If your wife leaves you, you basically have 2 choices:

  1. Fix your issues (e.g. insecurity, inability to make her feel attracted to you), improve yourself and then get your wife back.
  2. Move on by meeting new women so you can make a fresh start without her.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you and how you feel about your wife and your marriage together.

Are you ready to let her go, or do you want to get her back into a relationship that is more loving, understanding and respectful than it ever was before?

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Your wife may currently feel as though she doesn’t want anything to do with you, but you can change how she feels.

It’s Not Too Late to Make Your Wife Reconsider Her Decision

It's not too late to make her reconsider her decision to leave you

As a result of your wife leaving you, it’s only natural that you’d been going through a lot of different emotions and not knowing when you will be able to feel happy and secure about your life like you used to.

You might be asking yourself, “How did this happen to us? I thought we were so in love. Where did we go wrong?”

When a couple decides to get married, most of them will feel as though they can last a lifetime. Yet, statistically speaking, about 50% of them will end up parting ways.

Although we always tend to hear about the terrible divorce statistics these days, very rarely do we hear the fact that approximately 50% of couples who break up do get back together again.

So, if you’re wondering what to do if your wife leaves you because the situation looks hopeless to you, the truth is that your marriage doesn’t have to be over if you don’t want it to be.

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In other words, you’re not alone here. Unless she absolutely hates you and will never ever talk to you again, you can get her back and give the marriage another chance.

What you need to realize is that when you make your wife feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you as a man, she will naturally feel more willing to reconnect with her old feelings of love for you.

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As you will discover from the video above, you have a lot of control over how much or little attraction your wife feels for you.

Even if your wife is currently saying, “Leave me alone. There is nothing you can say or do that will make me change my mind. It’s just too late,” you have to realize that she’s only saying those things because in her current state of mind, she’s not allowing herself to feel attracted to you.

As a result of losing respect for you and then losing touch with her feelings of attraction, she is currently unwilling to open herself up to your attempts to get her back.

She most likely feels as though you don’t have the ability to change or improve in the ways she needs you to.

However, when you do change the way you approach your interactions with her and begin to make her feel differently about you as a result, her negative feelings towards you will automatically begin to change.

No matter how bad things might look right now, your wife’s feelings are not set in stone.

Feelings can, and do, change all the time and when you get her respect back and make her feel attracted to you again, she should be very willing and happy to re-connect with her feelings of love for you.

3 Important Steps You Need to Take to Get Your Wife Back

As a husband, it is your responsibility to take care of the love in your relationship and to guide your wife into deeper feelings of respect, attraction and love for you.

If you don’t do that, things will naturally fall apart over time.

If you want to stop your wife from leaving you, your primary goal has to be to regain her feelings of respect and attraction for you, and to do that you have to say and do the right things.

You have to…

1. Understand what she really wants you to change about yourself

Understand the real reasons why your wife left you

For a lot of men, a break up usually comes as a big surprise to them.

They will often say things like, “I know we had our problems, but I never thought my wife would leave me,” or, “Sure we had some ups and downs, but my wife never told me what I was doing wrong.”

The truth is, most women don’t come out and tell a guy directly what he has been doing wrong.

Some women might spell it out for their man, but most women won’t do that because they don’t want to take on the role of being a guy’s teacher in life on how to be a man.

Most women will hint at the problems in their relationship, but won’t come out and say what they mean directly.

For example: A woman might say, “You have so much potential, why are you wasting your life in that job where no one appreciates you?” rather than come out directly and say, “You lack purpose and you are not rising through the levels of life like a man should. I don’t like that and if you don’t change I will leave you.”

Another example might be: “You spend so much time at the office. Why don’t you take the weekend off and we can do something nice together for a change?” rather than saying, “I feel that your job is more important to you than I am. I feel unloved, taken for granted and neglected. If you don’t change your ways I will leave you.”

Of course it would be great if women just came out and said what they really mean, but a woman won’t do that because she doesn’t want to be the one to teach her husband how to be a man.

She doesn’t want to mother him and guide him through manhood, because firstly, it’s not her job, and secondly, if she has to do that she will naturally lose respect for him and end up looking down on him.

So, to get your wife back, you need to fully understand the real reasons why she left you and then make the correct changes to your behavior, conversation style and how you treat her.

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By fully understanding your wife’s real reasons for leaving you, you can then make the correct changes rather than offering her the wrong things and making her feel even more misunderstood.

By offering her what she really wants you will begin to regain her respect for you and once she respects you again, her attraction for you will also begin to build.

2. Don’t promise her that you will change

Don't promise to change. You need to actually change if you want her to take you seriously

When a relationship breaks down, it doesn’t happen overnight, which means along the way many fights and disagreements will have happened, and it’s likely that the guy will have said, “I promise to change,” many times before.

If you’ve promised your wife to change sometime in the past, and haven’t, how do you think she will perceive your promises to her now?

Will she be thinking, “I’m sure this time will be different,” or will she be thinking, “He’s promised me he will change hundreds of times before now, why should I believe him? I’ve had enough of his empty promises.”

To get your wife back, you can’t promise her that you will change if she gives your marriage another chance.

You actually have to make the changes and then let her see and experience those changes for herself when you interact with her on the phone and in person (not via text, e-mail or letter).

You don’t have to fully fix everything and become a perfect husband to get her back, but she needs to see that you’re not just saying you’re going to change.

She will need to see that you are working on your emotional issues and making an effort to become more of the man she needs you to be.

Don’t ask her to take pity on you or to give you a chance.

Just focus your energy on making significant improvements to yourself (e.g. become emotionally stronger, improve your ability to spark her feelings of attraction for you) and she will then begin to take you seriously.

3. Don’t wait around hoping she will change her mind and come back to you on her own

Don't wait around hoping that she changes her mind

Right now you might be thinking that if you give your wife enough space, she might realize how much she loves and misses you and she will then come back.

However, in most cases, the opposite tends to happen.

A woman realizes that she feels free from the relationship and she quickly begins to work towards getting over her ex husband.

Of course, that means she will be going out and getting drunk, partying, meeting new guys and possibly even having sex and falling in love again.

If you want to get back together with your wife, not contacting her is a waste of time.

Random people online will tell you to “go no contact” and avoid contacting her for 30 days or more, but that is crappy advice from immature young guys who don’t even know how to keep a relationship together.

If you want your wife back, now is not the time to be playing games with her.

You need to be mature about this by fixing your issues and improving yourself and then meeting up with her to allow her to experience the new and improved you.

If you waste time ignoring her, she will almost certainly use that time to begin moving on without you.

These days, it’s very easy for women to get online and sign up for online dating or use an app like Tinder and they will have 100s of guys interested overnight.

While you are sitting at home waiting for her to call you and feeling lonely, you are not busy fixing your issues, improving yourself and making her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

So, don’t wait for your marriage to fix itself. Be the man that your wife needs you to be by taking action to fix your issues (e.g. insecurity, inability to make her feel attracted) and improve yourself.

Pick up the phone and call her.

On the phone call, you need to shake her out of her current negative state of mind by letting her experience the positive changes you have made to yourself while she is talking to you.

For example: If a wife complained about her husband’s lack of ambition and direction in life, now is his opportunity to work towards a promotion at work, or for him to enroll at a university to get better qualifications.

Make yourself a list of things you would like to do and achieve and go about accomplishing each one of those things, or at least starting on the path to achieving them.

Then, when you are talking to her on the phone, if she asks you, “So what have you been up to?” you can casually say, “Oh, I’ve enrolled in some classes now because there’s a great new opening in my company that I’m working at getting,” or “I’ve been taking some skiing lessons because I’ve always wanted to ski in the Swiss Alps and I’ve booked myself a vacation for next year to do just that.”

Not only does this show her that you haven’t been sitting at home pining for her, she can also see that you have really changed and are improving yourself by being the kind of man who takes action and makes things happen in his life.

She will then begin to feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you and as a result, she will become open to meeting up with you and seeing what happens.

Are You Going to Get Her Back or Are You Going to Move On and Find a New Woman?

Are you going to get your wife back or find a new woman?

Another benefit to fixing your issues and improving yourself to get your wife back is that you are also improving yourself for you.

If you decide that you don’t want to get back together with your wife, you will already be a whole different, more confident, charismatic, interesting, emotionally strong man, which will make the process of getting beautiful, quality women to fall in love with you much easier.

No matter what you decide; whether it is to get your wife back, or get yourself another woman, the main thing that you have to remember is that when you interact with your wife, you have to say and do the things that will trigger her feelings of respect, attraction and love for you.

You can’t expect her to take you seriously if you are unable to make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you when she interacts with you.

You have to be able to make her feel that as a bare minimum, while also letting her know that you have learnt from the experience and are sorry for making her feel the way she did.

This morning you might have been thinking about what to do when your wife leaves you and feeling helpless about the situation, but as you can see, that is definitely not the case.

You can change the way that your wife is feeling right now, by changing how you approach your interactions and communication with her from now on.

When she feels enough respect and attraction for you again, she will naturally allow herself to become open to forgiving your past mistakes and she will then begin reconnecting with the love that she felt for you the day you got married.

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