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Everything this client learned on the Lifestyle Course in taught is our video program Dating Power.

Client: Evan, 18, Adelaide, Australia

Evan was a shy, nice guy who was also very quiet and reserved. His personality naturally turned women off because he couldn’t display the type of confidence that naturally attracts women. All that changed in one weekend…

Comments from Client

To say that this course has made me a better person would be an understatement. Before the Lifestyle Course, I had huge misconceptions about approaching women. I didn’t realise that it was possible to talk to and attract beautiful women and still be yourself, devoid of parlour tricks and canned pick up lines.

The fact that the course is one on one means that it can be tailored to your specifics, and believe me, it’s a very personal journey. I did things I could never have imagined myself doing. You can just feel all the old beliefs and mistaken ideas falling apart in your mind and a whole new side of yourself opening up.

I remember on the second night having the bartender leaning over to shake my hand and introduce himself because of the person I had become. The Modern Man Lifestyle Course was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’d recommend this course to anyone anywhere who wants to be able to have any woman they want and so much more (e.g. learn how to talk to women).

On the Sunday after the course I had both the girls behind the counter of Starbucks giggling and flirting while a line built up behind me. So stop reading these testimonials and get yourself signed up dammit!

These guys are unbelievable and as hard as I try, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to thank them enough for what they’ve done.

Comments from Client 6 Months After the Course

I’d been sitting in the lobby of the hotel for the past half hour, waiting early, when the glass doors slid open and Dan entered. This guy was so focused and controlled, you had to turn and look. With a warm, magnetic smile he extended his hand.

I couldn’t have known it then but that one handshake signalled the beginning of the most unimaginable, life changing adventure of my life. My name is Evan and in a move to change my lack of success with woman, I flew to Melbourne and undertook the Modern Man Lifestyle Course.

At that stage, the only thing scarier then stepping off the plane in Melbourne completely alone, was the thought of approaching a group of attractive women. Though I had already passed the point of no return so there was no going back.

After introductions, we headed to a classy little bar around the corner where we did an evaluation of who I was, what I was looking for and where I was at. Basically I was starting from scratch. I began to realise how personal and tailored this course was.

He talked about the importance of being positive in speech and maintain strong projection, some interesting revelations on the female psyche and made me promise that I would leave all my insecurities and fears behind tonight and embrace what he had to teach me.

Although there was some talk about what to say and when, he strongly believed that words were of little importance. Why bother lying to a woman and trying to sneak under her guard with pick up lines and magic tricks.

The reason she’s out is because, like you, she wants to meet people. Something so simple was surprisingly difficult for me to grasp at first, I usually feel apologetic when talking to a beautiful woman, even just asking for the time.

The weekend wasn’t a ‘pick-up’ course, or something that can be cloned and sold on mass. When I read that they will turn you into a man that naturally attracts woman, I thought that can’t be right, you can’t manufacture ‘naturally’.

It is only until you understand what they actually do that is makes sense. The Modern Man Coaches strip away all the ideas and social conditioning that you’ve gathered your entire life until you are simply: You, in your purest form.

Unlike so many other courses that toss you a cheat sheet and hope you don’t get caught out. Don’t worry though, if your like I was and go into a mental freeze when confronted by hot woman, they will provide you with things to talk about.

After speaking, we headed out to the strip where Dan brought my world to a standstill. As we turned a corner, I noticed a painfully attractive blond woman with a ‘too good for you’ attitude, coming in our opposite direction. Dan stopped her and within seconds had her hugging him and giving a pinkie swear that ‘she would stop stalking him’.

He could’ve taken it anywhere from there, though he simply smiled and moved on leaving her confused and attracted. My mind was racing so fast trying to comprehend what just happened. The restrictions and things I believed to be impossible were melting from my mind and I was hit by a surge of adrenaline and excitement.

I felt free, I felt enlightened. There was no ‘routine’ or line for what he had done, it was all contained in his thinking. Over the course of the night he continued to blow my mind and now whenever I sense the slightest slither of doubt creeping up all I need to do is remember that moment, and once again I am invincible.

Throughout the Lifestyle weekend, I didn’t just talk to woman in nightclubs, I talked to woman in bookstores, woman on the street, woman selling ice cream and walking dogs, I befriended waiters and waitresses, bouncers and salespeople.

On the second night, I was noticed by everyone, in one club the bartender was leaning over the counter to shake my hand because he wanted to know who I was. I was also lucky enough to meet two other Lifestyle coaches, Ben and Stu. These people were all completely different and unique yet were all so fantastic with women.

I was able to draw some great things from them in the short time I was with them. My life is richer because of the Modern Men and meeting woman has never been simpler. It’s about having a great time, meeting woman should not be a chore or something you need to structure.

I learnt (among other things) that if you’re not having fun, then you’re not doing it right. If you’re reading this review trying to decide whether or not you want to do the Lifestyle Course, I hope this helped. Personally, I’ve never been happier.

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