are the type of man who can make any woman feel feminine and girly in comparison to you, it simply doesn’t get any easier to pick up women.

Right now, the easiest women in the world to pick up are those who struggle to find a guy who is emotionally stronger than them and more masculine in the way that he thinks, behaves and takes action in life.

When you are the kind of man who can make a woman like her feel feminine, then you will find it extremely easy to make a feminine woman feel girly around you.

Making her feel feminine

At that point, you will have the choice of having a feminine woman, a neutral woman or a woman who has a more masculine way of being.

You literally have your choice of women and whatever turns you on the most, is yours for the taking.

So, if you ever feel as though women don’t really want you, need you or care about you, what you really need to understand is that the most important thing to focus on is getting the fundamental masculine/feminine dynamic right between you and women.

When you interact with a woman, don’t come across as being neutral and don’t suppress your masculinity in an attempt to be nice around her.

Doing either of those things will not turn a woman on or excite her. She wants to feel and experience your masculinity, which will turn her on and make her want to be with you.

2. Men can be a boyfriend, husband, father or grandfather, which is something a woman cannot do

A very important reason why women love men is due to the fact that only a man can truly be a boyfriend, husband, father or grandfather.

When a man takes on one of those roles and is someone that she can look up to and respect, it brings a level of happiness and fulfillment to a woman that almost can’t be expressed with words.

It’s kind of like trying to explain the enjoyment that you get from eating your favorite food, compared to a food that you find boring and tasteless.

It might be difficult to describe the feeling you get when eating your favorite food, but you know that it’s much more enjoyable than the experience you have when eating the boring, tasteless food.

The same applies when a man properly takes on the role of being a boyfriend, husband, father or grandfather.

He is someone that she can look up to and respect and he is also someone that she is attracted to and excited to be in love with.

She is happy to be with him and she loves the masculine dynamic that he adds into her life and to those lives of those around them.

Men make women feel feminine, which turns them on

Only a man can bring that pure, masculine dynamic into a situation, which is one of the reasons why women not only love men, but need a man in their life.

Sometimes, you will hear female pop singers and celebrities talking about how they don’t need a man (e.g. remember that old song from Beyonce about not needing a man?), but those same women will change within a year or two and end up falling madly in love with a man and saying how happy they are with him.

So, if you ever hear women talking about not needing a man and saying that they are perfectly fine on their own, just smile with the understanding that she will change soon enough.

If she meets a man who makes her feminine and who she can look up to and respect, she’s not going to ignore him and keep him out of her life based on her old comments about not needing a man.

He is going to make her feel that only a masculine man can make a woman feel and she’s going to want all of that for herself, before another woman comes along and takes him.

3. Men are proud to provide for a woman, whereas women hate that role

Throughout human history, men have always been the gender who provided food, shelter and protection for women.

When a man is able to accomplish this for a woman or for his family, he feels proud and everyone looks up to him and respects him.

However, that is not a role that 99% of women want to take on.

Almost all women don’t want to find themselves in a situation where a man is unable to provide for her and simply sits around at home while she goes out into the world and takes on a masculine role.

Although some women won’t admit this when asked, what they really want is to be able to relax into being a feminine woman who is being provided for and protected by a masculine man.

When you are the sort of guy who makes a woman feel as though you have the potential to be a provider, a switch will be flicked inside of her and she will naturally feel drawn to you.

However, it isn’t something that she wants you to come out and tell her. She wants to be able to discover that on her own as she gets to know you.

A mistake that some guys make when meeting women is to talk about their work achievements, business goals or expensive material possessions in the hopes that will impress a woman because he could provide for her.

However, that is not how pick up works.

A woman doesn’t want to hear about those sorts of things initially because she doesn’t want to feel as though she is being bought by a guy.

She wants to be able to feel a natural attraction for the guy’s personality, behavior and inner qualities (e.g. his confidence, charisma, ability to make her laugh, making her feel feminine in comparison to his masculinity, etc).

After she feels attracted to him, she will then become interested in the type of guy he is and if he has long term potential.

When a woman finds out that you are the sort of guy who is rising through the levels of life and reaching for your true potential as a man, she will naturally want to align herself with you.

You do not have to already be successful to make her feel that way.

You simply have to be on your way to achieving success in life, so the woman can feel safe that she will be with a man who could potentially provide for her and any offspring in future.

This will then flick the “Mother Switch” in her mind where she begins to think about breeding with you to start a family.

It doesn’t matter if she is 20, 30 or even 50 – the same type of attraction switch is flicked when a woman meets a guy who seems to have the capability of being a provider.

Even if she doesn’t want children right now or is too old to have children, a woman still wants to align herself with a guy who is happy to take on the provider role.

A man’s willingness to take on the role of provider allows a woman to relax into being a feminine woman, where she doesn’t have to think, feel, act and behave like a man in the world in order to provide for herself or others.

She has a man who is willing to take on that role and although he might not achieve success for 10 or more years, she will stick with him if he is capable of becoming successful one day.

This is something that women will rarely admit to your face, but it’s how nature works and what women really respond to.

4. Men are purpose driven, which matches well with love-driven women

Another thing that women love about men is how a man will have purpose in life based on achieving his biggest goals, dreams and ambitions.

For example: A man might want to be an elite athlete, be a high ranking official in the armed forces to make a difference for his country or the world, become a mayor of a town or city to make a difference, create a business that changes the world, solve problems that will help lots of people, etc.

This matches up with the typical nature of feminine women, which is for her to be more focused on love and relationships.

Although most women won’t admit this to your face, she would prefer to be able to simply focus on being in love with her man and enjoying the relationship with him, their family, extended family and friends.

Most women just want to be in love

Some women are very career focused and they of course do an excellent job, but deep down, most women really want to be able to feel free to focus more on love and relationships.

They want to fall madly in love with a guy and then relax into being his woman, rather than having to continue taking on a more masculine role in life (e.g. having big career goals, trying to fix problems and change the world).

If you look at the women who are very career focused and place less importance on love and relationships, you will notice that they lack femininity, appear stressed and depressed and seem to take on traditionally masculine behaviors and gestures.

There’s nothing wrong with a woman taking on a career and making a difference in the world, but deep down, all women love a man who has the ability to make her want to be a feminine woman who is more focused on love and relationships.

5. Men make women feel safe

It’s a fact of nature that men are usually physically stronger than women.

Men are usually braver and more willing to put themselves in harms way to protect their loved ones.

On the other hand, most women tend to cry, cower and scream out for help when they are in danger, in the hope that someone else will protect them.

Of course, there are some women are very protective and strong, but generally speaking, men have always been the ones who have protected women and the people around them.

This is another thing that makes a woman feel feminine in comparison to a man, which makes her love him all the more.

Making a woman feel safe is not about going around beating up other men or being aggressive.

It’s simply about being emotionally tough enough to handle situations that come your way, rather than making her feel as though she needs to protect you.

6. Men make women laugh

Men make women laugh
When women are asked what they find most attractive in a guy, a sense of humor always ranks highest along with confidence.

What a “sense of humor” really means is that she is attracted to a guy who makes her laugh, giggle and feel good around him.

Life can often get very challenging at times and it’s very easy for people to feel depressed or stressed and start to hate the idea of living at all.

However, one of the great things about men is our emotional strength in challenging moments, where we are able to turn a situation into something to laugh or smile about, rather than letting it bring us down.

When a woman meets a man who is able to make her laugh and smile (especially when she is being cold around him or is in a bad mood), she will appreciate him so much more because his type of personality is going to be an asset to her for life.

His sense of humor will make it easier to keep a relationship together, it will be easier to remain happy and life’s going to feel a whole lot better when he is there to bring a smile to her face and have a laugh with her.

7. Men give a woman’s life more meaning

Men give a woman's life more meaning

If a woman isn’t career driven or doesn’t have much of a purpose, her life isn’t going to have a lot of meaning unless she is love with a man and has a great relationship with him.

Since most women are not purpose driven and don’t want to spend their life focused on a career, their relevance in this world and their sense of identity comes from being in a relationship or marriage with a man.

The man is able to make her become his girlfriend, fiancé and then wife and he’s then able to turn her into a mother.

This makes her feel as though her life has purpose and meaning, rather than her having to search for purpose and meaning by following a career path or trying to change the world like men do.

8. Men are dependable

Most women change their mind like the weather, whereas most men are much more dependable and reliable
Unlike women who tend to change their mind like the weather and go back on promises simply based on not feeling the same way anymore, men are much more dependable and reliable in the long run.

When a man makes a decision, he usually makes that decision based on a long-term perspective of what he is trying to achieve from a particular situation.

This is something that women love about men because, regardless of whether a woman changes her mind every second, a man will keep pushing forward and lead himself, her and others to a better life.

When confused guys follow the direction of women, they often find themselves going around in circles and getting frustrated at women for changing their mind all the time.

However, real men know that women don’t want to take the lead in a relationship (not in business or politics. I’m talking about relationships).

Although a woman wants her man to respect her and take her opinion into account, she ultimately wants the man to be the one who leads the way to a better life and doesn’t get distracted by her constant change in mood or goals.

9. Men have created much of the technology that has brought us to this point as a human race

If it weren’t for men, we probably wouldn’t have computers, smart phones, cars, planes and other cool inventions that have transformed the way humans live and interact.

This doesn’t mean that women haven’t played an important role in society, but it is simply to point out the fact that men have always played a very special role in the development of the human race.

Since most men are more purpose-driven than women are and have a long-term perspective about achieving things and don’t get distracted like most women do, amazing breakthroughs have been made and revolutionary technologies have changed the world.

Of course, in today’s world, women have entered the workforce and are making huge contributions to humanity and are changing the world in their own unique way.

Women have brought a lot more tolerance, love and understanding to the world it has definitely made the world a better man.

However, the fact that is men have created most of the technology and have taken on the lion’s share of the work to get humanity to this point.

This is something that women instinctively love about men who are relentless in their efforts to make this world a better place for all.

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