If you want to win back the love of your life, you need to:

1. Understand why she really broke up with you, which is often going to be different to the reasons she gave you.
2. Fix your issues (e.g. insecurity) and improve yourself (i.e. become more emotionally attractive to her).

There are 5 more steps that you need to follow after that, which I explain in my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System

For now, I will help you with the first one on the list above…

As you will discover from the video above, winning back the love of your life is possible when you get her respect back and make her feel attracted to you again.

It Felt So Good While it Lasted

It felt so good while it lasted

Finding the love of your life and enjoying the relationship is one of the most incredible and rewarding experiences you can ever have.

Most people struggle through relationships for many years before they find their great love, while others lose the love of their life before they’ve had a chance to develop their relationship skills.

Whatever the case is for you, if you’ve lost your special woman and want to know how to win her back, then you’ve have find the right place.

The secret to winning back the love of your life is this: You have to make her feel as though you are the love of her life and that she will be winning by getting back with you. If it’s about you winning and getting something from her, it won’t happen.

The way to begin making her feel that way is to get her to feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you as a man. When you get her to feel that, she naturally begins to reconnect with the love.

Watch this video for more info…

As you will discover from the video above, you’ve got to make her feel what she wants to feel. It can’t be about you wanting to get her back so you get something from her.

Guys often want to win a woman back so that they can get something (e.g. stop feeling so sad and lonely, have sex with her one last time before breaking up with her, avoid having to get out there and meet a new woman, etc).

However, after helping 1,000s of guys win back the love of their life, I know that women only get back with a guy if they feel as though they are benefiting from the situation. In other words, she feels lucky to be with him.

Reflecting on Where You Went Wrong With Her

Reflecting on where you went wrong with her

There is almost always a perfectly good reason why a relationship broke up and in many cases, there are more than one reason why it happened.

Before you contact your ex and begin the process of winning her back, it is important to take a good, hard and honest look at yourself and where you went wrong with her.

For example: Did you make any of these mistakes in the relationship?

1. Did you stop being the man that she originally fell in love with?

Did you behave in an insecure or jealous way too often? Did you lose your self esteem? Did you stop being charming and romantic?

2. Did you start taking her for granted and not giving her the level of love, attention and affection she required?

Did you spend enough time with her? Where you there when she needed you? Did you let work, family or friends come between you and her? Did others become more important in the relationship than your woman? Were you distracted with your career, studies or hobby and not paying enough attention to her?

3. Did you continue to connect with her emotionally and physically or did you start to disconnect from her and expect that she’d put up with it?

Did you support her during the tough times? Did you have sex often enough to keep that physical connection there?

4. Did you make her feel like a real woman (i.e. feminine, girly, free to be emotional) when she was with you?

Did you make her feel girly because you were so manly, or did you make her feel like a friend or worse, like your mother?

5. Did you cheat on her?

If so, why? Often, a guy will cheat because he fears that the woman will eventually cheat, so he wants to do it first.

Other times, it’s because he’s not that attracted to his woman and is looking for a replacement woman before breaking up with her, or because he isn’t happy within himself and is looking for happiness in the love and attention from other women.

If you cheated, what was the reason and have you been able to fix that or get over it?

Once you have acknowledged your part in the causes of the breakup, you should then take a look at the relationship as a whole.

Look at the relationship and ask yourself what went wrong…

6. Did you and her simply drift apart?

Were both of you going in the same, ultimate direction in life? Did one person in the relationship grow and become a bigger and better person, while the other got left behind? Did you want the same things? Did one of you want marriage or babies while the other one didn’t?

7. Were other people interfering?

Did someone come between you and her; a family member or a friend? Was someone trying to break you up? Was work or studies getting in the way of the relationship?

8. Was there still enough passion in the relationship?

Did you still have sex regularly? Did you let it become too predictable, or hold back from really connecting with her during sex?

Answering all of these questions in your mind right now will help you get a good picture as to what really went wrong between you and her.

Before you really begin to understand how to win back the love of your life, there is another, more important step that you have to take. You have to look at your ex and ask yourself, is she really the love of your life?

  • Do you see her as the love of your life because you’re both perfect for each other, or because of how bad you feel without her?
  • Did she want you to change into someone you didn’t want to be?
  • Was she someone you could imagine spending the rest of your life with and not getting divorced by eventually? Would she really stick by you?
  • Does she have the same long term goals and interests as you?
  • Was she spending more time with her friends than with you?
  • Did she nag and fight with you a lot?
  • Did she cheat on you?

Finally ask yourself this question: If you had 3, beautiful women who were into you and wanted to be your girlfriend, would you still want her back?

If you answered YES then the next question is: What improvements have you made to yourself since she left you?

Trying to get her back because you can’t live without her is not going to work. You have to quickly transform yourself into the type of guy that she can’t live without. If you want me to guide you through that process, I recommend that you watch my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System

You’ve got to be prepared to go through a rapid transformation and improve yourself. If you are unwilling to improve yourself, she is probably going to be unwilling to give you another chance.

On the other hand, when you make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you when you meet up with her or talk to her on the phone, she will naturally open back up to wanting to be with you.

Are You Ready To Win Back the Love of Your Life?

Getting an ex back requires that you have a plan that is certain to work for you.

A lot of guys try to guess their way through the process and end up making many of the classic mistakes that ensure she won’t want to get back with him.

If you want to use a highly tested, proven to work strategy for winning a woman back, then I recommend that you watch Get Your Ex Back: Super System right now, rather than wasting another day of your life without her in it.

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