It’s well documented that around half of all marriages end in divorce, but something that isn’t well documented is the number of divorced couples who get back together and remarry each other.

According to some studies in the USA, it is estimated that approximately 6% of divorced couples remarry each other and an additional 3% get back together and remain together for life, but don’t go to the trouble of remarrying.

That brings us to a total of approximately 9%, but that is not taking into account the more than 100 men I’ve already helped to successfully get a wife back (after a separation or divorce) via my recently released program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System

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I’m hoping to push the re-marriage and reconciliation statistics upwards by reaching as many men as possible via this site.

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As you will discover from the video above, you have a lot of control over how much or little respect and attraction your ex wife feels for you from now on.

When you get her to meet up with you in person and are a new and improved man who is able to make her feel respect and attraction for you in new ways, she will naturally begin to lower her guard and open herself back up to the possibility of being with you.

Getting your ex wife back comes down to how committed you are to learning from the mistakes you’ve made and using what you learn right now to become the type of man that your ex-wife wants to have back in her life.

What Have You Learned From the Divorce?

What have you learned from the divorce?
There’s no one-size-fits-all reason for a marriage breakdown, but to be able to resolve a problem and prevent it from becoming a problem again, you need to know exactly what the problem was in the first place.

For example: Watch this video to understand some of the reasons why a woman will decide to break up with, separate from or divorce her man…

To get your ex wife back, you will need to show her that you really have learned from the mistakes you made and have taken action to become a better man as a result.

How you will show her that?

She will hear it in the way you talk to her (e.g. your tone of voice, the way you express yourself), see it in your body language and feel it in your vibe.

If you can only talk to her over the phone to begin with, you need to make sure that you come across as an emotionally strong, emotionally mature man who has already learnt from his mistakes.

You need to apologize to her for those mistakes and ask her, “Do you think it is possible for a man to learn from his mistakes?” and “Do you agree that people live and learn throughout life?” to help her begin to think in a more open-minded way.

If you really have changed, then she will feel silly and immature if she simply shuts you down and says that she doesn’t want anything do to with you anymore.

If you find yourself up against a brick wall like that, then you will need to use the advanced techniques from my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System to make her bring down her wall and become open to having feelings for you again.

Watch this video to understand why it is possible for you to get your ex wife back…

As you will discover from the video above, the love that your ex-wife once felt for you is not dead.

It has simply been pushed into the background and covered over with negative, painful feelings.

You can bring the happy, smiling feelings of love back to the forefront when you begin to interact with her in ways that respark her feelings of respect, attraction and love for you.

Do You Know How to Re-Attract Her?

Do you know how to re-attract her?
When you got married, your wife obviously saw qualities in you that made her decision that you were the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, so what happened?

What changed in your relationship to cause her feelings for you to fade away? More importantly, do you know what you need to say and do to re-attract her?

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man works and how you can use it to re-attract your ex-wife…

As you will discover from the video above, you can actively make your wife experience feelings of respect and attraction for you when you interact with her.

For example: If a husband had been insecure and was lacking purpose in life, his ex-wife is naturally going to feel respect and attraction for him if she sense that he is now an emotionally strong man and is making progress towards the achievement of his biggest goals and ambitions in life (i.e. his life purpose).

However, if a woman interacts with her ex-husband and senses that he’s still pretty much the same man that she divorced, there isn’t going to be much or anything to make her feel attracted to him or to the idea of being with him again.

What changed in the marriage?

You really have to be willing to learn, improve and grow as a man if you want her to take you seriously.

If you do make changes and she then feels differently around you, she will naturally begin to consider getting back with you, even if you both agree to take things slow and see how it goes.

Do You Make Her Feel Feminine Around You?

Do you know how to make her feel feminine around you anymore?
Some husbands make the mistake of treating their wife like more of a friend or worse, expecting her to think, feel and behave like more of a man (i.e. stop being so emotional, be more logical, get to the point, follow through on goals, etc).

When a husband takes that approach with his wife, he gradually eats away at her femininity and forces her to take on a more masculine approach to life, which is deeply unsatisfying for a woman.

A woman is perfectly capable of doing pretty much anything that a man can do (e.g. leading a workforce, fighting in the UFC, leading a country, etc), but in her private relationship or marriage, she wants to feel feminine and girly around her man.

Of course, almost all women in Western societies are embarrassed to admit this because they are so confused about how they should be acting these days.

Many women act like men and are afraid to be girly and feminine, because they want to be taken seriously in the workforce. Not knowing how to separate work life from their personal life, many women carry that attitude into relationships and marriages and end up acting like men.

Yet, regardless of how much a woman behaves like a man, what she really wants to be is a woman. A girly, feminine woman.

She wants to be taken seriously and respected, but deep down, she wants to feel free to be girly and feminine around her man (e.g. be emotionally, change her mind about things all the time, giggle, be silly, dance around the house, put on make up and make herself look more sexually appealing, joke around, etc).

If you don’t allow a woman to feel feminine around you (e.g. you say things like, “Stop being so emotional” or “Be sensible” or “Follow through on your goals”) she will actually resent you for it.

A woman is perfectly capable of following through on goals, being sensible and being emotionally strong, but in her private relationship or marriage, she wants to be free to be feminine and emotional.

Another common mistake that husbands make in this area is to let their wife wear the pants or rule the roost.

Unfortunately, these men think that the best way to keep a woman happy is to let her feel like she’s in charge of everything, so they give up their power and let her make all the decisions.

That is not what women want.

A modern woman does want to have a say, be respect and be taken seriously, but what she ultimately wants from her man is for him to take the lead.

A man doesn’t have to make all the decisions, but he needs to be the one who takes charges and leads the way.

The more that a husband makes his wife lead the way, the less feminine she feels and the less feminine a woman feels, the less she wants to be around a man.

How to Get Your Ex Wife Back as Soon as Possible

How to get your ex wife back in love with you
The fact that you’re referring to her as your ex-wife, suggests to me that she’s probably already moved on with another man or is at least dating.

If that is the case, you’re probably not going to be able to get her back tomorrow.

Based on the more than 100 cases that I have personally dealt with (via my phone coaching service), getting an ex-wife back will usually take between 1 week to 2 months, depending on how quickly the man can change.

If you are serious about getting her back, you need to get clear on what really caused her to become your ex-wife in the first place and then commit to becoming the type of man that she will happily give another chance to.

Initially, she will most-likely try to brush you off or reject you, but all you need to do is get her to meet up with you and experience the new and improved you.

When that happens, her perception of you will change and she will naturally become open to having feelings for you again.

If you want to follow a proven to work, step-by-step system for getting a woman back in today’s world, I recommend that you watch my revolutionary program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System

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