Making your ex girlfriend feel jealous is actually a fairly easy thing to do.

However, if you look around online at the available advice about making an ex girlfriend jealous, they will usually talk about things that are not easy to do. They will suggest things that are not only unnecessary, but also very time consuming and costly for you and don’t guarantee that you’re going to make her jealous or get her back.

Many people will tell you to go to the gym, get a makeover, buy lots of clothes or date other women to get her jealous and make her feel like she’s losing a great guy.

Buying clothes in the hope that it will make his ex girlfriend feel jealous

Yet, you most likely don’t want to have to date other women to get your ex girlfriend jealous, right? You may also not want to have to waste money on a bunch of new clothes and spend months working out at the gym to add another couple of centimetres to your biceps.

You want to make her jealous NOW, not next year.

So, how can you do that? How can you make her jealous without dating other women, working out in the gym or spending weeks or months improving your physical appearance?

It’s actually quite simple.

What I’m going to talk about in this article are 7 common mistakes that guys make when trying to make their ex girlfriend jealous and what you should do instead. The first mistake is…

1. Pretending to be happy without her, when he is miserable

Pretending to be happy when he is miserable without her

If your ex girlfriend can see that you’re happy without her, you’re having a great time, your life is looking good and you are smiling and feeling great without her, then it will definitely make her feel jealous on some level.

Now, to be clear here, let’s look at the dictionary definitions…

Happy (adjective): Delighted, pleased or glad.
Jealous (adjective): Suspicious fears or envious resentment. Anxious about maintaining or guarding something or someone.

It’s very important that you don’t pretend to be happy without her, if you are secretly miserable without her. Why? All it takes for an ex girlfriend to catch a guy out in a lie like that is to show some interest in him again and then quickly pull the interest back to see how happy he really is without her.

She may text him, call him or talk to him in person to say that she has been missing him and is been thinking about getting back together with him. She may ask if he misses her and if he wants to get back together to find out how he is really feeling.

Is he really happy without her, or is he just putting on an act to make her feel jealous?

If she catches you out in a lie where you are pretending to be happy when you’re not, what an ex girlfriend will usually do is rush to find another guy to have sex with or least start dating a new guy, so she can then protect herself against being hurt by your mind games again.

So, what should you do instead of pretending to be happy without her?

Start using techniques that allow you to feel happy without her right now. Happiness is a choice and it is something that you can project based on how you choose to think at the time.

For example: If you meet your ex girlfriend in person and you want to project happiness, what you need to be thinking to yourself (if you’re not happy prior to that moment) is, “What am I happy about in this moment? What am I happy about with my life that doesn’t include her?”

Just focus on the answers that you come up with and let yourself feel the happiness that comes with along with it. Let the happiness resonate with your energy and come through in how you talk to her, look at her and behave around her.

If you’re not able to show her that in person and all she can see about you is your online social profile, then projecting happiness has to come through in how you are captured in the photo.

If you are captured in your profile photo looking bored, lonely, nervous or in any other unattractive emotional state, it isn’t going to make her feel jealous. You need to be projecting the glad, pleased and delighted type of happiness that is described in the dictionary definition.

To trigger a feeling of jealousy, she’s got to see that you’re very happy (not mildly happy or just feeling okay) without her. Appearing happy is not the only way to make your ex girlfriend feel jealous, but it’s a way to trigger some sort of jealousy right now without having to buy new clothes, date other women or spend months working out in a gym.

2. Listening to people who tell him to get a style makeover

Trying to make an ex girlfriend jealous by buying clothes

Most of the advice that you’ll find online about getting an ex back is about getting a guy or a girl back. It’s all jumbled up together into a big confused mess of random ideas.

People will suggest that you should lose 10 pounds or 5 kilos, get a new outfit, buy a whole bunch of new outfits to completely redo your wardrobe, get a haircut and whiten your teeth. Yet, that is not required to get a woman back.


The attraction that a man feels for a woman is mostly based on her physical appearance, so he will often dump a woman simply based on her looks. However, the attraction that woman feels for a man is mostly based on who he is as a guy (e.g. his emotional strength, the way that his personality makes her feel, his confidence, his masculinity, etc).

So, the advice for a woman getting a man back is pretty easy. Lose some weight, make yourself look more physically appealing and then he might be interested in giving you another chance.

The advice for a guy is completely different.

A guy needs to focus on making his ex girlfriend feel respect and attraction for him…and that doesn’t come from a hair cut, a shirt or adding a couple of extra centimetres to his biceps. Those things are not what causes a woman to feel intense respect and attraction for guy.

If a guy is a total slob, has the worst hair cut in the world and wears the worst clothes in the world, then okay – fixing himself up a little bit may have a slight effect on her, but…

She most likely didn’t break up with him because of his shirt.

She most likely broke up with him because he was clingy, insecure, jealous, over-protective, an asshole to her, didn’t commit or wasn’t able to deep the love that she felt for him.

Those are the things that are causing the break up and to get her respect and attraction back, it’s not going to come from him wearing a new shirt or getting a stylish hair cut.

So, what should you do instead?

The next time you interact with her, you need to use attraction techniques that make her feel attracted to you in ways that she hasn’t felt before. (If you don’t know how to do that, all of the techniques are provided in Get Your Ex Back: Super System).

Making her feel that way instantly triggers the realization in her mind that you are going to be able to attract other women very easily. You are going to be able to attract hot women, sexy women and women that are maybe more attractive than her.

That is what will trigger a strong feeling of jealousy in her.

Jealous (adjective): Suspicious fears or envious resentment. Anxious about maintaining or guarding something or someone.

On the other hand, if you interact with your ex girlfriend and you’re not able to make her feel attraction for you in new ways, it will simply remind her of why she broke up with you. If you all you have to offer is a new haircut, better clothes and slightly bigger muscles, then she will know that you still don’t understand what women really want from men.

She will realize that you don’t understand that women are attracted to different things about men, than men are attracted to about women. Men are mostly attracted to how a woman looks and women are mostly attracted to how a man’s personality makes them feel.

3. Posing in photos alone

Posing in photos thinking that if he looks good, it will make his ex jealous

One of the biggest mistakes that I see guys make when they’re trying to get their ex back is posing in photos alone. The guy assumes that if he looks good in the photo, it will make his ex feel jealous and she will begin to worry that other women are going to like him because he looks good.

Yet, his ex girlfriend is most-likely going to feel turned off by his lonely, poser photo. Why? She most-likely hasn’t dumped him because of his looks; she has dumped him because of how his personality and behavior makes her feel.

The majority of guys in this world don’t understand how to attract women with their personality, conversation style and body language. Most guys think that women select men based on how they look, not even knowing that women choose guys based on how they make them feel.

So, what should you do instead of posting up lonely selfies or photos of you trying to look your best?

Your ex girlfriend is going to feel some jealousy if she sees you in photos where you are around other people and genuinely having fun. You don’t need to date other women, you don’t need post a photo up of you kissing a woman, on a date with a woman or anything else like that.

Just being around other people (rather than being alone) and being very happy is enough to trigger a feeling of jealousy in your ex girlfriend, especially if she sees the photo when she’s not feeling very good about herself.

For some guys, their ex girlfriend has unfriended them from Facebook, unfollowed them from social media and is basically avoiding them. So, how can a guy like that show his ex girlfriend that is he not alone or feeling lonely without her?

He needs to make sure that the public version of his profile photo has a very happy photo of him with other people. If she stops by her ex boyfriend’s profile on social media and sees him alone, looking sad, left out or not in a confident, happy state of mind, his photo is not going to make her feel jealous and it won’t make her feel respect and attraction for him.

4. Jumping all over any signs of interest from her

Jumping all over any signs of interest from her

Some ex girlfriends will get to the point where they miss their ex boyfriend, even if the break up felt like it was a good idea at the time.

She may be having troubling finding a new guy, she may have already hooked up with another guy and isn’t feeling very good about it, or is simply interested to see how her boyfriend will react if she reaches out to him.

Ex girlfriend trying to mess with ex boyfriend's head

Is he still sitting around missing her day and night? Is she happy and moving on without her?

The ex girlfriend will initiate some sort of contact with her ex boyfriend to test his reaction (e.g. click like on a Facebook photo or status update, comment on something that he’s posted to social media, text him, walk over and say hello to him if they work together or attend the same university, etc).

To the guy, it may seem like she is showing interest and is hinting that she wants to get back together. So, what a lot of guys make the mistake of doing at that point is jumping all over her sign of interest, instead of using it as an opportunity to make her feel jealous.

How can you make your ex girlfriend jealous when she shows a sign of interest?

If an ex girlfriend walked over to talk to her ex boyfriend and he wanted to make her feel jealous, he would simply need to convey to her (via his body language, vibe and conversation style) that he is happy without her and is fine to just talk to her briefly. She would need to get the sense that it doesn’t matter to him if she talks to him for 10 seconds or 10 minutes; he is fine with or without her.

In an ex girlfriend showed interest in him via social media, he needs to ensure that he doesn’t get too excited about it. For example: He posts up a photo where he is having some fun with other people and she clicks like and says, “Great photo!” Many guys will then ruin the opportunity to make her feel jealous by replying instantly or by trying to initiate a conversation in the reply to her comment, or by immediately sending her a private message.

To make your ex girlfriend feel jealous, you just need to click like on her comment or reply with something simple like, “Thanks.”

At that point, she’s going to be feeling a bit empty. She may begin to wonder why you just said thanks and didn’t send any messages after that.

What will she do then?

If she is feeling enough jealousy, she is going to contact you. She is going to want to get some sort of signal of interest back from you to make herself feel better.

BTW: If you need help when you are in contact with your ex, my program Get Your Ex Back: Super System) includes all the things that you need to say to her via text and on the phone, how to get her to meet up with you (even if she currently hates you), what to do at the meet up to get her respect and attraction back and how to make her fall in love with you again.

When you get her to respect you and feel attraction for you again (don’t worry – that’s the easy part), you then need to make your ex girlfriend open herself back up to the love (fairly easy to do) and connect with it again. The love has been there all along, but it has just been pushed into the background.

That is one thing that a lot of guys don’t realize about love…

Love doesn’t die.

If you and your ex girlfriend did love each other, that love is still there, but it has just been pushed into the background. What’s in the foreground are the negative emotions, the painful memories and the negative feelings she experiences when she thinks about you.

Yet, the really cool thing about love and human emotion is that you can actually get her to forgive that, wipe the slate clean and then begin to focus on the respect and attraction that she now feels for you. It really comes down to what you say to her and how you react to her tests when you are attempting to get her back. Once again, all of that is covered in my program.

When your ex girlfriend begins to focus on the respect and attraction that you’re making her feel, she then begins to connect to the love that has been there in the background all along. When you use the techniques from my program Get Your Ex Back: Super System you can actually make the love stronger than it was before.

5. Trying to stay in contact with her (and make her jealous) via text, e-mail or chat

Trying to make his ex feel jealous via text, e-mail or chat

When you’re attempting to get your ex girlfriend back, the only time that you should be contacting her is when you are trying to arrange a meet up.

Any other contact via text, e-mail or any other text based social media platform is potentially detrimental to your chances of getting her back. Why?

According to many studies conducted by psychologists and social scientists, anywhere from 70-93% of communication between two human beings is body language, tonality and other non-spoken forms of communication (e.g. vibe, behavior). So, if you are texting your ex, all she has from you is the text.

She can’t see your body language, she can’t hear your tonality and she can’t look at you to assess your vibe and energy in the moment. All she has is the text…even if you are adding in smiley faces, emoticons or stickers in an attempt to make yourself appear happy, confident and loving.

So, what does she do?

Well, she does what she has to do and that is to GUESS.

She has to guess at what sort of body language and tonality you’d be using and how you’d be behaving if you were saying that sort of thing to her in person.

In most cases, where a guy is trying to make his ex girlfriend feel jealous, it’s because she currently doesn’t see him in a positive light. She most-likely perceives him to be insecure, clingy, desperate, an asshole, untrustworthy or in some other negative way.

When she gets a message from her ex boyfriend, she has to guess what state of mind he was in when he sent it. What is behind the text that you are sending her? How are you really feeling?

You may be including a smiley face or pretending to be happy by texting her in a relaxed, easy-going and positive way, but what’s really going on in your mind? What are your real motives for sending her the message? Are you just trying to make her feel jealous that you’re happy without her, or are you trying to stay in contact with her in the hopes that she changes her mind?

What should you do instead of trying to make her jealous via text or e-mail?

Only contact your ex if you are attempting to set up a meet up. It’s at the meet up that you can get her to feel and experience you in person. You can get her to feel respect and attraction for you in ways that she’s never felt before.

6. Using the No Contact Rule to completely avoid contact

Using no contact to hopefully make her jealous

Sometimes, when a guy doesn’t contact his ex girlfriend, she will start to feel a bit worried and confused about why he isn’t contacting her. That may then cause her to feel a bit jealous as she wonders why he has been able to move on so easily, while she is still sitting around thinking about him. So, she then may decide to call him or contact him in some way.

However, if she calls him up and experiences the same old guy with the same type of insecurities and underlying issues that caused her to break up with him in the first place, it’s not going to make her want to get back with him. Instead, it will simply why she broke up with him in the first place and she may then want to take drastic action (e.g. hook up with another guy) to help herself get over her ex boyfriend even faster.

Waiting around using the no contact rule

What a lot of guys don’t realize is that they can make their ex girlfriend feel jealousy by calling her up and having a simple phone call right now. Yet, it’s not only jealousy that he can make her feel. He can also make her feel respect and attraction for him, as well as a whole host of other compelling emotions that cause her to feel like she wants to see him in person as soon as possible.

What I teach my clients (and this is what works to get an ex back fast) is to not sit around waiting and hoping that, by not contacting her, everything is going to fixed. Why? A lot of times, the woman simply begins to think, “Okay, he’s moving on without me…I’ve got to quickly hook up with another guy to make him feel jealous or to help ease the pain that I’m feeling.”

Pushing her into the arms of another man doesn’t solve your problem.

You may have made her feel a bit jealous, but you don’t have your ex back.

So, what should you do instead?

After watching my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System (10 hours of video that you can watch online in your Modern Man customer account right now or download to a PC, Mac, phone or tablet), you are going to be ready to call her up and make her feel jealous, make her feel respect for you and make her feel attraction for you.

You will also be able to attempt a meet up. Based on hearing back from customers since releasing my program, most guys are able to get their ex girlfriend to meet up with them after the first phone call. Some ex girlfriends need a bit more convincing and it takes another phone call to get the meet up, but it usually happens on the first phone call.

Why? I tested out so many different things to say to ex girlfriends while helping my phone coaching clients. What is now included in my program is the result of a lot of testing with many different women in many different situations (i.e. the ex girlfriend hates him, doesn’t trust him, is afraid of him, doesn’t care about him, etc).

Using the phone conversation examples from my program will ensure that you can get her to meet up with you. Then, at the meet up, you will be able to make her feel respect, attraction and a whole host of other compelling emotions that make her feel like her life just doesn’t feel right without you in it.

You don’t need to sit around for 30 days or 60 days hoping that she feels enough jealousy to want to meet up with you; you can make that happen right now.

Note: Not all guys are ready to call their ex girlfriend after watching the 10 hours of video from my program. Some guys need a couple of extra days to let all the advice, mindsets and insights sink in before they feel fully ready to call her up and make it happen.

Whether you decide to call your ex immediately or after a few days is up to you, but you don’t have to sit around wasting time with the No Contact Rule.

7. Lying about being with other women

Lying about being with other women to hopefully make her jealous

Being with other women is definitely a way to make your ex girlfriend feel jealous, but you don’t actually need to do that to get your ex girlfriend back. You also don’t need to lie about having other women interested in you, dating other women or already having had sex with other women.

What sometimes happens is that a guy will try to use the “other woman” lie on his ex girlfriend to make her jealous, but it almost always backfires on him.

He may say to her, “Fine…if you don’t want to get back with me, I’ve already got other women interested. I’ve been seeing a new girl recently is she’s awesome…she’s hotter than you” or something alone those sorts of lines or in that type of context. Essentially, he’s making a last ditch effort to make her feel jealous by suggesting that she will regret it now that he’s seeing other women.

An ex girlfriend has a pretty simple and easy response to catch him out in a lie and ruin that little scheme. All she needs to do is say, “Fine…enjoy your life with her then. Never contact me again. Go get stuffed…”

If he then turns around and says that he will dump the girl, reject the other women and declares that he just wants to be with her, she knows that he was just lying to make her feel jealous. At that point, she will lose even more respect and attraction for him as a man.

Then, what the ex girlfriend will often do is quickly hook up with another guy to make sure her ex boyfriend can’t make her feel that way again.

So, what should you do instead?

What you need to do is not only focus on making her feel jealous.

Making her feel jealous is definitely something that helps to get an ex back, but it’s not the only emotion that you should focus on making your ex feel.

There are many different painful and positive emotions that you can make your ex girlfriend feel that will draw her back to you. If you’re only focusing on making her feel jealous and really rubbing her face in it, it can sometimes backfire. She may build up a lot of resentment towards you and want to get back at you by hooking up with a guy, conveying that she’s really happy without you or by allowing herself to fall in love with a new guy.

So, you shouldn’t try to make her feel that way towards you.

You should focus on making her feel some jealousy, but there are other, very important painful and positive that you need to make her feel. You’ve got to do it in more of a wholesome, well rounded way, so that she comes to feel that her life just doesn’t feel right without you in it.

Suddenly, she’s feeling a whole bunch of conflicting emotions all at once. She’s feeling painful emotions, she’s feeling drawn towards you in a positive way and what happens then (if you use the techniques from my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System) is that she actually gets to the point where she feels like her life just doesn’t feel right without you in it. She feels like she needs to have your love in her life.

She starts to feel like if you are not in her life, it just doesn’t feel right. It’s really cool how it works.

I Welcome You to Try My Proven System For Getting an Ex Back

Make your ex girlfriend jealous and get her back

If you want a proven system that is going to work for you, then I welcome you to try my program.

This system has been professionally developed by helping hundreds of phone coaching clients to get a girlfriend, fiance or wife back.

Only after getting consistent, successful results with clients for about 1.5 years, did I then decide to put all the time and effort into preparing, recording, editing and producing the 10 hour video program called, Get Your Ex Back: Super System

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Make sure that you don’t focus on using tacky or “rub it in her face” methods of trying to make your ex jealous.

You can actually make your ex girlfriend feel jealous in very subtle ways; in ways that cause her to feel painful and positive emotions towards you.

You can also make her feel more love, more respect and more attraction for you during the process of getting her back.

That way, when she is back with you, she wants to be in a relationship with you even more than she did when she was first in a relationship with you, because the feelings are so much stronger now.

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