Case study

Everything this client learned on the Lifestyle Course in taught is our video program Dating Power.

Client: James, 22, Melbourne, Australia

James found the seduction community, but decided that he just didn’t want to become a tacky pick up artist. After searching deeper into the seduction community, he found the natural pick up style of The Modern Man. Here’s what happened…

Comments from Client

Why I chose to do the course – I discovered the seduction community a couple of years ago, made some changes to my life and definitely had more success than when I was just your average nice guy.

However the seduction community remained a kind of entertainment for me rather than a lifestyle, I didn’t know anyone actively involved and never fully got into the attitude of “being a PUA, sarge sarge sarge” I had normal mates who were getting plenty of action without any PUA tools or tactics and frankly I felt weird trying out material and openers I had copied off an internet message board.

I always felt when interacting with women that if I was using seduction community based lines or telling bullshit stories that I was only one stupid comment/slip up away from losing the chick. This attitude would persist even with girls I dated for 3-4 months.

I recently travelled around Australia for a couple of months and really got my head together about what I want to do with my life, I found I had matured enough to have my own interesting stories and independent attitudes towards life. However I still had huge lingering fears about approaching women and moving things forward in interactions.

Even my most successful friends used alcohol as a massive crutch for approaching, so I did too. When I moved to Melbourne I made the decision that now was the time to get this shit sorted, I knew I had it in me to be successful and social in all aspects of life but that lingering doubts and attitudes from when I was growing up were holding me back.

I looked at taking other courses with other companies in the seduction community but got turned off by their pick up artist trickery and the idea of going out in a big pack and was looking for something a bit more 1 to 1 with more time to discuss things.

I found themodernman’s website and sent them an email describing where I was currently with women and what I was looking to get out of a course. Dan called me up and we chatted about my situation and what I wanted to achieve on the course. It was only [client quoted previous price] for the full weekend program [Mastery Lifestyle Course] so I decided to go for it.

So it has been bit over 2 months since I took the Modern Man Lifestyle course. I wrote a lot of this review after I completed the course but held back from posting it until I had gained some experience and could give better perspective on what the course has added to my life.

Pre course

Dan calls you discusses what you are looking for and how the Modern Man can help you achieve it. Then emails his ebook and 2 precourse assessment forms that act as the basis for the weekend.

The assessment forms ask you crucial questions about what you want to achieve and there is also a questionnaire where you assess your current level of ability with women. I valued these assessments as they forced me to become conscious of just how many areas I felt I was lacking when it came to women, socialising and dating in general.

Dan then reviewed the assessment forms and referred back to them during the course. It was an awesome feeling to look at my list of problems at the end of the course and be able to cross out most of them, and have a plan to tackle the rest. This is the sort of professionalism I wasn’t sure I’d find in the seduction community.

Thursday coffee session Meet up with Dan at this sweet hotel bar, as I walk down the stairs I hear someone’s voice speaking well above the general din of chatter, turns out it is Dan charming the female bartender.

This scene was to be repeated time and time again over the weekend. Within about 5 minutes of meeting Dan I knew I had made a good investment going on the course – I still have some lessons to learn about life but I know end game when I see it and Dan has it in bucket loads.

The dude’s got an energy about him that screams alpha male high status dominance and all that.

I have mates who would be considered naturals but the entire weekend, women consistently reacted to him like nothing I have seen before. Anyways so we grab a coffee and sit down. We spent the session discussing my answers to the evaluations and just getting in depth of where I see my issues being and how best to address them.

Without giving too much away, Dan explains how to overcome your issues in a straight forward way free from special hypnosis gimmicks or other voodoo techniques. One of my main problems was thinking I needed to do more before I could attract the kind of women I want.

The conversation flowed well and Dan would lead you to discovering the answers yourself rather than just telling you straight up.

I found this gave me the tools to resolve issues myself instead of needing to ask Dan. Hanging with Dan you develop the belief/knowledge that you have inside you all the tools, knowledge and capability to get exactly what you want and deserve in this world.

Natural style is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the trickery of the Seduction Community.

Dan was pretty open with his life experiences and his philosophies which helped me feel comfortable talking about myself. We chatted for about 3 hours, and I left feeling pumped about heading out the next night.

Friday Night

We met up at this chilled out place and chatted about what he expected to happen over the night, worked out a few things to say, attitudes to try and project and things like that. It took us a few goes to find a place where there was groups of women.

Went to this mad bar which was pretty packed, I approached this group of 2 girls (probably 8’s) and pulled up a chair and chat to them for awhile, I went and grabbed dan who was kind of watching from afar to come and talk to the friend while I continued talking to the brunette.

She was pretty responsive but I made some major mistakes, the biggest was that I didn’t pull the chair in closer to her so we were constantly having to lean right over to hear each other.

I was also talking way too fast and I didn’t escalate with touching and pushing her away once she opened up to me. Watching Dan interacting with the other chick was pretty awesome, he was tickling, pushing her away, her mouth was pretty much permanently in that incredulous ‘omg did he just do/say that’ expression.

My conversation flowed well but I didn’t really take it sexual or generate the kind of emotions from her that would have made a number close worthwhile. They had to go and take the last train home so we said goodbye (Dan gave his email to the other one). My one is going to the same uni as me and if I see her about I’ll definitely chat to her again.

Dan gave me a bit of a debrief on how I went, he was overall positive but he pointed out my problems.

In about 3 mintues of listening to Dan going over my interaction I must have about 4-5 aha moments, I would have walked through the rest of my life oblivious to these things that were stopping women feeling strong attraction to me on a regular basis.

These points became the areas I focussed on for the rest of the weekend, leading, assuming rapport, slowing down talking and displaying more masculine body language.

Approached another chick who looked really hot from the back but ended up being a 6, we just vibe and I put in some teasing, still had too much of a friendly guy vibe going though and I told her I was going to find my friend and catch up with her later.

While Dan was watching me this swedish chick started chatting him up, was funny shit as while she was ok, she wasn’t anywhere in Dan’s league. Talking about my interaction with Dan, I would say well her friends were looking at me a little strangely, Dan would point out this was just because I was being attractive talking to their friend and they wanted to talk to me! Awesome reframe!

He also pointed out how she had completely reoriented her body towards me and would reinitiate the conversation when there was silence, which are both big signs of interest – explaining that once I saw these kind of things it was my responsibility as a man to take the interaction to the next level through touch and strong flirting.

We checked out a few little clubs where I just had some social vibing conversation, the entire night Dan and I just chatted and he slowly reframed all my insecurities and enthused about the massive success that was just round the corner if I could improve a few areas of my character. Looking back now a month or so later I struggle to even hold the thought that a good looking interesting woman wouldn’t want to me talking to her!

Went to this awesome bar full of an older crowd and hot women standing round in groups. I was feeling pretty confident by this time so approached 2 cute chicks as soon as I walked in. They kinda didn’t immediately open up, so I just bounced outta there, Dan explained that because my body language and energy was so strong it overwhelmed them.

I went and grabbed a drink and couldn’t find Dan for a bit, turns out he went up and talked to the same girls after I left and worked a bit of magic, but he couldn’t find me when they asked to be given a second chance to meet me (Dan implied that they had been rude to me when I first approached them).

Went and chatted to this sexy brunette and her cold blonde friend, she was a real wise ass and it was pretty fun, but her friend wasn’t opening up at all, even when Dan came in and talked to her, so I kinda lost it after a while.

Then saw the original 2 chicks loitering near us (or so I assumed, it doesn’t really matter tho) so went back and struck up the conversation again, this chick C was again being pretty aloof, which I called her out on, but as I kind of went to leave, she quipped “you’re too young for me anyways,”

Now before the course I would have just in my head said ‘crap wish I didn’t look so young’ but instead I thought ‘well so she’s considering f*cking me but has put up this logical wall in her head of me being too young.’

So I kind of talked to her over my shoulder as though I would leave any minute, we started really flirting and she started to say things like “wow you’re really funny” and kept mentioning my height and things like that, I went to get her away from her friends but she said they were leaving in like 2 mintues, which I didn’t push through, so just grabbed her number.

She was definitely one of the hottest chicks I had ever spoken to in a club so was pretty cool to get her number. I f*cked up calling her later in the week but really she was a bit too old for me (29 and im 22) so I’m not too fussed. Dan gave me some observations on the interaction and was pretty positive on how attracted to me she became.

It was pretty much time to wrap up the night after that, we spent about an hour chatting about how the night went and what areas I was improving and what still needed work. I really appreciated how Dan shared stories from his life and where he came from to where he is now. Without being too much of a nuthanger it’s pretty inspiring and motivating.

Saturday night

Met up with Dan for dinner where we went over my list of areas I wanted to improve which I put together before the program. It was refreshing to be able to have the answers to most of my questions already. We shared stories and had a good feed and got pumped about the night ahead.

One interesting thing that happened while we were eating is this hot woman with her boyfriend also sat down for dinner. Dan pointed out how I was ‘stealing looks at her’ as opposed to just checking her out in an unapologetic manner.

We drove into the city and went to this awesome bar, it was just starting to fill up when we got there, so we grabbed a drink and I found my first couple of girls to go and socialise with for the night.

It was a bit awkward at first cause they were sitting down but I just kept talking until she stood up and talked to me, Dan went and chatted to the other one and we got a pretty good conversation going.

The lass I was talking to wasn’t as hot or as socially confident as her friend, which showed through in her conversation. I ended up swapping over to the hot one and we got a really good conversation going, it flowed well and there was a fair bit of teasing in there.

It felt weird to have this vibe going on so early in the night, on the rare occasions this used to happen it would be more like 2am with a fair few drinks in the system!

Things kinda fell apart when they went to get another drink so we just kinda left them. Dan explained that she was really into me but that I didn’t take it to the next level, by physically touching/tickling, so she wouldn’t regard me as more than a friend unless I introduced those things into the interaction, otherwise it was pretty good with eye contact and conversation.

If I was a billionaire I would probably pay dan to wing for me every time I went out cause he can hold a conversation with absolutely anyone. He said the less attractive friend kinda knew he was out of her league so he had to balance that to keep her chatty without showing sexual interest.

So we had a bit of a chat, then were considering leaving when I saw 2 attractive young women sitting with their bodies facing outwards towards everyone, I roll on over and strike up a convo, they were immediately receptive and we vibed along very well, dan came over after a bit and joined the convo.

It was just so easy and smooth, I wasn’t using any material or secret patterns like the crap from the seduction community, just chilling and being social. I chatted to both of them and we ended up grabbing their numbers as we were leaving to check out some other places.

Dan was really encouraged by how smooth and relaxed my approach was, it’s just so easy to talk to interesting attractive women if you approach with confidence! We went to a few more places, at the dance club kinda place we went up to this group of 5 girls, the one I started speaking to was playing with her phone and not being friendly at all, so I just kinda went past her to her more engaging friend.

I wasn’t that attracted to her but we still shot the shit for a while. Dan was talking to the really hot one of the group and it was cool to see her dancing around flirting, touching up on him, she had a boyfriend but couldn’t help it.

They went off to dance for a bit and wanted to meet up with us later but I kinda dodged cause my one just wasn’t hot enough.

We went and grabbed a water from the bar and this f*cking hot 28ish tall curly haired brunette completely undressed Dan with her eyes, I’m pretty sure she is used to guys getting embarrassed or confused by this since she is a bombshell, instead dan just returned the favour before cracking a slight smirk.

It was perhaps the coolest thing I have seen. She went off looking over her shoulder and Dan pretty much explained that she would make a pretty easy one night stand after the way they looked at each other. Problem was she had an absolute TROLL as a friend, guys would cut their dicks off as opposed to f*cking her.

I don’t understand why beautiful women ruin their chances of meeting guys like Dan by hanging out with such bottom of the barrel roughies! Anyways there wasn’t any other groups of girls that looked hot/open so we bounced.

Went to a chilled out lounge place, I went to the bar and grabbed us a drink, while I was waiting this older but still pretty hot brunette was pretty blatantly hitting on me with the guy she was with about 3 feet away giving us the evil eye, funny shit.

She opened with “You must be a capricorn” In my head I’m like what is this the daggiest pick up line ever?!? She went on to explain that I had a strong stoic energy or something. We vibed for a bit but saw dan was in a group of chicks so I excused myself and went over to see what the dealio was.

The girls were cool but it turned out I knew one of them from high school, and she had a boyfriend who was a former mate, was good to catch up but it obviously wasn’t going anywhere. I kind of half listened to her while watching dan with the other lass, he was tickling and getting her all turned on, was awesome to see.

I went to the toilet and txted him that I wanted to bounce so he wrapped it up and grabbed her number. I’m pretty sure they have hooked up later on as she was falling over herself to get to him. I’m feeling about 10 foot tall at this point, women are checking us out left and right as we walk down the street.

Dan went to take a piss and I was just sitting there, these two 27ish women were laughing about something and I gave them a puzzled look, they kinda got embarrassed and stopped and talked to me for a bit.

Dan came back and we walked down the street with them, we got them to come into one bar with us but we picked a shit bar with noone in it so we left pretty soon afterwards, we took them to another bar but we just weren’t feeling it so we just pissed off haha.

We went and grabbed a bite to eat and just chatted about how far I have come over the weekend, what I need to do to keep it at this level and improve the areas I’m still lacking a bit. I was pretty tired after being on information and sensory overload for the entire night so we wrapped it up and I headed on home happy as they come.

Sunday coffee session

This session acted as a review of how far I had come over the course and then creating a path and set of goals going into the future. Dan and I recapped the areas I wanted to improve coming into the course and discussed how I now had the tools to overcome all of the areas I thought I was lacking.

We wrote down a set of goals for 3 months, a year and 3 years for where I want to be in my relationships with women. I think these are important because I don’t always have Dan as the super wingman giving me heaps of positive energy and feedback when I am out.

So with a clearly defined set of goals it is easier for me to stay on track and gives me something to refer back to when I lose focus etc. Dan takes all the information from the course and writes up a 10 page personal plan which acts as my personal reference and consolidates all that I have learnt over the course.

This little book kicks ass because it contains all my goals and Dan’s opinions/comments on how to go about it (coach feedback). So it has been close to 2 months since I did the course with Dan, I waited awhile before posting this review because I wanted to get some experience and be able to share how far I have come.

Since the course I have hooked up with 3 cute and sexy women. I’m still improving but there will never be a time in the future where I feel the neediness and hopelessness of having no women in my life and no real control over how to meet attract them.

I feel a complete detachment to the insecure attitudes that ruled my life before the course, replaced by a growing self esteem and confidence in my actions and behaviour.

I simply love having beautiful intelligent women around me and completely believe I deserve them. I never feel bad about approaching women and so even if I only talk to a woman for 5 minutes I know that if I saw her again she wouldn’t think I was creepy weird.

I have made heaps of guy friends who are in awe of my attitude and ability to approach women.

Put simply I am a social attractive (because of my confidence, etc) guy who gets hot women! I recommend anyone who is interested in the seduction community and wants to improve their life to take this course, it’s pretty f*cking cheap when you consider what you are getting, life is short, far too short to neglect this area of your life.

The confidence you gain in this area flows on into everything else in life, get involved! I hope my review showed just how committed Dan is to helping you achieve what you deserve in this life and how much skill he has in getting you on the path to getting it. Good luck to everyone.

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