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Everything that this client learned on the Lifestyle Course in taught is our video program Dating Power.

Client: Anthony, 28, Melbourne, Australia

Anthony was a fairly successful guy who worked in one of those dream jobs that women love – he was a doctor! But, when it came to success with women and dating – his occupation didn’t matter one little bit.

Sure, women were initially attracted to Anthony’s physical appearance and to the idea of dating a doctor, but his personality lacked confidence and charm. As a result, his interactions with women were purely platonic. That soon changed…

Comments from Client

“I’ll be perfectly honest.

I was one of those guys who’d hang around the bar/club perimeter, maybe exchange a few glances with some girls, and would make it with a chick through purely random luck.

Doing the course is a bit like walking through a door between two different realities. I’m glad I’ve seen the last of my old reality. Prior to your outings, you’re sent a couple of important questionnaires to fill and send back [via e-mail]. These get you to actually sit down and think constructively about the areas you need to address (or at least consider) if you want to succeed in meeting women.

First night, you meet up with your coach for a chat. My coach was Dan. What I liked about Dan was that he’d share stories related to his progression from humble beginnings to becoming someone who was masterful in dealing with people, and especially women.

Perhaps one of my reservations prior to signing up for the course, was that I thought I’d be taught by guys who were always good at meeting women. Learning from those who had to work to get to their level of success obviously makes a huge difference.

The questionnaires you’ve already filled are analysed with a view to tailor the course to your needs. These areas are then addressed; I was taken through the basics of communication with women, including how to structure my conversations, and engage with body language and tonality.

You’ll seriously be shocked by how responsive women are to the natural and direct way you are encouraged to be with them. You actually realise that women really, REALLY want you to approach them, and that you just have to make it a comfortable reality.

The nights are made up of a good balance of you watching your coach interact on his own, going into interactions yourself but with his support, and doing it solo.

You learn different things in each of these scenarios, and are given feedback as you go. Dan really knows his stuff and puts a lot of effort into answering your questions. Each night ends with a debrief session, and you can review what you’ve learnt and ask questions.

In my two nights I personally had many enjoyable interactions, plenty of hugs, a few of kisses, and a couple of phone numbers to follow up on.

But what I got (and really needed) was an appreciation for the basics to actually start meeting women *I* wanted to meet, and to successfully move interactions toward attraction and beyond. I’m well equipped to take things forward and can’t wait to continue on my journey.”

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