Guys often ask The Modern Man for advice on what impresses women the most.

Recently, some guys have been asking about the types of jobs that impress women the most. Some of these guys assume that if they have the right look or the right job, they will be able to attract the women they want.

Yet, that’s not always the case. Yes, women are impressed by certain jobs (e.g. doctor, lawyer, businessman, athlete, etc), but having a job like that doesn’t automatically guarantee that you will attract a hot woman and be able to keep her happy when in a relationship.

Before we get into what really impresses a woman, let’s have a look at some jobs that do impress women:

  1. High paying jobs (e.g. businessman, lawyer, doctor, stockbroker, investor).
  2. Jobs where the man is the leader (e.g. manager, boss, CEO, professor).
  3. Jobs where a guy is doing something masculine (e.g. fireman, policeman, military, MMA fighter).
  4. Jobs that require a man to be very confident with people (e.g. leader, foreman, boss, public speaker).

Why Most Men Don’t Really Care What Job a Woman Does

Why most men don't care what a woman does for a living

Chances are that every time you go out to a public place, you will spot at least 2 or 3 women you feel attracted to, and given the opportunity, would want to have sex with, right? Why is that?

Simple. Most men are more attracted to a woman’s physical appearance than anything else about her. If a woman is beautiful (or even just reasonably attractive), most guys will feel more than enough attraction to be willing to have sex with her, regardless of what she does for a job.

It also doesn’t even matter whether or not she’s a nice person, interesting or a smart; her looks are enough. Most guys that an attractive woman will meet in her life will be open to having sex with her, or starting a relationship with her, even if they don’t like her personality or see any potential for a successful relationship with her.

Women on the other hand are different.

Most women are more attracted to the things in men that cannot be seen. In other words, a woman is more likely to overlook a guy’s appearance if he has a great personality that makes her feel attracted.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that a woman will be attracted to an ugly, dirty, smelly guy who is on welfare and lives in a cardboard box just because he has a “great personality.”

Looks, money and jobs do matter to women, but only as far as they add to a man’s overall attractiveness. Yes, a woman does like the idea of a man being able to have his say in the world, because the idea of being with a man who is going to struggle to put food on the table is not appealing to most women.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to get some special type of job before you will be attractive to women. Women are just as attracted to men who have ordinary jobs but have the potential to become more powerful and successful in their lives.

In fact, if you have a job that is “impressive” but are unhappy, and because of that, you end up going day to day without making any plans for the future; you are more likely to be unattractive to a woman than if you had an ordinary or even dull job, but you were enthusiastically working towards achieving great things in your life.

If women weren’t attracted to guys with ordinary jobs, then the only guys with girlfriends would be the guys with jobs that impress women. However, if you look at the guys who have girlfriends, that obviously isn’t the case.

Millions of guys who work as a janitor, bus driver or as a low paid office worker still manage to attract hot girlfriends and even get married to those women. The truth is, most women will overlook a man’s physical appearance if he is moving forward in his life towards his biggest goals and ambitions like a real man should.

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If a guy is good looking, or has a really impressive job, but has no self confidence, is really nervous and insecure around women and lacks the ability to make a woman feel sexual attraction for him, most women will NOT say, “Oh it’s okay. I’ll put up with his weaknesses as a man because I’m just SO impressed by his looks/job!”

This is the main reason why you’ve probably seen plain, or even fat or “ugly” guys dating really hot women. You’ve probably even thought to yourself, “What has he got that I don’t? I bet he must be really rich or he probably has one of those jobs that impress women,” right? Wrong!

Most guys are just average guys who are getting by in life and trying to find happiness, love and fulfillment. There isn’t really any amazingly special about them apart from the fact that they know how to make a woman feel attracted.

3 Ways to Impress Women Without Having an Amazing Job

Rather than wasting years of your life thinking that you’re not good enough for women because you don’t have an impressive job, you should focus on being impress to women right now.

1. Be a confident man

If you can be the type of guy who has the confidence to walk up to an attractive woman and hit on her in the right way, then you are the type of guy who is going to have his choice with women.

If you can talk to a woman in a confident, relaxed and easy going way, she will naturally feel attracted to you and will open up to talking to you and even kissing you, having sex and possibly going into a relationship with you.

Women are attracted to the strength in men and repelled by weakness and nothing denotes strength more than confidence and self belief. Without confidence, your ability to attract women will always be diminished.

It doesn’t matter how good of a man you are, a woman will never be able to maintain her respect and attraction for you in a relationship if you lack confidence in yourself as a man.

2. Use flirting to create attraction

Flirting is the secret, unspoken language that men and women use to communicate their sexual interest to each other. It’s a safe, discreet way of building sexual tension and expressing sexual interest, without being sleazy or creepy about it.

Remember: Attractive women get hit on all the time, but if they don’t feel attraction for a guy, they will reject him. There is no better way to build attraction than to flirt with a woman and make her feel sexy in your eyes.

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3. Be a great conversationalist

For most guys, getting past the first few minutes of conversation is usually the hardest part.

Talking to women is easy to do when you’re confident and you focus on making the woman feel attracted to you. When a woman feels attracted to a guy, she will almost always make it easy for him to talk to her, unless she is testing his confidence him by playing hard to get.

Throughout a conversation, a woman will always be trying to assess your mental and emotional strength to see if you’re strong enough for a woman like her. This is a woman’s natural instinct to make sure that she finds a compatible guy who can handle her and make her feel the type of attraction she really wants to experience.

Choose a Job That You Really Love, Not a Job That You Hope Will Impress Women

You can waste a lot of time worrying about jobs that impress women, or you can realize that what women really want to see is that you are a confident man who is going after his biggest dreams and ambitions in life.

As a man, you need to do the job that brings you happiness, challenges you and makes you wake up in the morning feeling excited because you can’t wait to move forward and achieve what you’re aiming for.

If you get into a job to hopefully impress women and still don’t even know how to attract women during an interaction, most women really aren’t going to care what you do for a living. Despite your great job, she just isn’t going to be feeling the type of sexual attraction that she really wants to feel.

If you want to be successful with women, the main thing that you need to master is your ability to trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside of a woman when you talk to her and interact with her…

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