Start attracting women now by using techniques that most guys are unaware of…

When it comes to attracting women, most guys assume that they need to be tall, handsome or rich to succeed wth women. It’s not really their fault for thinking that way.

All you have to do is watch an hour of TV and flick through the channels and you will see loads of advertisements and TV shows that make it seem like women only go for good-looking guys.

Here’s the thing though…

As you would have seen out there in the REAL world (I really shouldn’t have to try to convince you of this, you should already know it to be true, but I thought I’d remind you of it) beautiful women are more likely to be dating average or below-average looking guys that “good-looking” guys. In fact, if you pay attention, you will see that most of the beautiful women are with short, fat, ugly and bald men just as much as they are with guys who look handsome.

This happens because women are more attracted to a man’s confidence and personality than anything else he can offer. Women can feel attracted to a man’s looks, but they aren’t nearly as important as his personality and how it makes her feel.

Attracting Women Used to Be Very Difficult For Me

When I was clueless on the subject of attracting women, I’d see beautiful women with ordinary looking guys (sometimes even nerdy-looking guys) and I’d ask myself, “How the heck did he get her? What does he have that I don’t?” It really used to frustrate me and I thought that there may have been something wrong with me, or something about me that just turned women off.

I wondered, “Why don’t women like me?” but the only answers I could come up with was that it must be about looks, height or money. I didn’t know that women are more naturally attracted to alpha males. I had heard women saying that they want to meet a nice guy, so I was being an EXTRA nice version of my already nice self…and to my surprise, that was actually unattractive to women.

I thought that when women said, “I want a nice guy” they meant that the guy should be really, really nice. However, what they mean is a STRONG nice guy, not a wimpy nice guy. In other words, a good guy alpha male. If there are no good guy alpha males available, women will usually accept what is second best to that (in their opinion), being a bad boy or a jerk.

They’d rather do that than be with a wimpy nice guy because such a guy will not make them feel very girly or feminine. Instead, the woman will usually feel stronger than him (mentally and emotionally), which will cause her to feel less sexual attraction for him.

Fast forward to today and I can honestly tell you that attracting women is now natural, easy and guaranteed for me. There are specific techniques that I’ve discovered that allow you to immediately get women attracted & interested in you. The same techniques I am referring to apply when you approach women that you don’t know for the first time, or if you want attract a woman you already know.

For example: A common conversation topic that comes up when you interact with a woman is, “What do you do?” or “What do you study?” Most guys reply as if they are being interviewed by the woman or try to reply nicely to show her how much of a gentleman they are. However, I recommend that you take it as an opportunity to flirt with her and get her attracted to you:

What Do You Do For a Living?

  • Her: So, what do you do for work?
  • You: I’m a part-time astronaut at the moment…just got back from a mission to the moon…how about you? Add in a smile after you say it and she’s guaranteed to laugh. Laughter is essential when it comes to attracting women naturally. Women love guys who can make them laugh.

What Do You Study?

  • Her: What do you study?
  • You: I don’t know if you’d be able to handle the answer…you look a little innocent.
  • Her: No, please tell me! 🙂 I promise can handle it…
  • You: Well, if you say so…okay, I’ll tell you. I’m studying in a new field called ‘Orgasmic Sciences’. We’re aiming to improve the rate and length of the female orgasm.
  • Her: (Usually laughing and blushing at this point).

Okay, so there is an example of how to respond to women in a way that will make her attracted to you. If you just reply in a boring, polite way, then she won’t have any opportunity to feel attraction for you.

Talking to women in the way I have suggested there allows a woman to feel attracted to your confidence, social intelligence and masculinity, which are all very important traits that women look for in a man. If you want to learn more about attracting women, click around my site and learn the simple secrets.

Attracting women is about to become VERY EASY for you…

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