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Everything this client learned on the Lifestyle Course in taught is our video program Dating Power.

Client: Darren, Sydney, Australia. Age: 23

Darren had the last year learning about pick up artist tricks that are talked about in books like The Game by Neil Strauss. Despite his continued efforts to use the pick up artist tricks in real life…none of was working. He needed a more natural approach, so he turned to The Modern Man.

Comments from Client

To start off, a few words to describe the Modern Man Lifestyle Course for me: Inspirational, Inner Game, Honesty, Integrity, Passionate, Value for Money, Commitment, Natural, Bonus.

After more than 12 months in “the game”, I was disappointed at my progress with attracting women. I decided to do a bootcamp even though I was not 100% sure that it could help me. I decided to take the course in their hometown of Melbourne and since I’d never been there, it was a bonus holiday.

We [started] at a little restaurant to discuss my goals and current skills. Dan talked about mindsets and how important it is to develop a positive, confident belief in myself as this really affects my body language and presence.

I also learned a lot about Dan’s story and to understand the position that he has come from is really inspirational and admirable, not much different from my own. We moved onto another St Kilda bar where Dan opened a group of 3 girls.

They were immediately receptive to him and I hesitantly joined in. We vibed for about 10 mins before deciding to leave. My first positive feedback was that my body language displayed that I was apologetic for being there which in turn makes the others feel less comfortable.

My second opening was better and I vibed with the two girls for about 10 minutes before politely ejecting. Dan said they were attracted, but I lost confidence in moving them to a more comfortable place.

This area of Melbourne was not really busy for a Friday night so we moved to another popular nigh strip location. One of the great things about Dan was that he could “read” every group and tell how open they were to being approached.

He was really attentive to not sending me into groups that required a lot of warming up. I felt he was really aiming to build my confidence, not just stroke my ego…

I continued doing approaches and getting good feedback from Dan, my body language was still letting me down but I wasn’t getting blown out of sets at least. I got a good vibe going with a girl I approached who was looking for her friends but again I ejected after about 10 mins.

My limiting belief here was that she was going to spot her friends any minute and run off, but in reality I think she had already seen her friends and wanted to keep talking. All of my conversation was natural, no routines and then just vibing and a bit of cocky and funny.

Stu (another TMM coach) had met up with us by now so I was getting feedback from two experts 🙂 We were about to move on from the last bar when Dan decided to do another demonstration while I watched from nearby with Stu.

He didn’t use any special ‘opener’ but his confident projection and solid body language had the 4 girls hanging off his every word. I soon noticed two of the girls waving and smiling at me, so I waved back thinking what are they doing?

They then came over and gave Stu and I a hug and a kiss on the cheek. This turned into me being isolated with one of the girls and getting a good flirty vibe going. She was leaning right into me so I knew I had to kiss her soon. I saw my opportunity when she started putting lip gloss on (in hindsight, this was a huge IOI).

  • Me: “What does that taste like?”
  • Her: (hands me the tub of lip gloss)
  • Me: “Haha, no…come here” (pull her in for the kiss)

I then kind of messed up here by just vibing with her again when I could easily have been escalating more. Limiting beliefs still getting the better of me! I ended up hesitating too long with this and only got her number as she left with her friends.

Well a kiss on the first night, I was still happy with that! On the Saturday night we started with some dinner at a Japanese restaurant in the city. We spent about 2-3 hours talking about stuff such as story telling, deeper rapport, getting phone numbers, vibing, reducing flakiness and how I handled all of these situations.

We headed to a classy bar at about 9pm. I did one approach with a group of 3 girls, which wasn’t bad but wasn’t great. We decided to move to another up market venue that I actually liked better as it was pretty big and open and it had a few approachable groups. I did some more approaches.

One that stands out in my mind was a group of 3 cute girls and I vibed quite smoothly. Dan came in after 5 mins to take care of the girl furtherest from me and it wasn’t long before the alpha chick was inviting me to “grab that empty chair and sit down if you want.”

I agreed and Dan later told me that I should not have followed her lead but rather done it on my own terms. This makes sense but at the time I was thinking “sitting is better than standing and I am being invited to stay with the group.”

Dan approached two 18-year-old country girls (one of them was really hot) and I winged with him. He ended up with both of their licenses to get “proof of age”. He said something like “Wow, you look so much hotter now” but he was looking at the wrong girl’s license!

He ejected from the girls telling me that he’d inadvertently snubbed the less attractive girl and it wasn’t worth trying to recover 🙂 Funny stuff. By about 1am… went to get coffee to discuss the night, more inner game stuff and what I need to do in the future.

Dan was always careful not to waste time on chitchat and really gave me the most opportunity with interactions but at the same time I felt I got to know him like a close friend. I would recommend anyone living in Australia who wants to do a bootcamp, definitely consider TMM.

You get 14 hours of tuition that consists of approximately 9-10 hours of in-field practice over two nights. It cost me [client stated previous price here] excluding the plane ticket and accommodation costs, which I think is great value considering it is a one on one personalized experience. It was all about me!

If you want to do a course that tells you to open with this pick up line and then tell this story and then run the cube, don’t take TMM. If you want a value for money experience that digs down deep to work on your personal inner game to expose the “natural” in you, then do yourself a favor and get started.

What is The Game, by Neil Strauss?

The Game by Neil Strauss is an interesting read, but it won’t teach you how to be successful with women. It’s a book written by a ‘former nerd’ turned pick up artist. At The Modern Man, we will teach you how to be a man who naturally attracts women, not a sneaky wimp who tries to use tricks on women.

Initially, our authentic approach can be more challenging than learning a bunch of lines, but the developments you make will last you a lifetime. Women will be attracted to you for YOU, not for a bunch of tricks. That way, when you actually get into a relationship, she isn’t going to dump you after she realizes that you’re a totally different person.

The Modern Man method is about improving on your current personality and making the small tweaks and adjustments required, so women like you for you. By using our proven dating techniques, you will instantly begin to experience CHOICE in your dating life.

Can you imagine what it’s like to have the choice to either date and have sex with up to 3 women at once, or enjoy a committed relationship with a beautiful woman of your choosing?

If you’d like to discover the techniques that will allow you to do that, then make sure that you watch Dating Power. Unlike The Game by Neil Strauss, we will teach you how to go from a conversation to a kiss, to sex and into a relationship.

The Game by Neil Strauss is just a book about a nerd who eventually realized that he shouldn’t be using pick up artist tricks, but he doesn’t actually tell you what to do instead. If you want real advice, The Modern Man is where you will find it.

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