The best way to get to know someone is to:

1. Love and accept them for who they are

Don’t try to get them to change who they are in the moment to suit you. Let them express their real personality in your presence.

When people feel like you accept them for who they are, they relax around you and feel understood. They feel like they can be themselves and be appreciated for it, which is one of the best feelings in the world.

2. Love and accept yourself

If you’re trying to get to know a beautiful woman or people from the “cool crowd,” you have to love and accept yourself first. You can’t hope that being nice, a beautiful woman will give you a chance to be with her and the cool crowd will accept you into their group.

You have to love and accept yourself and know that you’re good enough. You can’t seek to get that approval from beautiful women or the cool crowd. You have to give it to yourself.

Hanging out with friends

When a beautiful woman notices (via your body language, vibe, attitude, conversation style, etc) that you know you are good enough for her, it is very impressive. Most of the guys she meets feel unworthy of her, which automatically makes her raise her guard up.

Beautiful, sought after women don’t want to waste time getting to know guys who feel unworthy of them. A beautiful woman wants a guy who makes her feel like she’d be getting lucky if she got a chance to be with him. One of the ways to make her feel that way is to be what women refer to as a challenge.

When talking to people in the cool crowd, they will automatically like you if you don’t feel the need to seek their approval. If you hang around and hope that they take pity on you, some people in the group may use you to feel good about themselves by picking on you or making you look back in front of others.

However, if you hang out and give yourself permission to say and do whatever you want, the cool crowd will respect you. As long you are being respectful towards others and coming from a place of love, you can’t go wrong.

2. Be your absolute, real self

Don’t put on an act of being someone you’re not, in the hope that a person will like you for it. Be your true, raw, real self.

If you want to attract compatible friends and women, you have to be the real you. Acting like someone you’re not will ensure that you attract people who don’t really match up to who you truly are. You will always feel awkward, out of place and as though you’re living a lie by being friends with them.

When you can have the courage to be your true self, you will find that people want to get to know you more. They feel intrigued by your unique personality and it is fascinating to talk to you and be around you. Something about you is charismatic and appealing…they can sense it and it feels good to be around.

3. Lead the way by being open, honest and fearless during a conversation

If a person gets the sense that you’re not fully saying what you really want to say, or doing what you really want to do around them, they will shut off a part of themselves to you. They will always feel like they need to be on guard.

When talking to someone that you want to get to know, just be fearless in expressing yourself. Don’t worry about making a mistake and ruining their impression of you. If a person sees that you’re being open, honest and real, they will appreciate the small flaws and quirks that you have.

It’s very rare to meet someone who has the courage to be honest, fearless and open when interacting with others. As long as you are coming from a place of love and have good intentions, you can’t go wrong.

Yes, you might say some things sometimes that are a bit too much, but you and the other person can simply laugh it off and then get on with enjoying each other’s company.

Being the Guy That Women Love and That Other Guys Respect

Why am I always left out?

Have you ever noticed how some guys just seem to hit it off with almost every woman they meet?

He meets a girl or group of girls and they all seem to like him. They laugh, giggle, touch him, hug him and want to be around him…even though he’s not a male model, isn’t very tall, isn’t and isn’t famous.

Ladies man

In addition to being good with women, a guy like will effortlessly make new friends wherever he goes and people will enjoy being around him. He will only spend time alone when he decides to or when he finally has a free day without any plans, parties or work to get done.

Yet, why are these seemingly “everyday guys” so popular with people and with women?


Guys who are in the “cool crowd” know how to attract women and they also expect to be a member of the cool crowd. Ironically, assuming or expecting that you are a part of the cool crowd actually makes you give off a type of social confidence that is attractive to women.

Women are naturally attracted to guys who have the type of social confidence that allows them to be accepted, respected and appreciated by others. Women instinctively know that a guy who is liked by more people will usually have an easier time surviving and live a happier life, than a guy who is disliked or ignored by most people.

The Ability to Attract Women

When a guy knows how to attract women, he is liked by almost all women. When other guys see that he liked by so many women, they want to be around him, get to know him and hopefully get to score some girls through him.

However, when a guy doesn’t know how to attract women, he will find it difficult to get to know women because they won’t fully open up to him. Attractive women know that if they open up and are too friendly with a guy who doesn’t know how to attract other women, he will usually latch on and pester her for months or even years in the hope that he “gets a chance” with her.

Likewise, when a guy doesn’t know how to attract women, cool guys will rarely want him hanging around. If they do allow him to hang around, it will usually only be to make themselves look better in front of any women they encounter together.

How about you? Do you have the skill of being able to trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside of a woman? If you’re not sure, watch the video below to find out…

When you’re around the “cool crowd” do you hope to be liked and accepted, or do you assume that you’re cool enough and good enough and then just get on with having a good time? If not, then it usually has a lot to do with the fact that you can’t attract women.

When a guy is able to attract beautiful women and is accepted by beautiful women, he doesn’t need to try to suck up to cool guys to hopefully get a chance to meet girls through them. He has plenty of women interested in him and guys then want to be his friend.

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