In today’s world, there are so many mixed messages and answers surrounding the question of “What is a man?”

Beyond the vague dictionary definition (Man (noun): An adult human male) and obvious biological differences between men and women, the answer is not often clear.

Too many men are confused by things they read, examples of men they see in the media and generally don’t understand how important a man can and should be in society.

Common Portrayals of a Man

In the recent past, if you were to ask someone “What is a man and how does he fit into society?” chances are great that you would have often heard that men were primarily meant to be breadwinners who supported their home and family.

While today’s man would have an occupation more common to our times, in the ancient past he may have been a hunter/gatherer for his family. Still his primary purpose was thought to be the person who supported his family.

However, a true man can and should be much more than someone who “puts bread on the table.” As men, we have the attributes to be mentally and emotionally strong under pressure.

We have the ability to persevere and push forward toward our objectives with an undying passion to achieve our life’s goals. We have been endowed with these gifts but not all men use their true capabilities and that is unfortunate.

The Times They Are A Changin’

Since the women’s liberation movement came about in the 1960s and ‘70s, it became obvious that many women could hold positions that were previously thought to be exclusively “man’s work.”

Many women can do those jobs as well as and sometimes even better than some men. Therefore the question of “What is a man?” might not have as clear an answer if you base your value of a man solely by his occupation or as the primary provider for a family.

While today’s women may excel in the business world, a truly, confident alpha male would not by threatened by her abilities.

He would, instead, support her ambitions just as he would his own. However, he would extend those ambitions to include not only doing his best at his job but in all of his endeavors along the path he has laid out to reach his life’s goals.

With this strength of purpose knowing that he’s more than what he does for a living, the self-assured and strong alpha male will know not only how to draw a quality woman into his life but also how to create an existence for them that exceeds her expectations.

He understands that pursuing beautiful women is natural and healthy and that women look to these men not only for their intellectual and emotional fulfillment but also for their sexual yearnings and simple fun.

If you wish to create the life of an alpha male, it’s important to choose your role models and mentors carefully to make sure that you are a man who is worthy of other’s men’s respect and of women’s lusty desires.

When Men Are Made to Look Foolish

Unfortunately, too often in today’s movies and on many TV sitcoms, men are made to look like hapless sad sacks. They screw up at work, have low-level friends and are not respected by their family or their put upon wife. If they’re single, they’ll try to date a string of women, but they won’t be able to attract or keep them because they’re such failures.

If you think that the answer to “What is a man?” is one of these so-called “everyman” characters in sitcoms or comedic movies and that these guys should be your role model for how to behave in life, you would soon find yourself in the same ill-fated position as these fictional characters. You deserve better than that.

Are You a Leading Man or a Supporting Player in Your Life?

When you look at movies or TV shows, do you identify more with the leading man who is the “hero” and who always gets the girl or his lovable sidekick who is often the butt of the humor?

Most guys will immediately think of leading men as being strong and handsome such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Patrick Dempsey or Pierce Brosnan. However, there are also many non-traditional leading men who get the girl who looks more like the guy down the street than a guy that should be winning hearts on the big or small screen.

I’m talking about actors like Joe Pesci, Adam Sandler, Jack Nicholson or Steve Buscemi. None of those guys were blessed with movie star good looks but they possess a charisma that’s so great that they naturally attract women on and off camera (and, no, it’s not just because they’re actors and are rich).

It’s because they are alpha males who have a passion and a purpose for what they do and are so confident in who they are that gorgeous women are naturally drawn to them, leagues of men respect them and audiences believe that they easily can attract and win a gorgeous leading lady.

Of course, you don’t have to look for leading men solely on the TV screen. Many ordinary-looking guys in the real world also attract beautiful “leading ladies.” These men are not necessarily rich nor have important jobs. They do, however, understand the inner power that a man needs to create to achieve confidence with women and purpose in their life.

It is those qualities that attract beautiful, superior women who are drawn to men like this and whom they will pursue. These women are fascinated by these men’s internal attributes more than their physical ones. Women want to be sheltered by a man’s strength and enriched by the life these men will share with them.

Now that you recognize that the answer to “What is a man?” has less to do with a job or good looks and more to do with a man’s passion in pursuing his life’s purpose, it’s easier to see that you may not be living the full life you should live.

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