When it comes to strengthening the friendship you have with your buddies, or even helping new friendships to develop, there’s nothing quite like a road trip adventure.

Ever since the release of the classic cult film “Easy Rider” in 1969, road trip movies have been a popular theme in cinema and on television.

The Road Trip, Smoky and the Bandit, The Gumball Rally, The Cannonball Run and Road Hogs all have the idea of men on the open road meeting women, getting up to adventures and learning new life lessons.

The BBC’s car program “Top Gear” has featured endless episodes where the presenters undertake crazy road trips all over the world and actors Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman’s epic road trip “The Wrong Way Round” from London to New York has become a popular series. So given the opportunity, what are some awesome roads trips for you and your buddies to check out?

1) Route 66, USA
Mention road trips, long car journeys, the free open road and the iconic Route 66 will automatically spring to mind. Made famous in hundreds of songs, books and a bunch of movies, this road symbolises the thrill of wide-open spaces and the wind in your hair.

The original highway of America travels from Chicago to Los Angeles and covers 2,448 miles (3,940 Km). Although officially declassified in 1985 the route still draws thousands each year to follow its course.

There is plenty to do and see along Route 66. Recommendation: Add to the adventure by hiring a couple of Harley Davidson motorcycles and take turns at driving the car and riding the bikes along this scenic, iconic road.

2) Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam
The Ho Chi Minh Trail was made famous during the Vietnam War as the perilous route used by the North Vietnamese soldiers to transport men, weapons and supplies southward. The Ho Chi Minh trail takes you from Hanoi to Hoian, covers dense jungle, mountainous routes and through picturesque Vietnamese scenery.

Along the tour you take in battlefields, tunnel complexes and ancient towns. There are organised trips for this adventure that use cycles or motorbikes depending on your preference. The Ho Chi Minh Trail is definitely a road trip with a difference.

3) Monte Carlo or Bust, UK and France
For classic car owners (or those willing to hire a classic car for the trip), the best run has to be the London to Monte Carlo run, made famous in the 1969 film “Monte Carlo or Bust”. This trip immediately has the feel of car problems, breakdowns and mechanical failure written all over it.

While making the trip in an old classic car may not be financially possible for most people, why not add to the excitement by buying a car for £100 in London and see how far you can get? Remember to take a tuxedo with you and visit as many casinos as you can find on the way down to the South of France!

4) Machu Picchu Trail, Peru
If driving or riding the entire trip is not your style then the ultimate ‘trekking road trip’ is the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru. Over four days you will cover 88 km and climb over 12,000ft (3,660m) into the Andes Mountains, through misty gorges, Inca tunnels, alpine forest and experience the challenge of altitude sickness.

They offer beginner to advanced treks, so don’t be put off if you’re not usually that ‘outdoorsy’. You’ll most-likely walk away feeling confident, inspired and refreshed.

5) Sydney to Alice Springs, Australia
Travelling through the Australian bush is another cinematic gem. The 2776Km journey will take you through some breathtaking, desolate landscapes with places like Wagga Wagga, Narrendra, Coober Pedy and Ayres Rock/ Kata Tjuta on your way to Alice Springs.

While you can cruise through this road trip fairly unhindered on the main tarmac road, it is also possible to hire a 4WD vehicle and go across country to add to the adventure.

So, whether you want to work on developing better friendships with new friends you have, or you want to strengthen the bond that you and your mates share – any of these trips will surely help.

There’s just something about achieving a goal with friends that creates a lasting bond – Especially if you have a whole lot of fun while doing it!

If we have missed out your favourite road trip, we are keen to hear about any great journeys you have taken. Let us know by commenting below!

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