Let’s face it; the older you get, the more effort it seems that you have to put into making new friends.

If you don’t put in the necessary work or if you possess the wrong type of personality traits that people seek in a friend, making new friends will always be a difficult process for you.

It’s a different situation than when you were in school with kids your own age or if you are employed at a company where you have many co-workers with similar interests. Working from home or otherwise being in a situation where you are not in constant personal contact with a variety of people makes it essential to learn how to meet new people so you can enjoy a fulfilling social life.

However, before we discuss what you need to know to be a friend that others want, let’s review what you must first understand about adult friendships and the personal behaviors you might first need to change about yourself before you can enjoy these fulfilling relationships.

Wasting Time With Anonymous “Friendships” Online

If you spend much of your day online you may be in contact with a number of people and establish a friendly relationship with some of them. However it’s essential that you understand that these “friendships” are not the same as meeting people face-to-face.

Online relationships are superficial and easy because there is an anonymity you probably enjoy with them. You don’t have to worry about what they truly think of you because if you have a disagreement with them or face some other type of personal challenge with someone, you can “remove” them from your life with a few simple clicks of a digital keyboard.

In-person relationships, however, are more complicated and require an entirely different set of social skills that might never come up when you and the people you communicate with are faceless entities connected only by a keyboard.

Not Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

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If you want to know how to meet new people you must accept that you are going to have to step out of your comfort zone and actually leave the security of your home and make an effort to establish a friendly contact with others.

Confident alpha males who enjoy gratifying relationships with a wide circle of friends do so because they joined groups where they could meet others with similar interests or who otherwise made the effort to meet people and expand their social group.

Once they made one or two friends, perhaps their new friends recognized that this new person in their life would mingle well with their other friends and introduced him to their group. From there his friendships kept growing.

With a determination to make new friends, this self-assured alpha male may have frequented nightclubs, spent some time meeting women in coffee shops and other meeting spots where he knew people who had similar interests and mindsets like his hung out. Then, by being outgoing, personable and mingling with others he met, more friendships evolved.

As you can see, putting in that type of effort to make a connection with others is essential in discovering how to meet new people and making them your friend. It doesn’t happen simply by staying home and wishing for more friends.

Not Being Cool Enough for the Popular People

Perhaps you do go out and see a clique of cool guys and gals and you want to join their group. However, if you don’t possess the personality and emotional security that makes them popular, you’ll never truly be accepted.

People like the ones you are attracted to as potential friends want to hang out with others who have similar personalities to theirs or who have characteristics that complement their own temperaments. If you lack that type of appealing behavior that draws others to you, the popular people will not want to be your friend.

They want to be with others who they respect, have confidence in and who they feel are worthy of their friendship and loyalty. Even if you make the effort to learn how to meet new people, if you don’t couple that with an interesting, outgoing and sociable personality that attracts the people you want to be friends with, you’ll never be a part of their gang.

Self-assured alpha males (and the women they attract) are usually only interested in developing a friendship with men who are on the same social level that they are. They will often reject any guy who simply wants to hang around them to hopefully pick up some of the girls that he doesn’t want.

This lesser-quality male will usually bring nothing new or fascinating to their group. Without the ability to entertain or enrich them with a distinctive personal quality that will enhance their group, there is no upside to having a man like that around them.

While it’s important to learn how to meet new people, it’s equally essential to study and develop the personality traits that attract the type of people you want to hang around with. By only learning part of the equation (how to meet new people) and not learning what they want in a friend, you won’t ever achieve your goals.

Not Being “Attractive” to Their Women

Just as an insecure, nervous guy who lacks the desirable personality traits alpha males seek in their friends, men who don’t have those appealing characteristics also won’t be attractive to the hot women that the alpha males so easily draw to them.

When we talk about being attractive in this context, it has nothing to do with your looks. It does, however, have everything to do with possessing the self-confidence and strength of character that makes these men so appealing to women.

A hot woman who can have any guy she wants is not going to want to be with a timid, anxious guy who is obviously unsure and uncomfortable just being in her company. She will assume that a guy like this won’t be the type of strong and confident man she wants in her bed.

As you can see, developing the right personality traits that will appeal to other alpha males is equally essential in attracting the women you want to have a sexual relationship with. You are either the type of guy who will be respected by alpha males and wanted by women…or you’re not.

If you’re not, the good news is that you can now learn how to be that guy and it’s actually a very easy and quick process to go through…

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