Conversing with confidence

Discover how to confidently talk to women anywhere, anytime. Talk your way into sex, love and relationships with women…

Conversing with confidence allows you to instantly get a woman interested in you, maintain her interest and then lead the interaction towards kissing and then sex on the first day or night.

If you prefer to take things slower with women, that is fine, but my techniques for conversing with confidence will give you the power to get what you want, when you want with women.

Imagine This…

Imagine that you have gone out to a busy bar or nightclub to approach and meet women. You see an attractive woman that you’d like to meet and you walk over with the intention of conversing with her in a confident way. Here are three different possibilities of how it might turn out:

Approach 1

  • The approach: You walk up to a beautiful woman you see at the store and say “Hello” in a nervous or shy way.
  • What she does: She offers you a greeting back, if she’s in a good mood. If she’s not in the mood to be gentle and forgiving to a shy, nervous guy, she may just stare back at you and hope that you get nervous enough that you leave her alone.
  • The result: You walk away feeling rejected.

Approach 2

  • The approach: You approach a woman and after greeting her, you ask her a question like, “So, are you having a good night?”
  • What she does: She responds and you begin a short interaction based on a pretty boring question.
  • The result: There is no sexual vibe between you, it feels boring and you eventually stand there and experience the dreaded “awkward silence.” You leave, feeling as though you could have done better.

Approach 3

  • The approach: You greet the woman, ask her a simple question to bring her into the conversation, “Hey, I thought I’d come over, be social and say hi – I’m Dan, what’s your name?” After exchanging names, you add in some humor and flirting to make her laugh.
  • What she does: She begins to laugh, relax and open up to the interaction. You engage her in a longer, more involved and enjoyable discussion. You take care to add in conversation topics that you are passionate about and smoothly avoid any awkward lulls in the conversation.
  • The result: As a result of conversing with confidence and using essential techniques like humor and flirting, you now have her eager to give you her phone number and see you again. You get her phone number, kiss her or even have sex with her that night.

Conversing With Confidence When Talking to Women

Women will test your confidence by pretending not to be interested at certain points of the conversation, or by not contributing much to the conversation. However, what they are hoping to see is that you remain confident in yourself.

Women don’t want you to feel nervous, unsure of yourself or think that you don’t have a chance with them. Women want you to have a relaxed confidence in yourself and just be your normal, cool, confident self throughout the conversation.

When you can do that, most women will be happy to talk to you and will feel attracted to you relaxed confidence.

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