“At Last – A Results-Focused, 1-on-1 Coaching Program That Really Works!”

Prepare to get on the most accelerated path to success with women & dating available in the world today.

If you would like to learn how to approach, meet and attract women, step-by step in real-life situations so you are then able to start dating lots of women or stop and get a loving girlfriend, then this might be the most exciting message you ever read!

Here’s why…

My name is Dan Bacon and not so long ago…

I Was Fairly Hopeless With Women and Was Unable to Get Myself a Girlfriend

I’d head out into social situations, like bars and clubs, and just stand there getting drunk with mates, ‘checking out’ women and talking about ‘What ifs.’


Well, to start with – I didn’t know how what to say to start a good conversation with a woman, let alone continue the conversation, spark attraction, flirt, genuinely connect and then ‘move things forward’. It was all very unclear to me. As a result, I was ‘forcibly celibate’…

For Almost 16 Months in a Row!

As you can imagine, that lifestyle completely sucked!

Why was it happening to me? Well, unfortunately I used to be what some women would refer to as a nice guy. Meaning that most women would see me a potential friend (if that!), rather than a potential lover or boyfriend.

If I did manage to get an interaction going with a woman, my body language sometimes displayed nervousness (e.g. blushing, fidgeting, weak eye contact, hesitation), which immediately ruined any sense of attraction the woman could feel for me.

That also sucked!

Then, there was the really confusing part. I was working in a good management job, I dressed fairly well, had a few good friends and drove a decent car…but, I still struggled to get a girlfriend!

Some of my friends who were average or below-average looking, had little money to their name and nothing going for them career-wise, were in relationships with beautiful and intelligent women!

I Couldn’t Work it Out!

At the peak of my frustration, I remember coming home one night after a few rounds of ‘after-work drinks’ with people I worked with. My sister and I were living together in a rented apartment at the time. As I walked in, she jokingly asked me the usual question, “So, Dan…did you pick up this time?”

What followed was a heartfelt discussion that led me to say…

“That’s it! I Know That I Deserve Better Than This. I’m Going to Get This Area of My Life Sorted, Once and For All…”

Although my sister was supportive, she then remarked with a comment that you may have heard from friends and relatives at some stage in your life, “Don’t worry…the right girl will come along soon…”

I hated hearing that because it meant that I had no control over my dating life. I wasn’t interested in waiting for a beautiful woman to magically land in my lap!

I wanted control.

I wanted to be able to attract women without hopelessly waiting for ‘fate’ to play its course. But there was just one problem: Like MOST guys in this world, who don’t know what we NOW know about women and dating…

Getting a Girlfriend Had Always Been Due to Mere Luck or Fluke For Me…

The only times I would ‘get lucky’, was when a girl showed interest in me and helped the courtship process along. As a result, I ended up getting into relationships that weren’t very personally fulfilling.


Being in a relationship with a woman that you’re not entirely attracted to on physical, emotional and intellectual levels. But, you decide to stay with her because you just don’t believe you can get much else. I hated that feeling!

Worse still, 9 times out of 10, a relationship would end with the girl breaking up with me!

I Hurt Like Hell…and Over Time – It Really Started to Eat Away at My Confidence

I wasn’t sure what was about to happen, but something BIG was about to change…I could just sense it. I decided to commit to learning what I needed to learn, to the point of being able to easily get a girlfriend anytime I pleased. I didn’t want to have to worry about this area of my life anymore.

They Laughed When I First Approached Women, But When I Started to Spark Attraction and Get Results…

A lot of my friends laughed when I said I that was learning how to meet and attract women. They said things like, “Mate, you don’t need to learn that stuff…you’re fine…you’ll meet a girl soon, so don’t worry.”

Yeah, just like during the 16 months of lonely, frustrating celibacy that I went through before deciding to learn! I wanted control over this area of my life and I wanted it NOW.

Fast Forward to Today!

These days, I honestly don’t have enough time to date all the attractive, interesting and intelligent women who want to be my girlfriend.


Going from feeling frustrated and ‘left out’ because you were unable to get a girlfriend for a long time – no matter how hard you tried – to now being able to have many as dates (that lead to kissing and sex) as you like, or find a loving girlfriend whenever you please.

My dating life has consistently been like the latter for more than two years now!

Here’s a recent example…

I went out to a busy bar in Melbourne, Australia with Ben and Stu (from The Modern Man) and we met a number of new women throughout the night. At the end of the night, I went home with three phone numbers from attractive, intelligent women who were keen as hell to meet me again. Yet, given how busy I now am with The Modern Man, I’ve only had time to begin dating ONE of the new women.

The other two were great girls and I had very ‘productive’ interactions with them on the night, but I never did get around to calling either of them. At the time of writing this – I’ve been dating the one woman I called now for a couple of weeks. She’s an awesome girl and a couple of nights ago when she slept over at my place, we were talking about going away for a weekend to a relaxation retreat.

That’s the dating lifestyle that I always dreamed about…now it happens very, very easily for me. This is a luxury that YOU can have, if you can learn to believe that it’s possible to change your current difficulties with women and dating.

I’ve Learnt How to Become Confident and Irresistibly Attractive to Women…You Can Too!

But can you? I mean, really…

Is this life-changing course of step-by-step, 1-on-1 coaching on how to meet and attract women in bars and other social hotspots for you? Before you decide, do yourself a favor and take a minute to look at the questions below and give yourself a clear YES or NO answer…

Do you often avoid approaching women because you don’t know what to say?

Do you sometimes avoid approaching women because you fear being rejected in front of others?

Would you like to gain rock-solid, absolutely unshakable confidence that will last you for the rest of your life?

Would you like to improve your social skills in the areas of: flirting, conversation, body language, confidence and hum our?

Have you ever felt that women don’t find you attractive?

Would you like to be able to go out during the day or night and get a girlfriend whenever you feel like it?

Are you sometimes too much of a nice guy around women?

Are you sincerely interested in having a proven, expert, dating coach teaching you exactly how to be confident and attract women, with the absolute ease and consistency of a natural?

How did you go?

If you answered YES to at least two of those questions…then, I suggest you read on to discover the amazing opportunity that is right in front of you. This is your chance to connect with the dating lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

This is Within Your Reach…and it is Learnable…YES – Even For You!

Case Study #1

“He’d Read The Game by Neil Strauss and Tried Using Seduction Tactics, But it Didn’t Work…”
Name: Darren
Location: Sydney, Australia
Age: 23
Situation: Darren spent years learning about seduction tactics featured in The Game by Neil Strauss, but despite his awesome efforts of trying things out in real life…none of was working.

He needed a more natural approach…

[Find out more…]

Case Study #2

“I Want a Girlfriend By Christmas Time”

Name: Stephen
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Age: 33
Situation: Stephen had some previous experience with women, but lacked confidence in himself to approach women, flirt and move things forward.

He wanted to be able to have a girlfriend in time for the annual family Christmas party, which was fast approaching.

[Find out more…]

Case Study #3

“He’d Read The Game by Neil Strauss and Tried Using Seduction Tactics, But it Didn’t Work…”
Name: Evan
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Age: 19
Situation: Evan had never been with a woman before in his life. The Lifestyle Course opened him up to a completely new world, where he became attractive to women and discovered a newfound confidence in himself.

[Find out more…]

Case Study #4

“He’d Read The Game by Neil Strauss and Tried Using Seduction Tactics, But it Didn’t Work…”

Name: Richard
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Age: 38
Situation: Richard was doing exceptionally well in his career, had the car he always wanted and had a good group of friends who were all coupled up or married.

Despite all of his great achievements, he couldn’t get a girlfriend to save his life!

[Find out more…]

Here’s the thing…

Women are attracted to certain things about men that you can develop. It doesn’t matter what you look like, what race you’re from or how little experience you’ve had with women.

Why? Simple: Women Are Naturally ‘Wired’ to be Attracted to Men Who Have The Following Qualities…

  • Confidence: Your social confidence, your confidence around her, confidence about yourself in general.If you can’t approach a woman because you fear rejection, or don’t feel very confident about it, then it will be almost impossible for you to attract women and get a girlfriend.
  • Social skills: Your ability to get along with others and get somewhere in life.Just imagine a beautiful, single woman looking for a boyfriend to get into a relationship with. One night, she gets approached by a guy who lacks confidence and sucks at creating conversation with her to the point where she almost instantly becomes bored in his presence.What does that communicate to her? That he’ll be fun to be around? That he’ll be able to get along with her friends, succeed at work and be confident in the bedroom? We both know the answer to those questions.So, how about you? When you talk to women, do they feel excited, passionate and attracted? Do your conversations lead to kissing, sex and love with many women? Or are you always picked last and seen as the ‘nice guy’ or potential friend?
  • Masculinity: Whether or not you can be an alpha male who isn’t afraid of the world…or afraid of her!Are you sometimes overly-polite and cautious around people, so as not to offend? Do you sometimes hesitate about making a move, because you’re unsure about yourself and what you want?Do you sometimes find yourself regretting how you behaved in social situations and wished you could just change and be the guy you’ve always wanted to be?
  • Sexual vibe: Your ability to flirt with a woman and make her feel the emotions of sexual attraction.A woman craves to be with a guy who can make her feel the emotion of sexual attraction. If you don’t know how to do that (…by the way – strong and lasting attraction has little to do with looks, age, race or occupation…) you’ll be dumped in no time!

The list goes on…

However, the number one thing you need to be aware of and learn to believe is that…

Beautiful Women Are in Loving, Sexual Relationships With ALL Kinds of Men…Tall, Short, Poor, Rich, Dorky-Looking, Etc…

If you don’t believe that and are saying, “Yeah, but it’s different for me because…” then do yourself a favor and look around the next time you are in a public place. They are normal, average guys!

I don’t care if you have never been with a woman, only had one girlfriend, or have been married and divorced twice – you CAN do this. You can decide to take control of this area of your life as I did. Better yet, you are about to learn how to achieve it in the FASTEST way possible. You are literally a weekend away from finding out how enjoy the fruits of a lifestyle filled with women.

Why NOT Be Good With Women?

I hated the feeling of being alone and not having a woman in my life. Not one single woman. Nada. Zilch. Zero!

How does it make you feel to not have control over this area of your life? Personally, until I got it completely sorted, it always seemed to cast a ‘dark shadow’ over my life. No matter what happened in my life, something was always missing.


Now, I understand that this might sound a little corny, but – everything really does seems so much brighter these days! Instead of looking at women with quiet disdain and feelings of frustration because ‘they don’t like me’, I look at women with love and respect.

Not only that, but I look at women with a confidence that is irresistibly attractive…

…and they notice and smile back!

Can you imagine the amazing feelings you’d experience if you smiled confidently at a woman and she smiled back in a way that suggested she was attracted to you and wanted to meet you? Better yet, imagine what life would be like if you were one of the rare guys who could confidently approach her and start a conversation….and then move things forward with ease and consistency.

Give Us One Weekend and We’ll Give You The Secrets to an Attractive & Confident Personality

Here’s what you will learn, step-by-step from the best dating coaches in the world!

How to Easily Approach Women and Begin Conversations: Ben, Stu or I will teach you, step-by-step, how to approach women and begin interesting & attractive conversations. We’ll share our personal ways of starting conversations with women that NEVER fail. You will learn exactly how to come up with things to say, so you’re never stuck for words EVER again. You will also learn to avoid the mistakes that most men make when they approach a woman, so you consistently stand out and get a woman’s attention anywhere you go.

How to Continue Conversations With Women: Once you’ve started the conversation, what do you say next? We’ll explain the mechanics of conversation, so you’ll know exactly how to continue an interesting conversation to allow a woman to become comfortable around you.

Live Demonstrations by Your Coach Ben, Stu: or I will approach women right in front of you and then explain why it worked perfectly. We’ll show you exactly how we naturally attract women with our genuine, masculine and confident approach. …and we’ll get you to do the same, by coaching you each step of the way until you are completely confident and effective!

How to Spark a Natural Attraction With Any Woman: Our absolutely, rock-solid, scientifically proven and natural approach to attraction is guaranteed to work…if you simply learn how do it. Remember: We are going to reveal it to you step-by-step, so don’t worry if you think you’re not very good at it. You will be amazed at good you really can be. Scores of men have already taken a Lifestyle Course with us, from complete beginner level to super advanced.

We’ve coached: Young guys who are just entering the dating scene. Guys who’ve had no success with women. Guys who’ve had some success with women. Older guys who have been married and divorced. Guys who consider themselves nerdy or unattractive. Guys who consider themselves good-looking. …and no matter what their experience level was or what they happened to think about their appearance, every client is ALWAYS blown away by the MASSIVE improvements they experience in all areas identified on this page.

You can achieve what past clients have achieved and MORE. This is totally within your reach.

A Natural Style of Meeting Women: You could sign up to learn from a pick up artist, who might teach you tricks and techniques on how to manipulate a woman into liking you. However, we prefer to do it with integrity and as such, we will teach you how to naturally attract women – without the need for cheesy tricks or phony behavior. You can then use our natural approach in bookstores, supermarkets, shopping centers, bars, clubs and parties for the rest of your life.

How to Genuinely Connect and Vibe With a Woman: Once you learn how to attract women (which is actually the easiest part…you’ll see, don’t worry!), you will also need to learn how to connect and vibe with a woman. After all, if you don’t get along – you don’t get along. Ben, Stu and I have personally interacted with over 6,000 women during the last four years. We know exactly how to connect with women and explore deeper, more interesting conversations, which actually boost a woman’s attraction and interest in you. …all of which will be explained to you, step-by-step.

How to Take Things to the Next Level: It’s great to flirt, chat and have interesting conversations with women, but if you don’t move things forward, then chances are that nothing will happen. In fact, even after an hour of amazingly fun & interesting conversation you might be hit with the old, “I have to go to the bathroom” comment. Or the classic, “My friends and I are going to dance…bye!”

Taking things to the next level includes things like: Physical touch, kissing, hugging, sitting alone together, getting a phone number…right up to making something happen on the night. Note: While a lot of clients will reach this level by Saturday night, we won’t force you to go that far. Your Lifestyle Course will be tailored to you and your needs.

Proven Expert Advice: Since the release of The Game, by Neil Strauss it seems that every man and his dog is an expert in this area. We were around before the release of The Game and sometimes, the best way to judge the value of those who claim to be experts is to listen to what other people are saying about them…

Honest, Friendly Feedback and Advice: We don’t like to waste your time or ours, so be prepared to be given honest, friendly feedback and advice that will help you learn what you need to know as quickly as possible. Although your coach will be giving you feedback throughout the night, people never notice that a Lifestyle Course is taking place, because we keep the feedback discreet.

Professional Coaching: Each Modern Man coach comes from a qualified coaching background. We have over 15 years of coaching experience on the team and we can and will adapt our style to suit your needs. You may have had very similar experiences to other clients that we’ve coached, but we still recognize you as an individual with your own unique situation that needs fixing.

It doesn’t matter how good or bad your past experiences with women have been, we will give you the fastest and most effective solutions available in the world.
1-on-1 coaching On a Modern Man Lifestyle Course, you have the full attention of your coach, so he can answer all of your questions and provide personalized solutions to your problem areas with women & dating.

For any man aged 18-45: If you are between the ages of 18 to 45 years old, then we can coach you. Your age, race, physical looks or occupation does not matter when it comes to what we teach. Why? Women are naturally attracted to certain male behaviors and personality traits.…of which you will learn how to quickly develop and display!

The Convenience of Australia-Wide Coaching: We are located in Melbourne and were the first, national coaching company of this kind. In fact, no one else is offering this service all across Australia. We can coach you in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane, Tasmania or Adelaide. If you are not located in Melbourne: You can either add some more adventure to the weekend by flying down to Melbourne to do the Lifestyle Course away from people you know. Or, Ben, Stu or I will gladly fly up to your home state and teach you on your familiar turf.

Eliminate Years of Guesswork: Most men will never know what it feels like to be confident and successful with women. Why? Like their ancestors who went to their graves not knowing what women really want, modern men just don’t know how to achieve it! But this is the modern world and you are a modern man.

A Modern Man Lifestyle Course will eliminate years of guesswork, rejection, pain and frustration that could result if you were to try and learn it all yourself over the next 5-10 years. Especially if you are one to sometimes procrastinate, or to try and read and learn ‘everything’ before trying anything in real-life situations! There is absolutely no sane reason why you should want to waste years of your own life, if we can teach you exactly what you need to know in ONE weekend.

Overcome Any Fear of Rejection: The reality is that most guys fear being rejected by women in front of others…so they don’t approach. Once you know what we know about confidence and understand the step-by-step, rejection proof approach that we use – you will place yourself in the top 1% of guys who can get a girlfriend if and when they please.

Imagine being able to confidently approach women in bookstores, supermarkets, bars and so on – and actually know what to do to make something happen! Would that be something that you’d be interested in? Would that make your life more fulfilling and interesting? Would that open the doors of possibility and help you find your ideal woman?

Different Environments: We’ll visit a number of different bars with you to ensure you get quality experience in various environments. There is also the option to meet women in bookstores, supermarkets, etc. We tailor the course to you, so just let us know!

What to do From Start to Finish: A lot of guys avoid approaching women, because they don’t know what to do if the woman actually responds well. We’ll explain how things work from start to finish, so you can approach with confidence, knowing full well that you can move things forward properly and without rejection.

Approaching Groups of Women: Sometimes, the thought of approaching a group of attractive women can make any man feel queasy. We’ll explain exactly what kind of approach will work for each group you approach.…and you will quickly realize how easily you can create fun, interesting and successful interactions with all kinds of women!

Benefits For Life: What you learn on a Modern Man Lifestyle Course will benefit you for the rest of your life. I won’t harp on with a list here. Instead, I’ll ask you to take a good look through this page at all the amazing things you will be learning and applying in real-life situations. “To say that this course has made me a better person would be an understatement.” Evan, Adelaide

A Fun and Enjoyable Course: Meeting women may have been a daunting and frustrating process for you in the past. Using our tried and tested methods for successful social interactions, you will learn how to make the interactions fun and enjoyable for both you and the women you meet.

You will understand how to be the guy who everyone loves to hang around with. You’ll also learn how to have a lot more fun with your life and how to eliminate any of the pressure you feel in social interactions. Socializing can be fun – you just need to know how to do make it so! Note: The skills you learn on course will be directly transferable to all areas of your social life.

Body Language: Studies show that a mere 7% of what you communicate is found in the words you use. 38% is the tonality of your voice and 55% is based on your body language. You will learn the right body language to use when interacting with women, in order to project confidence and spark a strong, natural attraction. “…feedback was that my body language was apologetic for being there, which in turn makes the others feel less comfortable.” Darren, Sydney

Voice and Tonality: Tonality and how you use your voice is crucial when interacting with and attracting women. You will learn how to use your voice and tonality in a way that is naturally attractive to women.

DOs and DON’Ts: No matter who you are, you are most likely making mistakes and ‘social errors’ that are currently sabotaging your success with women. You will learn the DOs and DON’Ts of interacting and relating with women, which will make you stand out from other guys…BIG TIME.

No Experience Required: It doesn’t matter if you have absolutely no experience at all with women, or if you’re a regular Casanova – we’ve coached guys of all experience levels to become more naturally attractive to women. The course is structured to ensure you will gain massive improvements, no matter what your current abilities are in this area. Understandably, some guys have written to us questioning whether or not the course would work for them.

I mean, it might sound like a huge claim for us to suggest that we can make you more naturally attractive to women in ONE weekend. …but we can. We do it every weekend…and HOPEFULLY, you are the next guy that we transform into a super-confident, naturally attractive man who women just can’t get enough of! Note: Once you know what we know, women will approach YOU. No kidding.

Enhance Your Current Strengths: In addition to finding out what you need to improve on, we are just as keen to find what you’re doing right. You may be unaware of how many positive qualities you currently have that attract women and how best to display and enhance them. Because we are highly-experienced coaches, we know exactly how to recognize and build on your strengths.

Build Confidence That Lasts! It is no accident that some guys are confident, some guys know how to be confident and some guys don’t even know what confidence is! Those who have confidence have either built it naturally through experience, or have learned how to ignite and maintain it. On a Lifestyle Course, you will learn and begin applying the secrets to absolutely, rock-solid, unshakeable confidence that women find irresistibly attractive! This area of coaching will have a massive impact on your self-esteem and confidence, and as such, on your success with women, dating and life in general. “My confidence has soared through the roof as a direct result of TMM.” Nathan, Melbourne

Connect and Create ‘Chemistry’ With Women: Ever wondered why some guys just seem to just ‘hit it off’ easily with women and often have most women lusting after them? We’ll explain why and coach you on the specific personality traits you need to develop and enhance, in order to consistently create chemistry with women you meet…

Discover and Apply the Secrets to Flirting: Flirting is essential for attracting and maintaining the interest of women, but most guys do not know how to flirt! You will instantly distinguish yourself from other guys, by applying our flirting secrets with your words, body language and actions. Fact: If you don’t know how to flirt properly, then your dating life and relationships will always have major problems.

Learn to Calibrate: Different women, different environments and different situations call for different approaches. As you start interactions with different kinds of women, we’ll talk to you about calibrating your approach to suit the situation. Not doing this correctly will ruin the potential for a successful interaction. As you may be aware, it’s hard to get a second chance at making a first impression. You need to learn how to get it right, first time, every time so you don’t have to waste great opportunities with women anymore!

Discover the Secrets to Reading a Woman’s Cues: How do you know if a woman is interested in you? What body language and verbal cues do you look for? What should you do when you notice that a woman is interested? Ask us and we’ll tell you! We’ll then get you to notice how it happens while we’re meeting women together throughout the course. This area is so important to master, especially if you want to move things forward with women consistently and the pain of being rejected in front of others.

Kissing: We’ll advise you on ways to go about kissing a woman you’ve just met, while avoiding any feelings of awkwardness between you and her.

Getting Phone Numbers: We’ll explain everything you need to know about getting a woman’s phone number, right up to when to call and what to do on the phone. We’ll also reveal how to avoid rejection while getting a phone number. It works every time!

How to be an Alpha Male: Women are more naturally attracted to alpha male traits in guys. Just think about some of the alpha males that you know and the attention they get from women. We’ll let you in on the secrets of alpha male behavior. and demonstrate how to do so. Knowing what we know about this area is worth more than anything you have ever bought or invested in. That may sound like a big statement, but we believe it and so will you once you experience what life is like as an alpha male. “The Advanced Lifestyle Course I took was the single best investment I have EVER made.” Stephen, Brisbane

Build Powerful Masculinity to Attract Women: We are a leading expert in the world on the subject of masculinity. What you will learn is that there are specific and easily-learnable ways of being masculine or ‘manly’ that attract women. It doesn’t matter if you are 5 feet tall and 45kgs, you can still be very masculine in your behavior. and psychology and attract women like you never have before. You will be amazed at how women begin to respond to you. “This weekend was the start of an amazing transformation…to confident, self-assured, alpha-male.” Gary, Melbourne

Avoid the Dreaded ‘Friend Zone’: Ever heard this one from a woman, “I think we should just be friends…is that okay?” Discover how to avoid being seen as a ‘friend’ by a woman you would like to be sexually involved with.

Turn the Tables: Sick of being the guy who is forever chasing girls? We’ll show you how to turn the tables on that, so it can be the other way around. If you want to be able to choose your girlfriend, rather than waiting to ‘get lucky’, then you’ve found the solution. We will teach you how to interact with women, so that they try to pick YOU up. Seriously. You have to experience it personally to believe it.

Develop and Unleash Your Ideal Personality Fact: You don’t have to learn seduction tricks to be successful with women. Unlike a ‘bag of seduction tricks’ course with a pick up artist, a huge focus of our Lifestyle Courses is to help you develop the behaviors and personality traits that women find irresistibly attractive. As a result, you will be able to remain attractive to a woman long into an interaction, date or long-term relationship because it will be the real you. Albeit, a more attractive version of you!

“There was no need for canned material. No opinion openers. No gimmicks. No deceitful or insecure ‘strategies’. I’d tried those ‘GAMING’ approaches and felt like a phony – getting B-grade results. The Modern Man approach is based on integrity and character, and is MUCH more powerful.” Stephen, Brisbane

Vibing: We describe vibing as a positive, social rhythm between people. Understanding the secrets to vibing will help you to immediately get along with women anytime, anywhere in formal or informal environments. If you don’t know how to vibe, you will often find yourself stuck for words or unable to continue a conversation in an interesting way.
Personal Fashion & Style Assessment Fashion and a sense of style can be an important factor when it comes to attracting the sort of women you desire. This assessment and advice is optional, but can dramatically improve your results.

Being a Confident, Social Guy: Unleashing this side of yourself is like taking in a deep breath after being submerged under water for a few minutes. Relief at last! Ahh!! Once you grasp what we are teaching, all the panic, worry and frustration about meeting and dating women will begin to disappear. Women – especially attractive, intelligent women – really appreciate a guy who is confident and can socialize effectively.

For example: If you can’t get along with a woman and her friends, then you’re going to make her and her friends feel uncomfortable. Fact: You cannot become a confident, social guy without knowing what we know about confidence and socializing We have read up on and tested all the available ‘methods’ and our 1000-times proven approach is LIGHT-YEARS ahead of what most people are teaching.

How to be Funny: A great sense of hum our is very attractive to women, yet a lot of guys struggle with this area. We’ll demonstrate how to be funny in a way that is attractive to women. It will bring energy and excitement to your interactions like never before. Prepare to unleash the funny guy in you and experience more fun and excitement as you interact with women!
Capture a Woman’s Attention How do you stand out from the crowd?

For some women who have guys approaching them all the time, it all just becomes a blur. A guy approaches and some women think, “Ohh, here we go again…” You will learn exactly how to stand out from the crowd so that YOU are the one she remembers! Women will be absolutely captivated by you and your new, charming personality. You will know how to attract even the most sought-after of women…regardless of your age, race or physical appearance.

If you don’t believe it, just stop for a moment and imagine all the ‘average-looking’ guys out there who are dating beautiful women….and ask yourself, “Do I want beautiful women in my life?” The obvious answer is YES. Every guy wants beautiful women in his life, but MOST don’t know how to make it happen. You will soon have a secret edge that will last you your ENTIRE life.

Challenge Yourself & Grow: A Lifestyle Course is designed to get you out of your ‘comfort zone’ and trying things with women that you might otherwise avoid. Regardless of what level you’re at now, you will discover amazing things about meeting, attracting and dating women. Ben, Stu and I have been through it all personally and have learnt how to do this. We know of the ‘anxious feelings’ that can cloud your mind when you think of approaching women. This course will show exactly how to eliminate those feelings, while allowing you to gain bucket-loads of positive experience meeting and attracting women.

How to Avoid ‘Awkward Silences’ When Talking With Women: Ever had a conversation come to a complete stop and not known how to handle it? Ever started speaking to a woman, only to have her respond by being closed up and cold toward you? We’ll explain how to get through those situations with class, while increasing a woman’s attraction for you at the same time! This has to be experienced to be believed and understood.

Knowledge is Power…if Used: You may have read our e-Books or newsletters, or watched or listened to audio programs and DVDs. However, if you are not putting anything into practice, then you are wasting your time. As one client said, “…Doing the course is a bit like walking through a door between two different realities.”

He experienced a total shift that weekend, from being a guy who used to stand on the sidelines watching, to being a guy who women were intensely attracted to. Ben, Stu or I will show you how to apply any current knowledge you have, eliminate any errors you are making and help you achieve success faster than you can imagine.

Our Pain is Now Your Gain: What struggles did Ben, Stu and I face along the way to becoming a natural with women? What things do you need to look out for when you attempt to master this area of your life? What should you do once the interaction starts going well? How do you ensure that a woman remains interested in you? And so on…

Nothing beats real-life experience…we have been through all the pain, made all the common mistakes and after years and years of trial and error – we have come out on top. Getting a girlfriend, or enjoying an abundant dating life is now as easy as 1,2,3.…and we want to share all the life-changing secrets with you, so you can accelerate your success and make things happen lightening-fast!

Approach and Talk to Women That YOU Find Attractive: Everyone has their own idea of what is attractive. Maybe you aren’t attracted to ‘club bunnies’ and in addition to a woman being beautiful, you might also prefer her to be down-to-earth, easy-going, intelligent and open-minded. Maybe you like women who enjoy a good conversation, have a warm smile, contribute their share to a relationship and enjoy relaxing at home with a DVD, just as much as going out to party. This course will teach you how to get a girlfriend that suits YOU.

Develop Your Own Style of Meeting Women: Although Ben, Stu and I all share the same values about meeting, attracting and dating women, we each have our own individual characteristics and quirks. This course is not designed to turn you into a clone. It is designed to allow you to be yourself, while applying our tried and tested, 1000-times proven secrets to naturally attracting women.

This means that you will be able to interact with women in a genuine, real and attractive way and have women love you for it. What more could you ask for?

Detailed and Practical Advice: We want to make sure you ‘get it’, as opposed to just telling you a whole heap of ‘stuff and hoping that it helps you. For example: Have you ever heard or read some advice that said, “You need to be confident with women” ? Yeah, thanks Mr. Guru…but can you tell me how to be confident? Throughout the course, we will explain the concepts in easy-to-understand detail, so you can grasp each of them and apply them as we go along.

More Women to Date: Nothing happens until something moves.” Albert Einstein. Wise words from a wise man. As you know by now, women don’t just magically appear in your arms. You need to do a number of things before it gets to the point of a date, or dating relationship. What you will learn on our life-changing Lifestyle Course, will set you on a path to have an abundance of options with the types of women you desire.

Are you ready to take serious action towards building confidence, improving your social skills and getting a girlfriend?

Build on Your Circle of Friends: What you learn on your Lifestyle Course will help give you the confidence to start expanding your social circle, attracting women and attracting more quality friends into your life. Imagine being invited to house parties by attractive women…going on weekends away with male & female friends.

That sort of lifestyle is priceless. You just need to decide that you want it. Then, you need to learn the easy way to make it happen and draw women into your life, without having to try much at all. That is where we step in! We will explain exactly how to build the confidence you’ve always wanted and achieve the dating lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Confidential: We take the issue of your privacy very seriously and understand that working on this area of your life is often a very personal journey. Your details will be treated with the utmost respect for privacy. We understand that you may be well-known because of work, or may feel awkward about the potential of running into someone you know while on course.

Prior to beginning to meet any women, we establish a ‘little story’ of how we know each other just in case. For example: We used to work together, we’re 2nd cousins, you dated my ex-girlfriend’s sister, etc. It always works and no-one else ever suspects that a course is taking place!

Choice of Coach: Depending on availability, you can be coached by Ben, Stu or I. Note: You don’t have to pick a coach. It’s purely optional and in the absence of a choice, we will assign the next available coach.

Self-Assessment & Lifestyle Questionnaires: After signing up and purchasing or making a deposit for your course, you will be sent a Self-Assessment & Lifestyle Questionnaire. These questionnaires are designed to find out what you do and don’t know, so we can tailor the course to your exact needs. “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” Stephen Covey, Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

The Longer You Leave it, the Worse it May Get For You…


The reality is that trying to do this all on your own takes a LOT of time. Personally, I had to approach at least 500 women, over the course of 2 years before I even started to begin realizing the secrets that Ben, Stu and I can now teach you in a couple of nights.

So, at the very least, this Lifestyle Course will SAVE YOU A LOT OF TIME. But, how much money will you waste trying to be attractive to women through other means? I mean, a lot of guys will spend tens of thousands of dollars on a brand new car, too look ‘successful’ for women.

But, they don’t actually have a woman.

Some guys will spend money on new gadgets and technology, to look ‘cool’ for women.

But, they don’t actually have a woman.

Some will guys spend hundreds of dollars per year on alcohol, to temporarily ‘boost their confidence’ around women when in social environments.

But, still…they don’t actually have a woman.

Decide what sort of life you want to be living: One with women in it or without women in it.

Lifestyle course benefits

Course Schedules, Pricing and Locations

Lifestyle course prices

*International courses are more expensive because of the international travel involved. If you and a friend want to book a course together, you can get a 30% discount each if we can run the courses over two, consecutive weekends.

Sign Up: $500 Deposit to Secure Course


***Sorry. We are currently not taking bookings for courses. If you would like to learn everything that we’d teach you on a Lifestyle Course, we recommend that you watch Dating Power

Dating Power includes all of the techniques and instructions that we provided on our Lifestyle Courses, except it is only a few hundred dollars rather than a few thousand.

You get to save a lot of a money and learn it all very quickly from the comfort and privacy of your own home. So, the next time you interact with a woman or go out to actively approach women, you will be armed with the powerful, proven to work Dating Power method.

Here is the story of how we developed Dating Power by taking clients out to approach women on our Lifestyle Courses for many years.

Why have we stopped running the courses?

I (Dan Bacon) am now in a committed relationship after being with countless pretty women and after coaching guys on the Lifestyle Courses for many years! I will probably be starting a family sometime in the next year or so. I really would LOVE to coach you personally, but it’s just not possible anymore. I gave my time every weekend to run those courses for many years and I now share my knowledge via Modern Man products.

Today, I am getting deeply involved in the next stage of life with my perfect woman. From this new experience of being in an amazing, committed relationship and later starting a family, I will be able to provide you with tested, proven to work advice for relationships and parenting. Stay tuned! 🙂

Ben always has multiple women in his life at once (he’s not yet ready to commit to one girl) and spends his time managing the technical side of The Modern Man (computer coding, accounting, etc) and Stu is in a committed relationship. Ben and Stu are not available for courses also. However, you can learn from Ben, Stu and I by watching Dating Power, which is what we taught to men on our Lifestyle Courses (bootcamps).

After You Sign Up For Your Lifestyle Course

After you sign up by depositing the $500 for the course, Dan will e-mail you to:

  • Provide you with the most up to date list of available weekends to choose from (bookings sometimes come through at the same time, so please understand if a weekend shown above is already booked).
  • Have you fill in the the Self-Assessment & Lifestyle Questionnaires and e-mail them back to us, so we can get a clear understanding of what you need to accomplish on the course.
  • Give you every Modern Man product for free.

Pre-Course Preparation Sheet

Once your course weekend has been confirmed, we will send you a Pre-Course Preparation Sheet to ensure you are ready for the course. The Pre-Course Preparation Sheet will give you advice on how to prepare for the course and also include details on where we will meet to start the course.

Need to Talk on the Phone First?

Free phone consultation
If you need more info about the course before depositing the course funds, please send contact us and provide the following information:

  • Name.
  • Contact phone number.
  • Location.
  • Best time to call you.

Dan will call you to answer any questions you have or provide you with the information you need before signing up for a course.

I look forward to coaching you in person very soon!


Dan Bacon

Dating Coach, The Modern Man

P.S. You get every Modern Man product included for free with your course. Dan, Ben or Stu will then show you how to use all of the techniques from our products in real-life situations (i.e. bars, clubs, on the street, in restaurants, etc) with women. This course is designed to turn your ‘non-existent’ or ‘hit and miss’ successes with women into consistent, repeatable, and MASSIVE success for you. You will learn how to turn your attraction skills into a natural part of who you are… and go on to effortlessly attract women as part of your every day life. You will immediately be able to use what you learn on course and you will see results INSTANTLY.

P.P.S. Following your Lifestyle Course, you will stop worrying about ‘success with women’ because it will just be a natural part of your life as a man. It’s the way your life was meant to be…and we hope you don’t cheat yourself out of it by not signing up for this life-changing course.

What Previous Clients Have Said…

“This weekend was the start of an amazing transformation – from needy, insecure…. to a confident, self-assured, alpha-male.” Gary, Melbourne, Australia [Read more]

“…so easy, fun and so interesting. It was like one continuous party where you are kind of a “friend of friends” but need some encouragement to meet them.” C, Sydney, Australia [Read more]

“Firstly let me say upfront that it’s the best thing I have ever done, and I cant recommend it more highly to anyone who is thinking about signing up.” D, Melbourne, Australia [Read more]

“There was no need for canned material. No ‘opinion openers’. No gimmicks. No deceitful or insecure ‘strategies’. I’d tried those ‘GAMING’ approaches and felt like a phony – getting B-grade results. The Modern Man approach is based on integrity and character, and is MUCH more powerful.” Stephen, Brisbane, Australia [Read more]

“My confidence has soared through the roof as a direct result of TMM.” Nathan, Melbourne, Australia

“…I did things I could never have imagined myself doing. You can just feel all the old beliefs and mistaken ideas falling apart in your mind and a whole new side of yourself opening up. On the Sunday after the course I had both the girls behind the counter of Starbucks giggling and flirting while a line built up behind me.” Evan, Adelaide, Australia [Read more]

“I was amazed at how easy it was to create chemistry with girls…once you know how it works, it’s like ABC, 123…it’s awesome!” Tran, Melbourne, Australia

“She was leaning right into me so I knew I had to kiss her soon.” Darren, Sydney, Australia [Read more]

“…I did the course last weekend and am absolutely rapt with how many women I met and the results I got…this is REAL guys! Take the punt and sign up…I am so glad that I did…” Andrew, Sydney, Australia

“This course has opened my eyes to the new world out there…step by step into the realm of attracting women…the one weight that has been plaguing me for so long has been finally lifted off my chest.” George, W.A, Australia [Read more]

An Asian client who wanted to pick up white women:

A socially “cool” client who wanted to overcome his approach anxiety and fear around beautiful women:


Customers who have been taught the Dating Power techniques, which are the same techniques we teach on our Lifestyle Courses.

A nerdy client who always got placed in the friend zone:

An average-guy type client who was previously terrified of approaching women:

A good guy client who didn’t understand what women found attractive and how to get them interested:

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