In some cases, a woman is out of your league because it’s a very difficult or near impossible pickup, like she’s a Victoria’s Secret model or something like that.

Yet, in pretty much every other case, it’s an easy pickup if you just make a couple of changes.

So, in most cases, a woman is going to be out of your league when you see her as being too pretty for you, or too beautiful for you when she’s actually not.

She is in your league, but you’re looking at her as being too good for you.

In other cases, a woman is going to be out of your league when you’re not yet at the level where you can handle interactions with her.

You’ll be talking with her and she’ll say something that catches you off guard and you won’t really know what to say.

You’re stuck, lost for words and you don’t really know how to handle the situation.

Thankfully, in both of those cases, you can make a quick fix and successfully attract the woman.

So, in this video, I’m going to give you 3 tips on how to attract and date a woman who is out of your league, so she’s no longer out of your league and instead she’s in your bed ,with her leg spread. Tip number 1…

1. Know that a woman’s type changes based on who she dates, has sex with, or has a relationship with

If you ask a woman what her type of guy is, she will usually be able to answer that and tell you a whole list of qualities, but those qualities will change based on who she dates, has sex with and has a relationship with.

For example: You might have heard some women say about their boyfriend or husband, “I wasn’t initially attracted to him, but once we talked there was a spark between us, we fell in love and the rest is history.”

What the woman is saying there, is that the guy wasn’t her type initially.

When she saw him, she didn’t think, “Wow, that guy’s handsome, I want to be with him,” but when they talked to each other, the man was able to interact with her in such a way that created a spark between himself and her.

He was then able to build on the attraction that they felt for each other and they fell in love and have stayed together ever since.

The same applies for guys, by the way.

Many guys go through life saying, “I just like blondes” or, “I only like brunettes” or, “I only sleep with women from this particular race” or, “I only like tall women or short women.”

Yet, if a guy has been sleeping with nothing but blondes and he then meets a woman with dark brown hair and really feels attracted to her and loves her, then his type is going to start to change.

He will begin to prefer that type of woman because that type of woman makes him feel more attraction.

So, it’s important to understand that when you meet a woman who you perceive to be out of your league, or you think that she wouldn’t date a guy like you, her type can change.

Just like your type can change in women if you sleep with different types of women, her type can change too.

If you interact with her and you make her feel attracted to you as you talk to her, then she’s going to look at you as a guy that she is attracted to.

She’s going to start thinking, “Wow, I really like this guy. I like the way that he looks. I’m not normally into guys like him, but this guy seems kind of cute. I like him.”

She then opens herself up to what can happen next.

Whether that be you get her phone number and set up a date, or you get to a first kiss on the first day or night that you meet her, or you have sex on the first night, or you get to a date and have sex and start a relationship.

If you then get into a relationship with her and she falls in love with you, then you are going to be her new type.

She loves you and everything about you, even though she previously didn’t think that she was interested in guys who looked like you do.

Now she is in love with you, having sex with you all week, going to the movies with you and planning a future with you.

She’s your girl now.

2. Know that if you pass most of a woman’s confidence tests, you’re better than 99% of guys that she has met

Here’s the thing…

If you want an unattractive woman for a girlfriend, then she’s usually not going to put you through confidence tests.

She’s not going to worry about whether or not you’re confident enough for a girl like her because she just wants to get yourself a guy.

Yet, if you want attractive women for sex or relationships, then they are going to put you through confidence tests.

An attractive woman wants to know how confident you really are.

Do you honestly believe that you are good enough for her, or are you just hoping to get a chance with her and hoping that she will be gentle and nice and sweet with you and support you all of the way?

She need to know how confident you really are.

So, what an attractive woman will do, is that she’ll be a bit challenging at times.

She’ll try to catch you off guard and see if she can make you lose confidence in yourself.

If you don’t lose confidence in yourself, maintain your confidence and know that you are good enough for her, then you are going to be better than 99% of the guys that she has met in her life.

Pretty much every guy that an attractive woman meets will fail her confidence tests.

They’re unable to handle the pressure, because they just don’t think that they’re good enough for her.

So, what’s an example of how it works?

Well, imagine that a guy is interacting with an attractive woman and he says something like, “I really enjoy reading books. I like to read about history. There’s so much you can learn about the past and then apply to today’s life. Reading is one of my favorite things to do.”

Then the attractive woman says something like, “Oh, so you’re a nerd then, huh?”

For most guys, when an attractive woman says that to them, they will worry that they’re losing their chance with her.

“Oh no. She thinks I’m a nerd. She is losing interest in me. I’ve just come across as a nerdy guy who reads books, therefore, I won’t get access inside of her panties. I’ve screwed up. I’ve lost my chance with her. I’m going to have to try really hard to impress her now.”

On the other hand, a guy who maintains his confidence and doesn’t see her as being out of his league, will have the confidence to say something like, “Yeah, I’m a handsome nerd. I usually wear Coke bottle thick glasses, but today I’m wearing contacts,” to make fun of what she’s saying and let her see that he’s not a nerdy guy.

Alternatively, he might say something like, “Yes, I’m a nerd. You like nerds, don’t you? You’re into nerds” and laugh at her in a playful way.

Essentially, he won’t fail her confidence test.

He won’t crumble under her fake pressure.

He will maintain his confidence and know that he is good enough for her.

He won’t start worrying and thinking that he’s losing her because she’s referring to him as a nerd, or if she said that his shirt doesn’t look cool or asked why he doesn’t shave his beard because it’s a bit too bushy or whatever.

He doesn’t take that stuff seriously.

He knows that attractive women say things to men, to see if the man will lose confidence in himself.

So, the next time you’re interacting with an attractive woman and she says something to see if she can catch you off guard, just relax.

Take your time to answer her.

Say something a bit playful.

Mess with her.

Don’t take it so seriously and so on.

Let her see that you’re not losing confidence in yourself just because she said something to you.

3. Know that most women are only acting as though they are out of your league

Many women do this as a trick to get men to treat them better and it works because most guys don’t realize how hungry most women are for love, sex and a relationship.

Women act as though they don’t need anything, but secretly, they feel horrible about the fact that they are single and lonely, while their girlfriends or siblings from their family are happy and in relationships.

So, here’s how it works…

Sometimes when you meet a beautiful woman, she will think that she’s out of your league (i.e. she’s too good for you) until you pass her confidence tests and show her that you’re not doubting yourself around her.

When you’re able to show her that you do see yourself as being good enough for her (or better, more than good enough for her), then she starts to see you as a guy who is in her league.

You are the type of guy who can handle her and make her feel attracted and you’re not secretly panicking on the inside, hoping to get a chance with a woman who is way out of your league.

You see her as being in your league, you feel good enough for her and you’re confident as a result of that.

Yet, in other cases, a woman will see you as being in her league (i.e. you are good enough for her, or you might even be too good for her) and she will like you and will want to be with you, but she will put on an act as though she is better than you, more valuable than you and you would need to do a lot to impress her.

You’ve got to understand that many women use that as a trick to get men to treat them better.

It works for women because most guys out there look at a woman as being out of their league if they see her as being pretty.

They think, “Oh, I probably won’t be able to get her. She wouldn’t like a guy like me. I’m probably not her type. I don’t have a chance. I won’t even talk to her.

So, for most guys, when they talk to a woman that they see as being pretty or attractive, they’re secretly thinking, “Wow, I’d be really lucky to get a chance with this girl. She’s out of my league. I’m going to have to try hard to hopefully get her to like me.”

Essentially, he’s looking at her as being out of his league when she isn’t.

She would hook up with him.

She would go on a date with him, she would get into a relationship with him, but she’s putting on an act as though she is hard to get.

She’s acting as though she’s not really feeling much attraction.

So, how do you get around that?

How do you get the woman who is acting like she is out of your league, when she isn’t?

What to do is very simple.

You’ve just got to make sure that you look at women as being in your league.

You’ve got to think of yourself as being good enough.

To back that up, you’ve got to make women feel attracted to you as you talk to them.

It’s not enough to just say, “I’m good enough, all the women in the world would be so lucky to be with me” and then you go and meet a woman who is attractive and you’re thrown off by it.

You’re thinking, “I’m not good enough for her. She’s too pretty for me.”

That approach isn’t going to work.

If you want to feel confident around attractive women, you’ve got to back it up by being able to make women feel attracted to you as you talk to her.

How can you do that?

With the example I gave earlier where the woman said, “So, you’re a nerd then?” to a guy who reads a lot of books, what made her feel attracted about the response I gave you is that it was confident.

There was also some humor in there and the guy wasn’t taking what she was saying seriously.

He didn’t allow himself to be pushed around by her.

That is very attractive to an attractive woman.

Attractive women don’t want a guy that they can walk all over and who’s essentially going to be a wimp in the relationship.

That’s very easy for an attractive woman to find and it’s not satisfying.

What an attractive woman really wants is a guy who is more confident than her, who doesn’t feel like she is out of his league and who feels worthy of her.

When an attractive woman can sense that you have that belief in yourself and you can also back it up, by making her feel attracted in other ways as you talk to her, she will be interested in you and see you as being in her league.

You then just move to a hug and kiss, or a phone number exchange and set up a date.

The next thing you know, you’re having sex with an attractive woman who you would have previously thought was out of your league.

Yet, now she’s no longer out of your league.

She’s in your bed with her legs spread and moaning with pleasure and you slide into her.

So, give yourself a pat on the back.

You have leveled up as a man.

You can now attract women that other guys are afraid to even talk to.

Beautiful women are now in your league.


Learn More?

Okay, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and learned something from it.

If you’d like to learn more, I recommend that you read my eBook, The Flow or listen to the audiobook version, The Flow on Audio.

When you read The Flow or listen to The Flow on Audio, you will learn how to start conversations, how to keep conversations going, how to keep conversations interesting, how to make women feel sexually attracted to you as you talk to them, how to create an unforgettable connection between you and a woman, how to get to a phone number, how to get to a kiss, how to get to a date, how to get to sex and so on.

When you read The Flow or listen to the Flow on Audio, you will learn everything that you need to know to go from hello to sex with a woman that you find attractive.

A New Kind of Confidence

One final point that I want to make for you in this video is that when you honestly begin to believe in yourself and you know that you’re good enough for attractive women, then you exude a different type of confidence.

You have a new kind of confidence that magnetically attracts women and automatically makes them see you as being in their league.

In many cases, attractive woman also assume that you might even be too good for them, which causes them to want to impress you and get your approval.

So, what ends up happening is that it becomes about you giving a chance to a woman to be with you, rather than you trying really hard to hopefully get a chance with a woman that you find attractive.

Instead, you are the selector.

You are the one who gives approval for women to have a chance with you.

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