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Everything that this client learned on the Lifestyle Course in taught is our video program Dating Power.

Client: Stephen, 33, Brisbane, Australia

Every year at Christmas time, Stephen had to face up to questions like, “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” from family and friends. Eventually he grew tired of the embarrassment and decided to seek help. Here’s what happened…

Comments from Client

The Advanced Lifestyle Course I took with Dan was the single best investment I have EVER made. The guy is brilliant. And – he does what it takes to get results. Only five months ago I took my first Lifestyle course.

My goal was to be able to easily meet and attract women in social settings, so I wouldn’t have to face up to another Christmas party with the family without a girlfriend. I’m 33 years old.

I had to practice what I learned on that first course, and it was a lot of work – 1 or 2 nights a week in the field pushing myself. But, I knew I had the right map, so the learning was fun, and I reached my goal relatively quickly.

I could go out any night and guarantee I’d get AT LEAST a few phone numbers from girls I liked. I experimented with several ONS’s (One Night Stands or “having sex on the first night”) and kissed several really nice girls.

This would have seemed laughable to me at the start of this year. Impossible!! There was no need for canned material. No ‘opinion openers’. No gimmicks. No deceitful or insecure ‘strategies’.

I’d tried those ‘GAMING’ approaches and felt like a phoney – getting B-grade results. The Modern Man approach is based on integrity and character, and is MUCH more powerful.

In the Advanced course, I got to explore takings things to a much higher level: building deep rapport, quickly escalating physically and psychologically, and perfecting my inner mindsets to maximize success.

It’s subtle, but is the difference between constantly being successful with 7’s and 8’s and being more comfortable with 8’s, 9’s and 10’s. Really classy, highly sought after women are harder to get – they have the choice of any guy – I needed to become more polished, calibrated and sharp.

This was the point of the course. I also wanted to learn the skills around meeting and attracting women in places like supermarkets, coffee shops, malls etc. It is high level stuff. Most guys would be happy with one Lifestyle Course. I would have been.

But, when you get to see just how amazing Dan is with women, and how quickly you can improve, it’s impossible not to want to get better. This Christmas, I know I will be taking a very pretty, successful and interesting girlfriend to the family Christmas party.

That’s what I’ve wanted, and I can do it now – easily. I have the skills, understanding and ability to choose to meet the women I want. The reality is, I have never had a girlfriend at Christmas, and, if I hadn’t been lucky enough to discover the guys at the Modern Man, probably never would have.

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