If you are wondering, “Does my ex-girlfriend miss me?” you’re really wondering if she’s missing you enough to want to give you another chance, right?

Whether she dumped you or if it was a mutual decision to take a break for a while, the fact that you’re now wondering whether or not she’s missing you suggests that you are missing her.

To find the answer you’re looking for, you need to put, “Does my ex-girlfriend miss me?” to one side for a moment and begin by asking, “Why did my ex become my ex?”

You need to figure out what caused her feelings for you to change and what caused your relationship to break up in the first place before you can answer the question of whether or not she might be missing you.

Not all women miss their ex. Whether or not your ex is missing you will depend on how she felt about you when your relationship ended. Chances are, the way she felt back then is the way she still feels now.

Regardless of how negatively she feels about you right now, you can make her feel positively and begin to want to see you in person again.


Interact with her via text, on a phone call or in person and actively make her feel a spark of attraction for you again. Then, give her space for a few days, so she can think about you and begin to miss you.

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What Ex-Girlfriends Don’t Miss About Their Ex-Boyfriends…

To figure out what your ex-girlfriend might be missing about you, it’s important to look at what she might not be missing.

For example: Throughout the relationship or near the end of the relationship…

1. Did you become clingy, insecure or needy?

Needy boyfriend

Women are attracted to men with alpha male characteristics. When she became your girlfriend, she must have seen some alpha male qualities in you. So what changed?

Alpha males are confident, masculine men who are secure in themselves and secure in what they’ve got to offer in a relationship as a result. They aren’t insecure about their attractiveness to women and remain strong (emotionally) no matter what happens.

If you became overly-possessive in your relationship and needy or clingy in your behavior as a result, your lack of confidence and your insecurity will have led to her seeing you as a weak, needy man and your desperation to cling on to her will have become a total turn off.

Insecure boyfriend

When a woman realizes that you don’t have the emotional strength of an alpha male, she naturally loses touch with her feelings of respect and attraction for you. If you keep making her feel that way, she will eventually fall out of love with you.

However, you can respark those feelings by showing her a new and improved version of yourself that naturally triggers her attraction for alpha males. When she sees, feels and experiences the changes in you, it’s only natural that she will begin to look at you in a more positive light.

2. Did you take her for granted?

Women do not want to be put on a pedestal and they do not want men to throw themselves at their feet, but they don’t want to be taken for granted either. If your behavior in the relationship led to her feeling that you no longer appreciated her, she will not miss your attitude, especially if she has moved on to a guy who does make her feel appreciated.

Taking girlfriend for granted

For example: Guys often make the mistake of thinking that a girlfriend’s plans to have a quiet night in together and watch a movie are effectively plans to do nothing, so it will be okay to change them at the last minute.

Quiet time together is important to her so if you get into a habit of changing plans and letting her down because “something came up” and you adopt an attitude of, “We’ll do it some other time babe,” she’s going to feel that you’re taking her for granted and expecting her to just be there for whenever it happens to suit you. This is not the way she wants to feel in a relationship.

3. Did you let her become the leader of the relationship?

One of the biggest mistakes guys make in a relationship is slipping into the false belief that the way to keep a woman happy is to let her feel she’s “in charge” and effectively in the driving seat: this is not the way women want to feel.

Taking a back seat and relying on your girlfriend to make decisions and to tell you what she wants from you in the relationship will not make her feel “happy”, it will make her feel that you’re a weak, wimpy man who does not have what it takes to make her feel like a woman.

She wants to feel like a woman and this is ultimately what it takes to keep her happy. A man with alpha male qualities has what it takes to naturally lead the way in a relationship and he knows how to make her feel the way she wants to feel because he knows what a woman wants.

Does She Miss You?

By answering the above questions, you’ll find the answer to the question of whether your ex might be missing you or not. Instead of asking, “Does my ex-girlfriend miss me?” ask yourself whether the man you were when your relationship broke up had any qualities she might be missing.

If you changed in your relationship and became less of a man in her eyes, the only way to make her miss you is to redevelop the qualities that first attracted her to you and to show her through your behavior and attitude that you have learned from your mistakes and made changes for the better to become a better man as a result.

The qualities that women find irresistibly attractive in a man include confidence, masculinity, and social intelligence. These are qualities that make you stand out as a man who knows who he is and knows where he’s going in life, and a man who has a genuine likeability factor that makes him fun to be around.

When you learn how to bring the qualities that make you a sexually attractive man to the forefront, you redevelop the qualities that first attracted your ex to you and you rekindle the feelings she first had for you in the process.

She sees you as the man she first fell in love with, she’s going to feel the way she did when you first got together, and it’s those feelings that will make her miss you.

If she then sees that you’ve taken action to become a better man and you’re attracting the attention of other women as a result, she’s going to question whether she made the right decision and her rekindled feelings for you will not only make her miss you, they will make her open to the idea of getting back together again.

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You can make your ex miss you and want you back, but you have to be willing to actively make her feel a spark (of respect, attraction and love) for you again.

If you’re willing to do that, she will begin to think about you differently and will start to miss how good it feels to interact with you.

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