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My name is Dan Bacon and my popular dating ebook is called, The Flow.

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  • My best ever examples of what to say to get a woman’s phone number, get a date and get a girlfriend.
  • How to make a woman feel intense attraction for you during a simple conversation, without her even knowing what you’re doing. The techniques are invisible and impossible to detect.
  • Powerful techniques to eliminate your shyness, nervousness or anxiety around women and replace it will alpha male confidence.
  • My best techniques to ensure you always get a second date, or kiss the woman on the first date and have sex with her on the first date (if you choose to).
  • The secret to making other guys respect you in social situations.
  • Techniques that cause people to want to be your friend, invite you to parties and introduce you to their single girlfriends.

My dating book comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can read The Flow today and see if it works for you.

There are millions of dating books online, but 99% of them have been written by people who are not successful with women in real life.

That’s where I am different…

I transformed myself from a nervous, shy, self-doubting guy who was getting rejected by women, into a confident, charismatic guy who women desperately want to be with.

My advice is based on real life experience and real results.

If you want a dating book filled with junk, buy someone else’s book.

If you want a dating book filled with techniques and examples that have been tested and proven to work, then read my book The Flow.

Dan Bacon - when it all suddenly changed for me

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